My Story

My name is Hallie. I am 18, and my birthday is June 14th. And this, is my story.


5. Cracking A Tough Cookie


After our spa I call Harry. "Hey Love." He says and I get goosebumps all over my body. "Hey." I reply. "Are you guys done?" "Yes! You can come now!" I smile and thank him, hanging up. "Want to go home?" I ask Hallie and she nods. We grab our bags and I pay the cashier. We walk out of the mall and get into my car, putting the top down and our bags in the back. I put my sunglasses on and drive home.


We get back to my house and I get up, grabbing my bags. I walk inside and pronounce, "I'M HOME!!" The boys rush to me and grab my bags and Suzie's. We both laugh and they walk upstairs to put my stuff in my room. I walk upstairs with them and open the door. I gasp and my jaw flies open at my room. "What the heck?!?" I scream and look at Suzie. I try to stay serious but I fail terribly. I laugh and ask, "Why did you do it?!" I look around. Posters of One Direction hang on my walls, covering up the paint. CD's on my desk, and one of them playing quietly. I smile and shake my head. "You guys!" I laugh and we all share a group hug. I sit down on my bed and Niall sits beside me. He rubs my back and I put my head in my hands. "What's wrong?" He says in a very attractive irish accent. "Its just..." I hesitate. "Nothing. I just feel I'm going to miss this place." He nods. "I know the feeling. But you'll get over it. Don't worry." I nod and Suzie gets up. "I'm going to go." She says and I nod. "Bye." I say and wave. She waves back and goes out of my room.

Seconds later I hear the car start and it slowly fades. "Well," Louis starts. "Let's celebrate!" He runs downstairs and Niall gets up, putting his hand out to help me up. I grab it and I get up. Neither of us let go, so we run downstairs, our hands interwined together. Louis pops open a wine bottle and I laugh. "I've never had a drink before!" Niall looks at me like I killed 5 people. "Seriously?! Let's have your first drink!" I nod and he let's go of my hand, getting me a glass. He hands it to me and I hesitate. I look around at the boys drinking it like water. I gulp and take a small sip. 

Then I hear an ambulance siren.

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