Torn - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Lucy's best friend Ariana pleads her to come along to the signing of one direction of which Lucy knows nothing about, but she agrees to it. When they are there harry gets this feeling and he cant help but feel attracted towards Lucy. Lucy thinks that he is just one of those boy bands that think they are all that and don't really care about others, but she soon finds out that maybe she was wrong maybe harry is really down to earth, kind and caring, and also very charming. but also whilst figuring out if she likes harry or not, when she is home her father drinks at the pub, comes home and beats her, what will happen if harry finds out? Can Lucy fix all her problems before she just cant take it anymore? Read to find out :)


6. Confused.

I close my bedroom door, and sigh. Louis is practiacly bouncing up and down waiting for the details, I giggle "Lou! Calm down you silly muffin", Louis suddenly bursts into fits of laughter, "Whats so funny?" I demand. He catches his breath and says" you called me a silly muffin!", his laughter starts up again. I roll my eyes and say,  "so i guess you want to know what happened?".

 Louis's laughter stops suddenly and i have his full attention, "Tell me, tell me!" he exclaims.
So i tell him about what happened down at the lake and lastly i tell him about the kiss, "I had my first kiss! It was absolutely magical and he is a really good kisser and please do not tell him anything i just told you!" I say blushing a bright red velvet colour.
"That was a bit too much information for my taste, but im glad you injoyed yourself,... so you like Harry? Are you guys like an item now?" Louis says excitedly. "Keep your voice down Lou!!! I dont want Harry to overhear, and right now im happy but I dont know if i can have a relationship, it would end up being long distance because you guys always travel and I have so much going on right now, and in all honesty it scares the hell out of me, I have never had a boyfriend before and i think that if my dad found out he would never let me out of the house he'd beat me dead before i could and what about the paparazi and, and..." I trail off because i am talking too fast and im about to have a breakdown, tears are falling from my face.

Louis pulls me in for a hug and wispers "Let me tell you this, I have never seen Harry so stuck on someone before, he absolutely adores you and he wont give up until he has you, we will take you with us while we are on tour, Luce you shouldnt have to worry about anything, we will keep you safe".
Louis helps me climb under the covers then he leaves and shuts the door behind him. I wait until I hear him shut his bedroom door and I slowly climb out of bed not wanting to wake anybody. I quickly pack my duffel bag then I slip on my shoes and coat. I open the bedroom door as quietly as I can and tip toe out into the hallway, I unlock the front door and slip out into the cool  night.
Its quite dark and I cant see all to much so lucky me trips over the rubbish bin "shit!" I say and start sprinting down the road before the boys come outside. I cant be there anymore, I dont want to be looked at like a beaten puppy, I cant take care of myself, im so confused about Harry, does he realy like me or does he just feel sorry for me because of all my problems, well I dont really care, he can just go back to living his famous life because Im just an obsticle in his life that he really needs to get past.

I sling open the front door to my house and slam it shut, then i sprint up to my bedroom and lock the door. I furiously shut my curtains then i sit in my closet and cry, I cry so hard that I now have no tears left. I am so confused, why did mum have to die! Why does everything have to be so complicated for me, its not fair!. I reach out for the little box in the corner of  the closet and i take the pocket knife thats inside and cut my wrist. I can now hear my dad slamming on my bedroom door, the first cut is deep and blood flows out, the first one's to take away the pain of not knowing what would have happened if i stayed and the boys place, the second one because i cant stand my mother not being with me anymore, and the third one because I can't stand thinking for one more second that  my dad might just change because in reality i know that he can never change. I get up and go to my bed, I pull the covers over me and fall asleep, it takes me a while to but i eventually drift into a dreamless sleep.

I wake up to the sound of my phone going off, I groan. I pick up my phone and check it 57 missed calls, from Harry and Lou. I dont listen to the messages and I throw my phone on my bed then get changed into some black short shorts, purple flowy top, and my black cardi, i shove my flip flops on and open my bedroom door.
Dad is lying on the ground passed out, Great! I quickly leap over him and run down the stairs to the kitchen. I take out some bandages and cover up my wrist, if anyone asks I can just say that i sprained it.
I head out he door and walk to the beach, its a nice-ish day and  I need to get out of the house, clear my head, I walk along the boardwalk and sit at the edge of it.
This was my mothers most favorite place in the world, her and I would sit her for hours, we would talk about everything and anything, sometimes we wouldnt say anything at all we just watched the view and enjoyed eachothers company. But everything changed when she died, it feels weird being here without her but in some way it kind of still feels like she is here watching over me.
"Lucy!" I hear someone shout, I turn around and see Ariana. She catches her breath and says "I've been looking  for you all over I havn't seen you for like the past 3 days! stay the night at my house? please?". I sigh and say alright because then i wont have to worry about the boys trying to reach me... I hope.

1 week later...
Harry's p.o.v
OK I am going absolutely crazy! I still havnt heard back from her, I went to her house but only her stupid father was there, I hate him so much, if he hurt her again i honestly dont know if i will be able to keep my anger in. I walk into louis's room and say to him "Am I crazy? I have to see her, I have to know that she is okay! and now that i have kissed her i know that she is the only person there is for me, nobody else, just her, If her father did anything to her i swear i will rip his heart out!" I say absolutely fuming.
Louis looks a bit scared but says " Harry calm down, we will find her, i promise!"

 Lucy 's p.o.v
I honestly do not know what i am doing anymore, and what will i do if i see Harry again, but then again he is probably trying to avoid me since i ran off and yeah probably not .... 102 messages and counting... so I guess he's not trying to avoid me.
I get ready for school and im out the door. I take a short cut through the park and i start running because I am late, but as I turn the corner I knock into something.
" ugh" i say i fall to the ground, someone falls on top of me. I open my eyes and find myself staring into Harrys eyes, oh great, I try to move out from under him but he is too strong. "Lucy are you okay? please, please dont run, why did you leave? You scared the hell out of me I thought something horrible happened to you, you didnt answer my calls or anything, i was worried, has your dad hurt you?" harry says so fast i barely register any of what he said.
" Harry i am fine! Im late for school so if you dont mind getting off of me. I'm a big girl i can take care of myself "I exclaim. Harry sighs then his eyes go wide when he see's my bandaged wrist "what happened to your wrist! Did... did you cut yourself?" I bite my lip"Luce! why? You cant do this to yourself, please just come back to my place, I can't stand to see you in pain, both physically and emotionally, please just so that i know you are safe" he says worryingly.
"Harry, please dont do this, I dont even know why you care about me because all I do is harm myself and run away from my problems. I left because I got scared, firstly you are my first kiss and i guess i didnt know why you even wanted to kiss me then i started thinking why would you even want to be seen with me because i mean dont deny it, I am a mess, and I dont know why you didnt just leave me at my house all beaten, im used to it, i can handel it, and even tho i try so hard not to fall for you, i cant seem to stop myeslf, its like my body wont allow it, and I got scared that if we did become something, you'd leave when you go on tour meet a model and never come back because im not perfect and, and....." Tears escape and I cant control them, Harry puts his finger to my mouth "shhhhh, You are sooo silly, I care about you because you are the most amazing girl I have ever met and so strong headed, you might hurt yourself which i really wish you didnt, because i hate to see you harm yourself, and i just want to fix all of your problems and make them go away I want you to be happy, I didnt leave you beaten because if I did that i would never forgive myself and seeing you lying on the floor all broken made me want to murder the person who did that to you, the day i met you at the signing i new you were special, its just something about you that makes me crazy and i know this sounds cliche but I need you because thinking about you is what keeps me going through the day, and Lucy if you were mine i would never let you go, and i would take you on tour with me, I only want you, so please, please give me a chance, let yourself fall because ive already fallen for you and there is no way im going to let you go so easily. come live at my house so that I know you are safe everynight, please".Harry wipes away my tears, I bring me head closer to his and his lips touch mine, soft and tender, the kiss is sweet and long. I look into his eyes knowing that everything he said was true. "okay, I will come home with you" I finally say. "thank you" he says and helps me to my feet. Harry calls louis to come and get us.

I will update soon, but I'm going to start my Niall fan fiction, so it  might be a while but thank you so much for reading you don't know how much it mean to me :) 

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