Torn - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Lucy's best friend Ariana pleads her to come along to the signing of one direction of which Lucy knows nothing about, but she agrees to it. When they are there harry gets this feeling and he cant help but feel attracted towards Lucy. Lucy thinks that he is just one of those boy bands that think they are all that and don't really care about others, but she soon finds out that maybe she was wrong maybe harry is really down to earth, kind and caring, and also very charming. but also whilst figuring out if she likes harry or not, when she is home her father drinks at the pub, comes home and beats her, what will happen if harry finds out? Can Lucy fix all her problems before she just cant take it anymore? Read to find out :)


5. Falling for him.

I'm being chased in the woods by my father, he's coming after me angry as ever, I've got blood streaked all over me, cuts, bruises, you name it. Suddenly I trip and tumble down a bank, I feel on the verge of death. My father comes crashing down the hill and stomps on my leg, I cry out in pain, but then just like that the pain is gone. I shot up out of bed, someone bursts through the door, "Lucy are you alright? I heard you scream!" Harry asks urgently, shaking me to get a reaction.
I just nod and make a whimpering sound. Harry pulls me into a hug, I just sit there stiffly, I dont want to give him the wrong idea, besides I don't know how I feel about Harry just yet. "I had a nightmare about dad" I suddenly blurt out. "don't worry, I won't ever let him hurt you again, I promise"Harry says with meaning. I don't answer, I don't want harry involved in this, he bearly knows me. I lie back down, Harry kisses my forehead and leaves the room. I fall asleep not long after.

Next day

Someone knocks on my door. "come in?" I say.  

The door creaks open and in pops Louis. "hello gorgeous, how are you this morning?" he asks sitting on the edge of the bed. I smile "I'm alright, and yourself?" I reply. "That's good, and I am fantastic, thanks for asking" he says.
I sigh, "Louis I know your not here to ask me how I am, what is it you're really here for?" I say curiously. He sits there and fiddles with his fingers but finally gives in.
"well you see, and don't pin this out on me please!, Harry really likes you, like there is no doubt about it, he doesn't shut up about you, and what I'm trying to say is please give him a chance I can promise you that he would be perfect for you and he would never treat you badly, he adores you. Harry said that he is going to ask you out, don't say I told you tho! But just give him a chance, please" Louis looks at me with pleading eyes. What? Harry likes me? Why would he? What's so special about me? "fine, but I'm only going because I am curious" I say trying to hide the smile forming on my lips. "il let you get ready then" he says and leaves the room.
I quickly jump into the shower and I'm in minutes, today I'm wearing a cute white summer dress, with my black vans. I wear my hair down, and straighten it. Once I'm ready I go into the lounge and flick through the channels on tv. I leave it on MTV uk top 40, some where in between the songs I fall asleep. I hear footsteps and I instantly jolt up, I gasp. Harry is sitting on the couch to my right, watching me, "oh my goodness! How long was I asleep, this is so embarrassing!"I say. Harry gives me one of his heart melting smiles, "not long, um, uh, could I ask you something?"harry asks. I hide my smirk, "sure?"I say. 

He purses his lips then asks "I was wondering if you would do me the pleasure of accompanying me on a date?  I really like you Lucy, but don't feel pressured or anything, i will understand if you don't want to" Harry looks into my eyes then quickly at the floor.
I think back to what Louis said, maybe I should give him a chance, he might actually like me which is hard to believe, "I suppose" I say teasingly.
Harry's face lights up like a little boys on Christmas morning. "really?!"he asks the smile spreading further on his face. I let out a small smile of my own "what do I need?"I ask. "just yourself, oh and your swimwear" he says simply. "okay il be right back"I say and run to my room, I shut the door behind me.
I throw on my bikini under my clothes, then I sit on my bed and it all hits me. I've never had a boyfriend, I've never been on a date, I havn't even had my first kiss, it's not because I'm extremely ugly or anything, I have long brown wavy hair, average weight, brown eyes, heart shaped face, small nose, nice shaped lips, I'd say I'm all right looking, not the best looking but I don't consider myself ugly. But my looks have nothing to do with why I've not had a date or a boyfriend. When mum died I kind of shut off everyone, I was quiet and I don't think many people knew how to approach me, even my old friends.
I made new friends tho, but I've always stayed friends with Ariana. Anyway right now I'm freaking out, what do you do on these things?! Well I guess I'm about to find out, I should go back out he must be wondering what's taking me so long, I don't want to look nervous even though I have butterflies pounding in my stomach.
I walk back into the lounge the nervousness increasing with every step. "I'm ready" I say with a weak smile. "Great! This is going to be fun, I promise"Harry says flashing me his smile, okay maybe I am starting to like him but only a little bit!
Harry takes my hand, I feel a little jolt, my hand feels tingly, I look up at Harry and our eyes lock, I quickly shake it off and he pulls me outside. "so where are we going?"I ask.
He chuckles nervously, "you will have to wait and see" he says, I release my hand from his grasp I don't want him to think anything could progress, yet. We walk behind the house to a path, "ladies first" he says flirtatiously. I giggle "why thank you sir" I reply.

We walk a little way down the path to a clearing of a beautiful lake, there is a big oak tree off to the left where underneath a blanket is spread with a picnic and candles set aside for later. I turn to Harry "This is amazing!" I say and he pulls something from behind his back. "I got you this" he says shyly and hands me a single rose. "aw Harry thank you! I have never been given a flower before, and if I'm being completely honest I've never been on a date either" I say looking at the ground. Harry lifts my chin with his finger so that I'm looking at him, "I'm glad to be the first" he says leaning in, oh my gosh he's going to kiss me! Something crashes in the distance and I let out a scream, the moments gone, I shouldn't have screamed.

Harry smirks at me and I laugh awkwardly. I wish he'd stop watching me, I don't really know what to do but it's flattering I guess. "shall we?" he asks holding out his hand to me. "yup" I reply hesitating before I take his hand. We head towards the tree, I bring the rose to my nose, it smells amazing! A smile tugs on my lips again. "you want to swim?"he asks. "ok, sure" I say pulling of my dress revealing my red bikini. Harry stares mouth gaping. "close your mouth you'll catch flys!"I say nervously.
He shakes his head slightly and pulls his top of, damn he is tank! "you should take your own advice" Harry says winking. I blush furiously, "you're cute when you blush" he says pulling me towards the lake. We stand at the edge of the water, Harry runs and dives under the water, "are you going to join me?" Harry asks popping out from under the water shaking his wet hair. I laugh then I count to 3 and dive under, "Harry? Where are you?" I say once I come up to the surface, I can't see him anywhere, what the hell? Is this some kind of joke?! "Harry!" I say then I let out a scream as something brushes past my legs, I spin around and come face to face with Harry. "you idiot! You scared me" I say giving him a light shove in the chest, but he grabs my wrists and pulls me towards him "you were scared?" he say smirking. I try to break free of his grasp but it's too strong. "yes! I thought you left me here by myself!" I exclaim. "I would never do that, I promise" he whispers, leaning his forehead on mine.
I close my eyes, his soft lips meet mine, I feel all tingly inside. Our lips part and I open my eyes to see a Harry smiling like won the lottery. "how was that for a first kiss?" he asks, I blush and say all flirty "I Duno I guess it was all right" I wink at him and walk out the water back to the tree. I pull my dress back on and sit on the blanket. Who am I kidding that kiss was amazing! I can't help it, I'm falling for Harry Styles. 

I watch Harry saunter up to where I am sitting. I don't mean to stare but it's hard not to look at his body, I mean it is pretty toned. Harry grabs his top and tugs it back on. "let's watch the sunset?! It sets just over there in like 10 minutes" Harry says pointing over in the distance. "sounds good" I say looking into his eyes. Harry brings out some hot chocolate and pours us both a cup. "here you go" he says handing me a steaming cup. I took a tentative first sip, "this is amazing!" I say drinking some more. "glad you like it, now come sit closer to me, I'm not going to bite, you must be freezing!" Harry says guiding me towards him. At first I'm not sure, but he gives me such a stunning smile that I can't resist, I snuggle into him, he wraps arms around me and we watch the sunset. It's absolutely breath taking. "Lucy?"Harry asks. I look up at him, "yeah?"I reply, Harry looks at me seriously "please, please don't ever cut yourself again, promise me?" he asks almost in a whisper. I don't answer I can't promise that, what if something happened I can't control it. I hug Harry tightly and he holds me close "I won't ever let anyone hurt you again, I promise" Harry says into my ear. In return I kiss his cheek, then blush. "shall I take you back? You must be tired" Harry says. "yes please, and by they way this was perfect, best first date" I say smiling. "well I'm glad" Harry says and kisses me softly. We walk back to the house hand in hand.

Later on that night... 

"okay Luce, tell me everything!" says Louis.

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