The Phone Call That Changed My Life

I'm the typical girl next door but one afternoon, I get the unexpected call every girl on this planet dreams of. The world's most famous boy band, One Direction, calls me and that phone call turns my life and changes it completely...forever.


2. Twitter Surprise

Almost three weeks had gone by and we still hadn't gotten any type of response from the boys. We would check our twitters, our phones and the mail everyday just incase but we would get the same results every time.
"Anything?", my sister would ask coming home from school.
"No", I sadly responded, "Maybe they're too busy or they just don't want to talk to us".
As days went by, we would check less and less often, we were losing hope.
But one day, as I checked through my twitter, I got two notifications. I went and checked and saw that I had one new notification and five new followers. I read the mention, it said "@twittername1 @twittername2 me and the boys want to thankyou for the incredible scrapbook you put together for us. It means alot to have such dedicated fans like you :) xx". I though to myself, "WHAT?!". So I read the twitter name and it cleary said, @Harry_Styles at the top of the tweet. I couldn't believe what my eyes were reading! As soon as I read the name, I decided to check the profile. And yes, that twitter was VERIFIED! I don't even remember what I did in that moment, all I can remember is that I started shaking like crazy, I felt like throwing up and screaming at the top of my lungs. I RTd the tweet and even screen-shotted it, I wasn't going to let this moment pass, I wanted to remember it forever.
I then checked my followers and there they were, @zaynmalik, @Real_Liam_Payne, @NiallOfficial, @Harry_Styles and @Louis_Tomlinson. They had followed me! I finally had the 5/5 I had always wanted!
Later I told my sister, "CHECK YOUR TWITTER!".
"Why?", she asked.
"JUST CHECK IT, HURRY!", I yelled with an anxious face.
"Oka...", she said as she completely froze and slowly brought her hand to her mouth. From the way she steared at the screen, I knew she was looking at the same mention and exactly five followers I had gotten.
Now the question was, will they call?
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