My Story

My name is Hallie. I am 18, and my birthday is June 14th. And this, is my story.


1. Surprise


I walk down the street two blocks from my house. I chat with my best friend, Suzie. "Hey girl I'm waitin on ya, I'm waitin on ya!" She sings. "C'mon and Le me sne-" "SUZIE!! Stop singing!! You know I don't like them!" I scream. She laughs and says, "Yes. That it my life goal, to get you to like One Direction!" She smiles stupidly and I playfully punch her shoulder. Just then, blasted music of that same song comes on and a mercedes flashes by us, with boys yelling and cheering for no reason. "What the-" "You know who that reminded me of?" She says. "One Direction!!" I smile and she jumps up and down. I look down to the ground and smile, walking to my house. 

I reach my house and see the same mercedes in our driveway. "Umm..." I twist my mouth. "Just be careful." Suzie says and she pats my shoulder. I swallow the spit in my mouth and walk to the door. I open the door and yell, "DAD!! I'M HOME!" And I hear chuckles coming from the living room. I look into the living room slowly and see my dad and 5 boys about my age on the couch. "Hey Hal. Come on, meet my new clients." I nod and sit down beside him. "This is Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn." They all smile and nod. I smile back and say, "I'm Hallie, but you can call me Hal." Niall nods and says, "Nice to meet you Hal." He had the most adorable irish accent ever! I hear a knock at the door and the door open. I see Suzie and she says, "Hey Hal you forgot your-" She stops when she sees the boys. She screams the loudest scream I've heard in my life and I run up to her. "Let's go outside." I whisper and I grab her hand, taking her outside. 


She takes me outside and I stand there frozen. "You-You-You dad is clients with-w-with" I can't get the words out. "One Direction?" She says slowly. I nod and dance around the front yard. I must look like a fool, Hallies laughing. "I can't believe it!! This is the best day ever!!" I scream out to the world and I run around and dance, hooting and hollering. Hallie just sits down on the steps, looking glum. "What's wrong?" I ask her and she just shrugs. "My dad always goes with the band he's managing and I'm always left alone with my brother." She whines. "Oh come on! I'll be there!" "Mehh..." She whines again and I playfully hit her and sit beside her. "Well, I am going to make you think different!" I promise.

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