My Story

My name is Hallie. I am 18, and my birthday is June 14th. And this, is my story.


2. Changes


We walk back inside and I look at the boys. I sit down my the couch and Suzie sits next to me. "This is Suzie." I say and gesture towards her. She smiles and waves and they boys say hi. My dad talks about the changes of what's going to happen and blah blah blah. Then I hear, "I am going to go with them, and since it's your senior year in High School, I thought you should come with me." My mouth drops to the floor and I scream. "Are you serious?!" I jump up and down and fangirl with Suzie. My dad chuckles and nods. "Go and pack Hal. We're leaving tomorrow." I nod and run upstairs with Suzie, giggling about it. 

We go into my room and I drag out my biggest suitcase. A pink and black zebra suitcase about 4 feet long. Suzie opens my drawers and throws me some cute tops. "Wear those. They will make you look cute!" I laugh at her comment and stuff them into my suitcase. We pack all my clothes and undergarmets and I put my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, perfume, deoderant, cleaning pads for my face, and a washcloth in a bag. I put the bag in the suitcase and then put sunglasses and other accessories in there. I finish packing and sit on my bed. "What are we going to do?" I sigh. Suzie looks at me and says, "You gotta love One Direction now." She grab my laptop and logs into Youtube. She goes to some sort of Video Diary and I roll my eyes. 


After we watched all the video diaries and I cry because I laughed so hard, I look at Hallie. She looks at me and shrugs. My jaw drops. "Seriously?!?" This girl is hard to crack.

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