Zoo Love

Logan Blue has had a difficult life growing up as a kid. Emmaline is a typical type of California girl, beautiful, popular, and nice. What happens when they both get shipped off to a zoo in Missouri?


2. The dream


Why do I always have to be so nervous in front of pretty girls? I thought to myself. Emmaline was really pretty. She had long wavy brown hair with natural highlights, fair skinned, and green eyes. 'I wonder if she has a boyfriend', I thought I looked at Marcus. He was taller then her by a few inches. He had dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a slight tan. He was lean and muscular. 'So these are the guys at California? If she does have a boyfriend I bet he looks somewhat like him..No way can I compete with that..'

"And you know your not aloud to smoke next to the animals?" she asked, breaking my trail of thought.  

"I'm sorry, pardon, but what did you say?" I asked.  

"I said, do you know your not aloud to smoke next to the animals?" she repeated  

"Oh um the weather is lovely today isn't it?" I replied awkwardly.

  Emmaline smilled and rolled her eyes whilst Marcus glanced at me.. Just then Carly walked us to lunch. I watched Emmaline walked away with Carly on her phone, I persumed she was texting someone. Marcus laggard a bit and once Carly and Emmaline got out of earshot he looked at me.

'I don't know what your story is, I don't want to know why your here. Just don't hurt her because if you do, I'll hurt you, ok?" he said. I herd footsteps walking towards us. Emmaline rounded the bushes and came towards us. 

"Hurry up, Mom wants to talk to you," Emmaline said. Marcus nodded his head and he walked off with Emmaline.    


When I arrived inside of Carly's house, there was only one seat left, next to Emmaline. I sat down next to her and served myself a Tofu hotdog, corn, and a glass of water. Carly and Ben were big vegans and only ate tofu when it came to food. I didn't mind but I would have preferred actual meat, but after living with them for a while I learned that It would be 'offensive' to the animals at the zoo.

I looked at Emmaline's plate and saw that she had a tofu burger and some rice. She barely even touched the burger but she did have some rice. I looked up to everyone else. Marcus was sitting at the end of the table with a women, whom I'm guessing is his mum. It just made me realize how much I miss having my own mum.

"Hey you ok?" I heard someone say. I looked at Emmaline to find her looking at me, waiting for an answer.

"Huh? Oh yea I'm fine. Thank-you," I said. "Why haven't you eaten?" I asked gesturing to her plate.

"Not a huge tofu fan," she replied.

"Oh well, you get used to it after a while. It's actually pretty good," I said. I continued eating and I noticed that she picked up her burger and started to eat it. After about ten more minutes of people at the table talking in groups, Carly started speaking and everyone silenced up.

"So Emmaline, are you still with Troy?" asked Carly  

"Yea," Emmaline smiled, " We just had our five month anniversary last week." So that answers the fact that she does have a boyfriend, I thought.  I took my hotdog and bit into it.  

"Any girl back home?" asked Carly to me.  

"Yea any girl?" asked May in a teasing way. May was 2 years older then me and had straight blonde hair and brown eyes.  She worked at the zoo as an intern. When I first got here, she took me in as her little brother, and she almost always hung out at Carly's house.  

"No, not really," I said, "Mike wouldn't let me date."  

"Who's Mike?" asked Emmaline.  

"Um," I glanced up to Carly looking to see if she can help me out. She got my memo and quickly changed the subject.

"Ben and I have big news," Carly said and she took hold of Ben's hand. "We're," she hesitated, "pregnant,"  She finished with a huge grin on her face. 

"Oh my gosh! Congratulations!" said Emmaline's sister hugging her. 

Marcus looked at Ben and smiled. "Nice," he said and they fist pumped. Marcus's dad gave him a stern look. 

"Erm, Congratulation's Aunt Carly," Marcus said with a slight smile on his face.

"Thank you Marcus," she replied and then Emmaline hugged her.

"Well, I'm going to go wash the plates now," Emmaline said. Emmaline's mum and Carly got up and started helping Emmaline clear the table. Marcus went upstairs, and Ben and Emmaline's dad went into the living room to watch some TV. I got up myself and went to my room. 

I logged onto my laptop and put on my Beats headphones. I started listening to music when i saw May standing in the doorway.

"Oh, uh, hey," I said slipping off the headphones onto my neck. 

"Hi," May said.

"What's up?" I asked. I had no idea why she was in my room, usually we hung out in the living room.

"Nothing really. Are you ok tho? At lunch you seemed sad," May said.

"I'm fine thanks for asking," I said.

"Oh ok, well um, I better get going. Bye," she said and left.

I found the whole thing to be a bit strange. I put my earphones back on and fell asleep listening to music.

The next day I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and the music that was coming for somewhere. I scratched my head to find that I was still wearing my earphones from last night. I sat up in my bed, and rubbed my eyes. I hit the off button of my alarm clock. I got up and put on a white tee and sweats. I brushed my teeth and went down stairs into the kitchen.  

I found Emmaline washing something in the sink. She wore pajama shorts, boots, and a hoodie. I learned against the doorway and crossed my arms. The tap from the sink turned off and Emmaline turned arround. She had a sweet smile on her face for being up so early. Her face then changed into May's. May started screaming and she held up a knife. 

I woke up with a gasp. I herd a loud banging on my bedroom door. Marcus stuck his head into the room and yelled wake up. I groaned and sat up rubbing my eyes. I realized that I was in my room and it was only a dream. The sound of High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup was playing. I took off my headphones realizing that I fell asleep in my clothes. I quickly got up took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, and changed into the zoo's uniform.

I went downstairs to find Carly and Ben washing the dishes. Marcus was standing up finishing his bagel. I looked for Emmaline and found her sitting at the table in the kitchen. 

"Good morning," I said as I started to eat my already made breakfast of cereal. She looked at me.

"Oh hey," she said looking back at her computer screen. She seemed sad.  

"What's wrong love?" I asked.  

"Huh? Oh nothing," she replied.  

"You sure?" I asked again.  

"No. My friend posted a picture of her kissing my boyfriend on the cheek," she said.  

"Oh," I said. I looked over her shoulder. Her boyfriend had golden brown hair, green blue eyes, and was wearing a sweater that read, 'Aye, she's mine'. The girl had her dark brown hair in a high ponytail and her eyes were closed. It seemed like she did kiss him on the cheek, but at the same time it didn't.  

"I'm sorry, love," I said.  

"It's fine, and you just called me love, again," Emmaline said.  

"It's a British thing," I said. Emmaline just smiled and laughed. I was glad she was feeling a bit better. I got up and gave my empty cereal bowl to Carly. 

"Thank you Carly for the breakfast," I said. Usually I would wake up  earlier then anyone else and make the breakfast.

"Anytime honey," Carly replied.

I walked back to the table and Marcus was sitting in my seat, talking to Emmaline. 

"Kids go outside and wait with all the other workers. I'll be out in a bit," Carly said.


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