Zoo Love

Logan Blue has had a difficult life growing up as a kid. Emmaline is a typical type of California girl, beautiful, popular, and nice. What happens when they both get shipped off to a zoo in Missouri?


1. Arriving to the Zoo

Emmaline's POV


I looked outside the window of the bullet train. I looked at the fast moving forests and the scenery. I leaned my head onto the cool glass window. My parents thought it would be a great idea if they move out the whole entire family from Malibu, California to Missouri were my Aunt Carly and Uncle Ben live. They just opened a zoo a few months ago and my mom thought it would be best to move out there to help them out. I'm going to miss all my friends and my boyfriend, of two years, the most. We agreed that we would try a long distance relationship.

"Are you excited honey?" my mom asked sitting across from me. She was a middle aged women with blonde shoulder-length hair, green eyes, and full lips. She used to be a model before she had me and my brother Marcus. 

"No, I already miss everyone," I answered. 

"Well you can meet people at the zoo. Carly said that a lot of the workers are young, but there's this one kid that's around you age. His name is Logan," said my mom. She went back to my brother sitting a few isles away.

I played with the zipper of my suede trench coat, and I resumed my place back to looking out the window. A few hours passed and my dad came to me. "Come on Emmaline, were here," he said. 

I got my suitcase from the over head compartment and I put my black Jansport backpack that I customized to look like the galaxy on. I followed my parents and brother out of the train and into the train station. The station was huge and old fashioned including: an off-white marble tiles, big pillars everywhere, and a huge clock on the wall behind the check in. We walked for about 10 minutes threw the huge station until we got outside. I saw my Uncle Ben's old Minivan that they customized to be as they call it 'hippy'. Uncle Ben got out of the car and helped us put our suitcases in the trunk of the car. I climbed in with my brother and we sat in the very last row of the mini van. 

We arrived at the zoo after a 30 minute drive. Aunt Carly walked towards us as we got out of the car, she went to hug my mom, her sister, then my dad, then my brother, then me. "Oh Emmaline, you look beautiful as always," Aunt Carly said.

"Thanks Aunt Carly," I said smiling. I looked at Aunt Carly. She was in her late 20's. She had long wavy dirty blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, and blue-green eyes. She wore denim skinny jeans, combat boots, a navy blue camisole, and a black cardigan.

I walked into the zoo from the back gate that led into Aunt Carly's house. I turned around and jumped back. A lion was staring at me. I herd laughing behind me and turned around, it was Marcus. 

"Shut up!" I told him.

"Whatever," he said and walked into the house. I followed in after him. I went into one of the guest bedrooms that Marcus, and I have to share. I unpacked my things and went into the bathroom. I changed into a blue high/low skirt, a brown cropped top, a darker brown belt, moccasin boots, and a fedora hat. I went outside with Marcus to go say hi to everyone, when we were stopped by Aunt Carly. She told us about this new intern that was around our age.

"Go say hello to Logan. He is with the elephants," she said. I walked to the elephants

We found Logan cutting up some wood and smoking a cigar. He wore a plain white shirt, black lether jacket, Levi skinny jeans, and vans. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and was very good looking. He took of his jacket and hung it on the tree branch. He dropped his cigar butt on the floor and stepped on it.

"You know the tree isn't your own personal clothes rack," I said.

Logan looked up at me. "Oh well sorry, but I have no were to put it. I'm Logan," he smiled, "You are?" He spoke in a slight British accent.

"Emmaline," I answered. Marcus stood besides me. "This is Marcus, my brother." Marcus nodded his head to Logan.

"Carly's niece and nephew? Nice to meet you. I'm Logan," he said.

"Um you already said that," I laughed.

He's cute, I thought

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