My Story

My name is Hallie. I am 18, and my birthday is June 14th. And this, is my story.


4. Stalling


I think about what stores to go to. I ask Halley if she's hungry. "Yeah, a little bit." "Good! I am too! Let's go to the food court! my treat." I tell her and she laughs. "How could I resist?" We both giggle and run to the food court. I walk to Chick-fa-la and order a chicken sandwich. She gets a 3 piece strips and we both sit down at a small table. I eat my food slowly and she laughs. "Not hungry anymore?" I roll my eyes and say, "Shut up." And continue to eat.



I finish eating and Suzie does to. "I'm bored. You want to go back?" I ask her. "No! We got to continue shopping!" I laugh and we both get up, grabbing all of our bags and I follow her. "Where are we going?" I ask and she calls back, "Spa!!" I laugh and get excited. 

We pay for our treaments and I sit down in the chair. They put the cream on my face and the cucumbers on my eyes. I smile slightly and sigh. "I feel so relaxed." I say lazily and Suzie replies, "I feel ya." I giggle at her comment. I clear my mind and focus on the workers massaging my back.

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