The Phone Call That Changed My Life

I'm the typical girl next door but one afternoon, I get the unexpected call every girl on this planet dreams of. The world's most famous boy band, One Direction, calls me and that phone call turns my life and changes it completely...forever.


1. Scrapbook

I lay there on my bed, in the dark thinking about how much my life had changed over the past year. I had gone through some difficult times. From losing friends, not finding a job, not being able to help my parents out with bills and other expenses to having to see them stress out about their jobs and not having enough money to complete the rent and other things. The only thing that kept me at my best and still does to this day was my love and dedication to One Direction. They were my life and I'm not lying when I say that. They were the only thing that helped me get through life each and every day.
I cried myself to sleep almost every night knowing that my dream of ever meeting them was by far the most ridiculous and impossible thing to ever even imagine. I have even gone as far as auditioning for a girl group/girl band to increase the chances of them knowing I exist.
That night, I thought to myself, how come some girls get to meet the boys, get hugs, exchange conversations and get pictures taken with them? How come some even get their phone numbers, get them to follow then on Twitter and I'm not even lucky enough to attend one of their concerts or even see them from far away? That's when it came to me. I was going to do something that no other fan had possibly ever done.
The next day, I said to my sister, "What would you say if I told you I want to send the boys some type of fan mail?"
She replied, "Well, um, like what?"
"Well, I was thinking we could make them a scrapbook. You know, of everything we know about them. Their most memorable moments, all their accomplishments so far, pictures of them, stuff about their lives and stuff like that", I told her.
She exclaimed, "Okay, I like the idea. I'm already getting excited from this!"
I replied, "Okay, so we're set".
As we babysat our youngest sister during the summer, we would gather all our money and started buying everything we needed. We bough the scrapbook itself, colorful pages to be the background of each page, stickers of all kinds and pictures of the band. As we were getting everything together and ready, we planned out how we wanted the final thing to look like.
We completed page by page, trying to make it the most detailed we could. We wanted to surprise and impress they boys with this. We wanted to stand out from any other fan mail they've received so they could remember us and we could be known by them in some way.
The last page in the book, was the page in which we let ourselves out. It was our page. The page in where we wrote them a letter explaining to them how we wanted to make them the gift as a thank you for always being themselves, making millions of Directioners happy, changing our lives in such a positive way, congratulating them on every achievement and wishing them good luck on their future projects.
"I have another idea", I told my sister.
"What is it now?", she replied.
"You might think I'm crazy but what if we go out of the box and add our phone numbers to this page?", I said.
"What?!", she said as she looked at me with a half confused and half annoyed face.
"Yeah", I told her. "Let's use this England phonebooth sticker, write each of our phone numbers down next to it and at the top, write something saying Call Me Maybe? so they can call us and BOOM!, are dream comes true!"
Now she had a smile on her face and said to me, "Okay, I don't know if they'll really even call but let's do it".
We finished the entire scrapbook in about a week and sent it off to London, England as fan mail. We just hoped for the best and mentally prepared ourselves incase of ever receiving a phone call from the most famous band in the world, our "British Invasion".
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