Torn - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Lucy's best friend Ariana pleads her to come along to the signing of one direction of which Lucy knows nothing about, but she agrees to it. When they are there harry gets this feeling and he cant help but feel attracted towards Lucy. Lucy thinks that he is just one of those boy bands that think they are all that and don't really care about others, but she soon finds out that maybe she was wrong maybe harry is really down to earth, kind and caring, and also very charming. but also whilst figuring out if she likes harry or not, when she is home her father drinks at the pub, comes home and beats her, what will happen if harry finds out? Can Lucy fix all her problems before she just cant take it anymore? Read to find out :)


8. A new beginning

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long, I am definitely starting to write again hopefully a lot more frequently since the holidays are just a few days away. I feel horrible for leaving the story for such a long time but I hope that you enjoy this and I really appreciate all votes, comments, follows ect.. it means the world and i'm not just saying that, it really does :) hope you all enjoy and hope you have a nice day :) xx

We pull up to the house and I am nervous now. I'm not quite sure what I have gotten myself into, what if I made a mistake. I barely know these boys and I'm not always the best person to be around. It scares me in how much Harry says that he likes me, I've known him for 3 weeks! Not even Ariana my best friend since 5 knows about my father beating me.

"Lucy?" asks Harry with a strained expression on his face. "yeah?" I say not looking at him directly. I feel a hand brush my cheek ever so lightly and I look up into his beautiful eyes. "I understand that you are scared by this all but I will be there for you no matter what, you have to trust me on that. I know that we have only just met, and 3 weeks is a short amount of time but in that time I have really fallen for you and I know that you might not be quite ready to jump into a relationship so I am going to take it one step at a time but I do want to be with you, more that anything. I want you to know that you can tell me anything. You're so beautiful and you deserve the absolute best. If there is anything that you need, do not hesitate to ask, no matter if it is big or small." I feel a slight blush start to form on my cheeks at Harry's words. All I can do it nod.

Harry's p.o.v

I watch as the soft red colour creeps onto her cheeks and I smile to myself. This girl has me saying some crazy things, but every word is true, I feel in my heart that I need to give her the best of everything. It broke my heart seeing her lying at the bottom of the stairs that night and when she ran away all I could think about was what if she was somewhere like that but I couldn't find her. It made me even more determined, so when I bumped into her today I knew that I couldn't leave her alone, I had to protect her.


Lucy's p.o.v

Later on that night we made taco's for dinner and let me tell you, these boys were talking non stop I couldn't keep up. After that we sat down to watch a movie. "What would you like to watch Lucy?" asks Liam. "Fast and Furious 6!!" I say blushing. Zayn stares at me like I am crazy and Niall is laughing like a hyena. Harry just grins and says "A girl after my own heart" I roll me eyes at him. During the movies harry pulls me in close and  we snuggle up with a blanket, and somehow by the end of the movie I am practically on his lap. I'm about to do a runner to my room but I think that he sensed it and he holds me tighter and whispers in my ear "You're so unbelievably beautiful, I'm going to make you mine. Your the first thought on my mind when I wake up and your my last thought before I drift of to sleep. Go on another date with me please". I look into his eyes conscious of everyone in the same room, "okay" I say in barely a whisper. Harry's smile beams at me and I find myself smiling back. "Thank you" he says.

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