My Story

My name is Hallie. I am 18, and my birthday is June 14th. And this, is my story.


6. Braves Game

I think nothing about it and laugh with the boys. "So, the lads and I thought that since you've never been to a baseball game-" Niall says and I stop him. "How did you know that?!?" "your dad told us." He tells me and I giggle. "Anyway, we thought we would take you to one!" He finishes and I squeal. "And to get to know us!" Harry adds and I face around. "thank you!!" I sing out and they laugh. "Guess what seats we have?" Liam says and I sti my tongue out. "Well then! We have dugout seats! IN the dugout!" He yells and I scream. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" They all nod and I dance around. "Go get ready!" Louis sings and I nod. I run upstairs and get out a Braves shirt and white jean shorts. I put on some flip flops and I put my hair in two low pig tails. I put a braves hat on. I get some eye black (The black stuff under your eyes) and draw it on smoothly. I run downstairs to see the others down there. "Ready?" I pipe up and Zayn laughs. "You take forever." I roll my eyes and thank him. We get into the Mercedes and drive to the game. I see a wreck and were in traffic, so we stop by it. I play on my phone and ignore it. We finally get to the game and I hop out. "ready!" I say happily and we walk into the dugout, meeting the players.
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