My Story

My name is Hallie. I am 18, and my birthday is June 14th. And this, is my story.


7. Is This Real



We get into the car and we all smile. The Braves won their game, and fireworks went off. Harry turns on the radio and of course, Live While We're Young is on. The boys all gasp and start to sing their parts. I laugh and pretend to dance. Harry drives away and drives to my house.

We see the same wreck and I look at the cars. Only the cars remain, and one of them looks exactly like Suzie's. No... I tell myself. It can't be. I look at the license tag.


"Where is the nearest hospital." Hallie says in a stern, but cracked voice. "Uhh.. I don't know." I say, looking at her in the rear view mirror. We're in traffic, so it's okay. "About, maybe 10 minutes from here?" "Go to it. NOW." She says harshly and I know something is wrong. The car in front of me scoots up, and I turn the wheel quickly and spin out, causing marks on the road. I get into the lane going toward the hospital, which nobody is on, and push the pedal down. I hear the noise of my tires against the pavement and I go as fast as I can, without going over the speed limit. "What happened?!" Zayn asks scared, and Hallie says in a wobbly tone, "Suzie. She-she , the accident. And the. The car. The hospital. And... And-" She bursts into tears. Zayns mouth drops open and I know it. 

"Suzie was in the car accident."


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