Chapter 1 - Hanny Bieler
Hanny Bieler is a stunningly beautiful girl. She has the most beautiful skin tone, big brown eyes and high cheek bones. She was born at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, West London to a very wealthy couple. Her good genes were as a result of her Bi-racial origin from a White Austrian father and a Black British mother, Hanny turned heads everywhere she went even as a child. Her father was a wealthy Banker and her mother a top journalist and reporter with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and she travelled quite frequently reporting on news from around the world.




Chapter 2 - Karina Bieler


Karina Bieler was born in South East London to a mother who was a drug addict and her father was unknown.  She spent many years in foster homes before she was “adopted” by a wealthy White family.  Karina was born Karina Snider but changed it to Karina Bieler once she got married to Stefan Bieler.  Although, her adopted parents had asked that all their foster kids change their last names to Cameron, Karina had refused! Her last name was the only thing she had left of her original self!

Karina hated every single one of the four foster homes she lived in except when she moved in with the Hunter family until she was fourteen years old.  She still has fond memories of this lovely family.  They took her in after she ran away from the last foster home where the dad in that home came into her room one night after she had only been in their home for a few months and raped her night after night for many months.

One night, he came into her room again but she was ready and waiting for him with a nasty surprise.  As always, he reeked of cigarette and alcohol.  Karina pretended to be asleep as Mr. Marks walked into her bedroom, removed her quilt and proceeded to touch her, Karina took out the knife she had hidden under her pillow and stabbed Mr. Marks in his private area, as he screamed out in pain calling her a “fucking bitch”, she took her bag which she had packed and ran out of the house as fast as she could.

Karina ran and ran not looking back to see if she was being chased.  She didn’t care if Mr. Marks died or lived.  She just wanted to get away as far as she could.   She was only twelve and half years old but she had been raped too many times by foster parents.  When Karina looked back and saw that nobody was following her, she perched on the ground near a store, laid her head on her bag and covered herself with the quilt she had taken from Mr. Marks’ house.  Karina was surprised that she had slept well considering she was on the streets sleeping.  The sounds of cars woke her up.

She got up and packed her blanket away inside her bag and made her way to find a phone booth so she could call her social worker Mrs. King.  Mrs. King was not in her office but the lady who picked up her phone asked her where she was, she said didn’t know.  She then asked Karina to look around and tell her if she sees any landmark to identify where she was so they could pick her up.  Karina saw a café across the street and told the lady on the phone that she could see a Baker’s Café across from the phone booth and then gave the phone number of the phone booth that she was calling from.  The lady who sounded very nice told her to wait close to the phone booth and they would pick her up.  Karina waited for what seemed to be a very long time.

Karina walked up and down and then heard her name being called.  It was Mrs. King, her social worker.  She came towards her and hugged her and said “Karina, we’ve been so worried about you”! “Tell me what happened sweetheart”, come on let’s go.  Mrs. King held Karina’s hand and took her across the street to the Café for breakfast.   They both ordered some food and once they finished eating and as they were sipping their teas, Mrs. King asked Karina why she ran away.  Karina busted out crying and told Mrs. King that her foster dad, Mr. Marks had been raping her since the first night she lived with them.  She also told Mrs. King about previous foster homes where she had lived and how other people had touched her in places where they were not supposed to.  Mrs. King held her hand and shook her head and said how sorry she was for Karina.   She had received a phone call late last night that Karina had stabbed Mr. Marks in the groin and ran off.  She had been terribly worried about Karina being out in the cold at that time of the night and had spent all night driving around the area to look for her.   Karina was not relieved that Mr. Marks had not died. In fact she seemed angry that he had survived the knife attack.

Mrs. King took her hand and looked into her eyes and promised her that she would never allow anyone to hurt her again.  Mrs. King’s Sister and her husband were foster parents.  They only had two other kids so she was sure they wouldn’t mind giving a home to Karina.  She called her office to alert them and the police that she had found Karina and she was okay.  She would bring her into the office and have a police officer speak with her about the knife incident.  She was sure Karina would not be punished as she had only been defending herself.

Mr. Marks was a low life and she would ensure that he never touched another child again.  Mrs. Mark’s license to take in foster kids would also be revoked.  She was responsible for these kids and she had let them down.   When they got back to her office, Mrs. King took Karina to the bathroom so she could sit in the bathtub and relax.  This was the first time Karina had felt so relaxed in her life.  Mrs. King assured her she was safe now!

After her relaxing bath, she got dressed and came out of the bathroom where Mrs. King was waiting for her.  She then led her into another office where a female police officer was waiting along with another woman whom she later found out was a counsellor.  Both ladies smiled at her and she took a seat next to Mrs. King who held on to her hand.

Officer Karen Hill was the first to speak! “How are you Karina”? She asked!

“I’m okay now, Karina replied in very soft, low tones”.

“You’re safe now Karina, Officer Karen Hill assured her”.  She began to ask Karina a series of questions.  Karina told her everything about the previous foster homes she had lived in and also about Mr. Marks.   She poured out her heart like she had been waiting for someone to listen to her.  She told Officer Hill the abuse started in the first home when she was eight years old and when she moved into the Marks’ home, Mr. Marks started at first by touching her breasts when nobody was looking and that one night he came into her room and raped her which went on for many months.   She had felt angry the night he tried to rape her again.  She had read a similar story of a young girl who fought off her attacker the same way.  She wished she had fought Mr. Marks off sooner than that night then maybe she would not have had to endure the many months of abuse.  She couldn’t say anything to Mrs. Marks.  She doubted if Mrs. Marks would have believed her and anyway, Mr. Marks had told her he would kill her and everyone in the house if Karina said anything.  Officer Hill assured her that Mr. Marks and the other housemasters in the homes where Karina lived would be arrested and imprisoned for a long time and none of them would hurt her ever again.  Karina shook her head and thanked the Officer who then left after speaking with Mrs. King privately.

Karina was left in the office with the Counsellor who told Karina that her name was Ms. Penny Lancaster.  “How are you Karina?”

Karina shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.  She was now getting tired and just wanted to be alone.  She was also getting hungry.

I’m hungry, Karina said to Ms. Lancaster!

“There are some snacks over there”, Ms. Lancaster pointed to where the fridge was.  Karina walked over to the refridgerator and got herself some bottled water.  She found some crisps in a basket on top of the fridge; she took a bag of her favorite cheese flavor crisps and started to eat.  Ms. Lancaster smiled at her and asked her if she liked the crisps, Karina nodded and whispered, “yes”.  Ms. Lancaster then proceeded to ask her more questions.  She asked Karina if she felt comfortable getting checked in hospital so they could document what she had been through, Karina refused.  She did not want anyone to touch her private areas.  Penny understood that Karina was still traumatised by her bad experiences.

Penny was used to seeing trauma in young girls.  She knew the signs of a young girl who had been sexually abused and Karina was displaying all of those signs.  She felt bad for Karina.  Reading from her file, she could see that Karina had never lived within a real family unit.  She had always lived with foster parents and many of them had not been particularly kind to her.

Mrs. King came in as Penny was wrapping up her questions for Karina.  It had been a long morning for all but most especially for Karina.

“Hi Karina, said Mrs. King! Are you ready for lunch”?

Karina responded, “yes please Mrs. King”.  Mrs. King stretched out her hand to Karina and took her next door to the staff dining room.   Karina noticed how huge the room was and there was a buffet of food.  Karina took her tray and followed Mrs. King.  She got some bangers and mash and some orange juice.  Mrs. King paid the tab and they took a seat.  Karina ate up everything on her plate and asked for a chocolate gateau.  Mrs. King told her to walk over and get two plates of gateaus.  Karina looked unsure.  She did not want to go anywhere by herself.  Mrs. King prodded her and said “you’re all right love”, “I’m watching you”!  Karina picked up two gateaus and walked back briskly to Mrs. King.

“Poor child, thought Mrs. King”.  She hoped her sister would agree to take on Karina.  She had an extra room and she’s very well regarded in the community as one of the top foster carers in the country.   After lunch, Mrs. King led Karina back to her office and behind the office was a bedroom.  Karina was so exhausted that as soon as she lay down on the bed, she fell into a deep sleep.  She hadn’t slept so soundly in a very long time.  She was awoken by the sound of Mrs. King’s voice on the phone.  She sounded happy because she kept saying “yes, yes, thanks a lot to whomever she was speaking with on the phone”.  Karina opened the door leading to Mrs. King’s office and saw a lady sitting there across from Mrs. King.  Mrs. King saw her and said loudly, “Karina, come and meet my Sister, Stephanie Hunter”.  Mrs. Hunter will be your new foster parent!  Mrs. Hunter got up from her seat, took out her hand and said ‘hello Karina, you’re one beautiful young lady aren’t you”?  Karina shook her hand and smiled.  She had never been called beautiful before.  Other kids had bullied her in school and foster homes and called her ugly.  She didn’t make any friends at school or at her previous foster homes and couldn’t even remember anyone’s names except those who abused and molested her!  She liked Mrs. Hunter already especially as she’s Mrs. Kings’ sister.  She felt safe with her.  Mrs. Hunter had brought her a teddy bear and a bag with clothes, books and make-up.  She never had make-up before and she didn’t know how to use them but it was nice of Mrs. Hunter to bring her these gifts.  Nobody ever gave her gifts before except for Mrs. King.

Mrs. King was now off the phone and asked if Karina slept well.  She smiled and yes she did.  Mrs. Hunter signed some documents and then held Karina’s hand and her bags.  Mrs. King came over and gave her a hug and promised that she and another social worker would visit her in a few days.  Karina was thankful for Mrs. King.  This time, she really felt safe with Mrs. Hunter, her new foster parent.  She hoped she would be alright.  Her social worker had assured her that Mrs. Hunter was one of the best and besides, they were Sisters, so she felt a bit relieved.

Karina became a part of the Hunter family.  Mr. Hunter made her feel secure and never touched her inappropriately.  She felt part of a family, finally.  The other kids were also nice to her.  Karina was very quiet at first when she first went to live in the Hunter household however, as time went by and she felt more comfortable, she voiced her opinions. She was the journalist of the family.  She reported news of family events every Sundays which was family night.  The Hunter kids, Alex and Sabrina who were away in University were always kind to her whenever they came home and made her feel like she was their little sister.  The other two foster kids, Brianna and Lorraine who were twins and two years older than Karina took care of her especially in school because they were popular and smart girls and everyone wanted to be around them.  Karina was never bullied in this school thanks to Brianna and Lorraine who did everything to protect her and involve her in all activities.  She loved being in the Hunter household and she hoped she would get to stay with them for a very long time!

The first Christmas Karina spent with the Hunters was idyllic!

It was snowing outside and the family including Alex and Sabrina gathered together in the family room to exchange gifts and sang Christmas Carols.

Karina like all her gifts and was surprised and very excited that the Hunters had bought her a video camera.

A video camera!  Yes! She loved her gift and jumped to give both Mr. and Mrs. Hunter a big hug.  Karina had saved up her lunch money to buy gifts for everyone in the family.

She also had a heartfelt letter to present to the family and the letter read:

“Dear Ma & Pa:

Thank you for taking me into your family and treating me like your daughter.  Thank you for making me feel safe, special and for protecting me.  I promise never to disappoint you.  I will work hard in school to get into college and I will make you all proud of me.

Thank you for being good parents.  Thank you to Alex, Sabrina, Brianna and Lorraine for always protecting me. Lot of love, Karina”

The whole family stood up as she finished reading the letter and applauded her.  Mrs. Hunter came over and gave her a tight hug.  She had tears in her eyes.  In all the years she had been fostering, this was the first time she had seen a young girl so damaged emotionally change so drastically for the better.  She hoped things would continue to get better for Karina and that counseling sessions she had been attending would help her too.  It’s taken a long time for Karina to come out of her shell.   She still had a long way to go, but one day at a time.  No child ever gets over this type of trauma.  In all the years Stephanie Hunter had taken in and taken care of foster kids, she had never witnessed any of them as determined as Karina although very broken.   Almost all of these children came to her with broken spirit having being abused in every way possible and thankfully many today are productive individuals in their lives.  Despite her background, she was still a top student.  Stephanie never had to make her clean her room or study.  Karina always made sure everything was tidy.  She’s a child to be proud of.  If only she could stay with them until she goes off to University but they both know this was only temporary whilst they find Karina a permanent home.  Stephanie had no say in where Karina would be sent to but hopefully, it would be where Karina would find happiness.

The New Year brought in extremely cold snowy weather but the family stayed up until twelve am so they could catch the New Year and celebrate together.  This was the first time Karina was celebrating the New Year with a family unit.  They all gathered by the fireplace and drank hot tea to toast to the New Year and then went outside to the garden and Alex started the fireworks and Mr. Hunter took pictures of everyone together.  This was really fun for Karina.  She was so excited by the time she had to go to bed that she could not sleep.  However, when sleep came, she slept soundly like a baby!

Winter went by so fast and now summer was upon them.  Mrs. Hunter took the girls shopping for new summer clothes.  They each got two hundred pounds to spend on clothes and shoes at Top Shop.  Karina bought a pair of sandals and a couple of clothes and decided to save the rest of her money.  Brianna and Lorraine spent all their money.  The girls had a great time shopping and spending time together and holding hands.  They had the best time ever until Mrs. Hunter received a phone call asking her to get home quickly.  Mr. Hunter was pacing up and down outside of the house when they got home.  He asked the girls to go inside the house because he and Mrs. Hunter were going to the hospital.   Sabrina had been a passenger in a car where her boyfriend was the driver.  He had veered off the road and hit a parked trailer.  He died on impact but Sabrina was in a coma.  Karina really did not understand what all these meant.  The girls went indoors and sat at the kitchen table.  Brianna started to cry.  Karina did not know to do and decided to go to her room where she would wait for the Hunters to get back.  She waited and waited until she fell asleep.  When she woke up, she went to the family room to look outside for the car but the Hunters’ car was not outside which meant they were not home yet.  She took her blanket and slept on the family room’s couch.  She would wait up for them.   A few hours later, she heard the key to the door.  It was Mr. and Mrs. Hunter.  Their eyes were puffed up like they had been crying.  Karina stood up and looked at them.  “Is Sabrina going to be alright”? Mr. Hunter answered her and said “yes darling, she’ll be alright”.  “Now go back to bed and we will speak with you all in the morning when Alex gets home from Paris”.  Karina did as she was told and went to bed but she could not sleep because Sabrina was on her mind.  She soon fell asleep and in her sleep, she could hear Brianna was banging on her door.  At first, she thought she was dreaming but the banging didn’t stop.  Karina always locks her bedroom door so she got up and opened the door.

“You have to get ready Brianna said to her, we have a family meeting in ten minutes”.   Brianna ran into the shower, got herself ready and went downstairs to join the family in the kitchen where everyone was silently eating their breakfast.   She sat down as Mr. Hunter started to tell them that Sabrina was still in a coma and he and Mrs. Hunter would have to take it in turns to go and stay with her.  “When can we go and see her, Karina asked”?  “Well, we don’t think it’s a good idea right now, Mrs. Hunter responded”.  She’s going into surgery again tonight and hopefully, she will wake up soon and you can all visit!

Weeks later, Sabrina still did not wake up from her coma.  The kids were back in school and at the insistence of his family, Alex went back to University.  Karina hardly saw her foster parents because they spent a lot of their time in hospital visiting Sabrina.  Karina, Brianna and Lorraine tried to keep the house going.  Mr. Hunter came home nightly but Mrs. Hunter stayed in the hospital.  The following morning, Mrs. Hunter came back home but she was not alone, she was with Mrs. King, Karina’s Social Worker.  Karina knew instantly that Mrs. King was bringing her some news and it would not be news that would please her.

She got up and hugged Mrs. King who sat her down in the living room with Mr. and Mrs. Hunter to talk with her.

“Karina, said Mrs. King, Brianna and Sabrina are going back home with their mother who was released from prison a few months ago after spending two years in prison for theft, and was now deemed fit to get her kids back.  We have found you a permanent home with a lovely couple in Birmingham.  You will be leaving with them in a few days”.  Karina went into a panic and ran into her bedroom.  She didn’t want to leave the Hunters and she didn’t want to leave London.  This was her home and the Hunters were her family and now she’s being dragged out of their home.  Mrs. Hunter followed Karina into her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Karina, I’m so sorry darling, she said”.  “I’m really sorry but Sabrina is really in a bad way and even if she were to survive, she would need 24 hour care”.

Karina was sobbing and Stephanie Hunter held her close.  “Can I just stay with you asked Karina?”  I promise that I will behave myself. I won’t be bad”.

“Oh no, sweetheart, you’re not bad at all. You’re a wonderful girl and I really wanted you to stay but the Social services have determined that we cannot take care of any foster children because of our situation with Sabrina, Stephanie explained to her”.   “I promise to call you and send you letters and when you’re old enough, you promise that you will come and visit us okay, Stephanie insisted”!  Karina nodded.  She had to accept that she’s leaving the Hunters.  Brianna and Lorraine are leaving in the morning with their mother.  Later that evening, the Hunters took the kids to the hospital to visit Sabrina who was still in a coma.  Karina had written a note for Sabrina and gave it to Mrs. Hunter to give to Sabrina when she woke up.  She understood that this was not a happy situation for the Hunters and wished she could stay and help to take care of Sabrina when she woke up.  After they left the hospital, they went out to eat at a Kebab place.  Karina couldn’t eat very well but she tried.  She would miss Brianna and Lorraine. At least they were going back to their home with their mother.  She had no parents and no home.  The last two years at the Hunters were the best life she had ever had.

As Karina said her goodbyes to her foster siblings the next morning, her heart was filled with sadness.  She would miss them badly.  She would be leaving the following day.  She had packed all her belongings.  She came into the Hunter household with a small bag and she’s leaving with three big cases of clothes, shoes, books and many other items.  Mrs. Hunter came into her room before she went to sleep, took off her necklace and place it in Karina’s palm.  “Don’t ever forget that we love you, Stephanie Hunter said”.  “Every time you feel sad, touch this necklace and remember us”.

Karina wanted to stay in her bedroom the following morning but Mr. and Mrs. Hunter would not hear it.  They wanted to spend the next few hours with her.  They reminded her of the happy times they spent together.  Mr. Hunter gave her an envelope and asked her to open it.  It was a card with Two Hundred pounds cash.  Karina gave a big smile and hugged both of them.  “Thank you, she said”.  The knock at the door jostled her.  Mr. Hunter went to the door and in followed Mrs. King with a man and a woman.  They were smiling and had friendly faces.  Mrs. King came over and hugged her sister and then hugged Karina.  “Karina, this is Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, your new parents”.  “Hello Karina, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron said”.  “Hello, Karina responded”.  The Hunters told the Camerones how lucky they were to be having Karina and that she was a really good girl.  “Please take care of her”, said Mrs. Hunter to the Camerons.  Mrs. King drove them to the train station to catch a train to Birmingham where the Camerons live.  It was late at night before they got to Birmingham and then they took a taxi to the Cameron’s house.

Karina was pleasantly surprised at how large the Cameron’ house was.  They also had a small dog called Wet.  She had never lived with a dog before but she likes them.  From the outside, the house was very big and the lawn nicely manicured.  When they entered the house, Karina looked around and saw how nicely decorated and clean the inside of the house was.  She felt she might just like living with the Camerons.  They seemed older than Karina’s previous foster carers.  She just hoped they were nice people.

In the morning, Karina was woken up by Mrs. Cameron who wanted her to meet the other kids in the house.  She hurried to the bathroom to get herself cleaned and then hurried downstairs where everyone was waiting to meet the “new girl”.  Karina noticed Mr. Cameron, Mrs. Cameron and four other people.

Karina, Mr. Cameron called out her name.  “Meet your new brothers and sisters – Jake, Bob, Shelly and our housekeeper, Malena”.

Everyone said hello except Bob who looked angry and unhappy that Karina was even there.  She later found out their ages; Jake and Ben were both 17 years old and Shelly, 16.  Karina was the youngest in the house.  After the introductions, the family sat down to have breakfast.  They had woken up really early which Karina was not used to.  After breakfast, Shelly took her outside to start the day’s chores.  Everyone had chores in this house.  Shelly and Karina had to sweep the pavement outside of the house.  That took a long time to finish.  Shelly was quiet and did not say much to her.

“Do we have to do this every day? Karina asked Shelly.

“Do what”? Shelly asked! “Do chores”? Yes we all have to do chores.  This is payment for them taking us in Shelly said.  “By the way, keep away from Ben, he’s a horrible person, Shelly warned Karina”.

“How old are you”? Shelly asked Karina”.

“I’m fourteen and a half, Karina responded”.  “I’m Sixteen, Shelly told Karina and I can’t wait to get out of here but I’m stuck here until I’m Eighteen”.

Both girls were too busy chatting when they heard Mr. Cameron’ stern voice called out to them.  They jumped and walked towards the house.

“What have you girls been doing all morning?” Mr. Cameron asked! Have you been gossiping?

“No Sir, Shelly replied! I was showing Karina where we’re supposed to clean and we have had a lot to clean today”.

“Get yourself inside now because your mother needs you in the kitchen”. Mr. Cameron told them.

The children and even the housekeeper call Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Mother and Father! Mr. Cameron seemed scary and Mrs. Cameron did not say much to the kids.  Karina wondered why they bothered fostering kids when it seemed that they don’t really like having them around.  Karina had only been in the household for a day and she has bad feelings about it already.  Her thoughts went to Sabrina Hunter and she wondered how she was doing.

Everyone had been working since they were woken up at 6am despite getting home very late the previous night, Karina was still made to do all these work.  She and Shelly had spent all morning cleaning the outside of the house and the boys were cleaning the back of the house and now they’re washing all the cars.

Karina followed Shelly into the kitchen to where Mrs. Cameron was cooking lunch.

“What took you so long”? Mrs. Cameron snapped!

“We had a lot to do Mother”! Shelly responded.

“Okay, show your sister how to set the table, Mrs. Cameron told Shelly in a harsh voice”.

“Yes mother!” Shelly responded.  Both girls washed their hands and began to set the table.  They set the dishes and wiped the cutlery and when they were finished, they set the food on the table.  Mrs. Cameron rang the bell to alert everyone that lunch was ready.  After lunch, the girls including the housekeeper cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes.  Nobody was allowed to watch television except Mr. and Mrs. Cameron.  After lunch, Karina followed Shelly upstairs and stayed in Shelly’s bedroom to study.  She was starting a new school on Monday. At least she had Shelly who has been nice to her so far.  So far, Karina hated being here.  She wished Mrs. King had not sent her here.  Maybe she would plan to run away and then Mrs. King would take her back to the Hunters.

The situation in the Cameron’ household did not improve for Karina.  Shelly and school kept her going.  The kids had to wake up very early to do chores even before going to school and on days when they had exams.  There was no television and no laughter as it was at the Hunters.  Karina’s fifteenth birthday came and went and nobody except Shelly said a Happy Birthday to her and even made her a card.  She and Shelly were getting closer like real sisters. They laughed and giggled a lot but whenever they heard someone walking by their bedroom, they stopped and pretended to be studying.  The studying helped because all the kids retained their top grades in school.

“So, what do you want to be when you get out of his hole? Shelly asked Karina.  Karina laughed loudly.  Shelly giggled right along with her and asked her again.

“I’m going to be a journalist”.  Karina said! “I want to travel around the world and report news”.  What about you? Karina asked Shelly!  As Shelly was about to answer, Ben walked into her bedroom without so much knocking on the door.  Both girls were startled.  Get out of here Ben screamed at Karina! Get out! Karina stood up and said No to Ben. She was determined not to be intimidated by Ben’s bullying ways.  Ben had bullied her ever since she came to live with the Cameron’s house.  Ben lunged forward and slapped Karina across the face and yelled at her, get out of here now! Shelly was shaking and told Karina in her shaky voice to go to her bedroom.  Karina did not want to leave.  She didn’t understand why Shelly was afraid of Ben.  He was a big bully.  Karina refused to move and Shelly begged her to leave.  As Karina walked out of Shelly’s bedroom into her bedroom she saw Mr. Cameron going into Shelly’s bedroom.  Karina wondered why he was going in there. Maybe he heard Ben’s voice yelling and he was going to go tell him off.  She hoped so.  Karina was tempted to go back and see what was going on but decided against it.  She closed her bedroom door and went to sleep.  Shelly didn’t say anything the next day when they were in school and Karina didn’t ask her any questions.

It was the end of school year and she was surprised to be called into the Headmaster’s office.  What did I do now? Karina was worried that she had done something wrong.  She walked into the Headmaster’s office and was startled at the sight of Mrs. King and Mrs. Hunter.  Karina jumped on both of them. They had made the trip to Birmingham especially to see her.  Karina started crying with joy.  She had tons of questions but first wanted to know how Sabrina was doing.  It was nearly a year since she left the Hunter household.  Stephanie Hunter told her Sabrina was getting better.  Although she still needed a lot of care but she’s improving.  Mrs. King had taken Mrs. Hunter on a day trip because she wanted to see Karina.  Karina felt good about this.  She was tempted to ask if she could go back with Mrs. Hunter but she knew she couldn’t because they were caring for Sabrina.  She was allowed to go out to lunch with both women.  It had been long since Karina felt this loved.  Mrs. Hunter handed her an envelope with cash.  Karina hugged both women and they took her back to school.  Mrs. King had asked how she was doing at the new place and she told them she was doing okay.  She didn’t want to worry them.  She told them about her new sister Shelly and how close they were.  There was not much to say about living with the Camerons.  Apart from the chores and boredom, she was okay there for now but looking forward to going to University and getting away from foster homes.

When she and Shelly got home, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron called Karina into the office and asked her how her meeting with Mrs. King went and what did she say to them.  “I didn’t say anything bad”. Karina assured them.  When she was allowed to leave, she went upstairs to Shelly’s bedroom.  Shelly seemed withdrawn lately, back to how she was when they first met. “What’s wrong Shelly”? Karina asked!

“hmmm.. Shelly said”, I’m alright! It’s my birthday today and I think about my mother on my birthdays.  She died when she was giving birth to me and my father died five years ago when I was twelve.  I miss both of them even though I didn’t know my mother.  I’ve been living in this hole since my father died.  Mrs. Cameron is my Dad’s cousin and only living relative and she took me in for the money she would be getting.  I get my inheritance when I turn eighteen and I can’t wait to get away from here next year”.  “Do you want to come with me when I leave?”  Shelly asked Karina!

“Yes, if I’m allowed to go with you, I will but I don’t have any money”.  “I’ll take care of you, Shelly promised her.  I’m getting a house and Five million pounds”.  What! Karina exclaimed! That is a lot of money. Was your father rich?  “Yes. But most of the money was from my mother.  She came from a wealthy family but I never knew her family because my Dad took me to Switzerland when I was younger but when I leave next year, I’m going to go to London and find my the rest of my Mum’s family and I’ll ask them why they didn’t try to find me”.

“Shelly?  Yes, Karina!  Why were Ben and Mr. Cameron in your room again last night?”  Shelly shook her head and said nothing.  Karina told Shelly her stories of when she was in foster homes and how she had been raped by her foster fathers and how she had stabbed Mr. Marks in the groin.  Shelly laughed and laughed until she started to cry.  Karina went and held on to Shelly.  “Mr. Marks and all foster carers who molested me are now in prison for many years for rape of a minor and will be registered sex offenders for the rest of their miserable lives, Karina explained to Shelly.  The good thing is that they will never be allowed near young kids again”.

After hearing Karina’s story, Shelly broke down crying again.  I can’t tell you Karina.  I will lose my inheritance if I don’t stay here until I’m Eighteen”.

No, you won’t Karina argued!  Tell me Shelly, I promise I won’t say anything!  If they’re hurting you in any way, you have to speak up.  Neither Shelly nor Karina heard the door open because Mr. Cameron was standing right in Shelly’s bedroom and must have heard their conversation.  The girls stood up at the sight of Mr. Cameron.

“Go to your bedroom now, Mr. Cameron growled at Karina”.  “Yes father”!  Karina left and went back to her bedroom!  She didn’t know what was going on in Shelly’s bedroom and could not hear anything through the thick wall dividing their bedrooms.  She sat and waited to hear the door until a few minutes later when she heard the door shut, and her bedroom door opened and it was Mr. Cameron and Ben.

What fancy things were you putting in Shelly’s head, Ben asked?  Karina ignored him! Mr. Cameron moved closer to Karina and whacked her hard across the face and warned her: “If you ever tell Shelly to say anything or if you ever say anything, you will disappear just like Michelle did years ago and nobody would ever find you.  Do you understand me?”

Karina nodded her head and wrapped her hand around her body.  What do you have there? Ben asked! Nothing! Look father, she’s growing big breasts and moved close to her and tore her nightgown off. Karina tried to fight him but got slapped again and as Ben held her down, Mr. Cameron raped her and both took turns to rape her again.

Karina couldn’t do anything but cry and cry.  She vowed to get both of them one day!

Now she understood what they had been doing to Shelly.  Karina was not allowed to go to school the following day because of the bruises on her face.  Mr. Cameron had forbidden her to get out of her bedroom so he brought her food and water and did not let her out.  Karina stood by her window and saw the kids coming from school.  She would wait to speak with Shelly later in the evening.  Jake had left the household because he turned nineteen, he was allowed to leave.  He moved to London!  Ben who had also turned nineteen had decided to stay and was working for Mr. Cameron.

Karina did not see Shelly that evening but saw her in the morning on the way to school.  Shelly held her hand as they walked to school and said, Karina, I know what they did to you, they’ve been doing it to me for years and I’m sorry I couldn’t stop it.  When I leave in a few months, you must come with me.  We can’t say anything because I will be stuck here and will never get my money.  We only have a few months and we will leave.  Social services will come for me on the day I turn eighteen, Shelly assured Karina.  Karina didn’t say anything.  She vowed her revenge against Mr. Cameron and Ben.

Shelly, did you know a girl called Michelle? Karina asked! I didn’t meet her but she ran away before I moved here Shelly said.

“No she didn’t. It seemed like she may have been murdered said Karina”!  “Mr. Cameron said if I told anyone that they raped me, he would make me disappear like Michelle”.

Shelly was silent at first and then said “yes, he told me the same thing”.  “Nobody would believe us Karina.  Everyone thinks they’re a perfect couple and can’t do wrong.  We have to just stay for a few more months until I turn eighteen and we would be leaving this place forever”.

Karina shrugged her shoulders!  She wasn’t sure how she will escape this hell!

A few days after Karina’s sixteenth birthday, she received a phone call and it was Mrs. King who called to wish her a Happy Birthday. She asked how the Hunters were doing only to be told that they were doing well but Sabrina had died of her injuries.  Karina cried and cried herself to sleep without eating dinner.   How sad this was for the Hunters.

During lunch time at school, Karina sat down and wrote a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Hunter to express her sadness at Sabrina’s death.  She told them she loved them and would see them again soon.  Karina didn’t know Sabrina’s death would affect her so much but it did. She loved Sabrina like a sister.  Shelly tried to comfort her but she just got more and more depressed. One evening after she finished her chores, Karina went straight up to her bedroom as she had been doing for weeks since learning that Sabrina had died. She had become distant from everyone including Shelley.  She had had started to make plans on how to get revenge on Mr. Cameron and Bob. She kept a knife which she had stolen from the kitchen under her pillow.  Karina was using the knife to cut herself.

Shelley was growing more concerned about Karina especially since she caught her cutting herself one evening in the bathroom they shared.  Karina did not say much just that she was alright!

One late evening after Karina finished cutting herself in her bedroom she hid the knife under her pillow and went to the bathroom.  The house was quiet as she tiptoed to the bathroom to take a shower.  She thought she heard a noise but looked around and saw nothing.  She was still very young but already had bags under her eyes.  When she finished her shower and went back to her bedroom, as she got inside the bedroom and closed her door, she saw two figures inside her bedroom and it was Mr. Cameron and Ben.  Karina turned to run out but Ben caught her and threw her on the bed. Karina reached under the pillow where the knife was and as Ben held her down as usual and Mr. Cameron took his robe off and started to force himself on her, Karina stabbed him in the stomach twice.  Ben didn’t realize what was going on at first he was too busy getting himself excited as Karina stabbed him in the groin. He screamed out in pain.  Karina then cut her own wrists and walked towards Shelly’s room and let herself in.  She was losing a lot of blood as collapsed on top of Shelly.  Shelly screamed when she felt the weight on her body and jumped up.  She ran outside and started to scream.  Mrs. Cameron and Maleena ran upstairs to Shelly’s room and turned on the lights and there was Karina lying on the bed with blood all over her and seemingly lifeless. The ambulance was at the Cameron residence within minutes after Shelly called them. Nobody knew exactly what happened except that Karina may be dead and Mr. Cameron and Bob had stab injuries and they also were in a bad way.

Shelly suspected what might have happened and although she hoped Karina was not dead, she was happy that Karina had been strong enough to stab Ben and Mr. Cameron.  Shelly insisted on going to the hospital with Mrs. Cameron who grudgingly let her in the car.

“What do you know about this Mrs. Cameron asked Shelly?”

I don’t know anything, Shelly retorted sharply!

They waited in the hospital lobby for hours.  Shelly was panicking because nobody could tell them what was going on.  Finally, a Doctor came over and told them that Karina was going to be okay.  Her social worker Mrs. King was on her way from London and the police were also in the lobby waiting to speak with Karina.

Shelly wanted to speak with them first without Mrs. Cameron’ prying eyes so when she pretended that she was going to the toilet, Shelly ran over to where the police officers were standing and asked to speak with them privately about Karina.  Shelly told them why Karina may have stabbed Ben and Mr. Cameron. She told them how long Mr. Cameron and Bob had been raping her and once Karina had tried to defend her, they had attacked her before raping her too.  She told them about how Melissa, one of their adopted girls had mysteriously disappeared.  She told them how Karina had been depressed since her foster sister died and she had begun cutting herself and how they must have tried to attack Karina again that night when she stabbed both of them.

“I hope they’re both dead, Shelly told the police officers.”

She asked to go in to see Karina herself.  When the Doctor came out to speak with the police and gave permission for them to question Karina, Shelly was also allowed to go in with them.  Her face lit up with emotions as she saw Karina lying down looking so sad.  She kissed her on the forehead and Karina gave a faint smile.

Karina, I told the police everything they did to me. Now you must tell them what they’ve been doing to you that made you defend yourself.  As Karina was being interviewed, Mrs. King walked into her room.  Mr. and Mrs. Hunter followed too.  Karina was happy to see them.

Poor child, Mrs. King said out loud.  I’m so sorry this has happened to you again Karina.  I’m really sorry”.

Once the police finished interviewing Karina, everyone gathered around her and promised to take care of her.  Mrs. Cameron was led into her room. She was crying and claimed she was not aware of what had been going on in the house.  Shelly didn’t say anything to her and neither did Karina.  This was the first time either of the Girls had seen Mrs. Cameron show any type of emotions.  She had always been quiet and strict but never shown a soft emotion as she was doing now.

It was a shame that Mr. Cameron and Ben had survived the stabbing.

Over the next few days as Karina was healing, Mrs. Cameron would bring Shelly with her to visit.  She never visited Mr. Cameron or Ben who were in the same hospital.  Mrs. Cameron had filed for divorce immediately.  The police and social workers had questioned her and found her not knowledgeable of any of the occurrences in her house so Shelly was allowed to go back home with her because there was no danger in the house however, Social Workers visited Mrs. Cameron’s house every other day to check on Shelly.  Karina was healing physically but she was still very depressed.  She hadn’t said much to anyone since the incident at the house a few weeks back.  She was transferred to a mental institution because her doctor was worried about her mental state.  Karina had suffered too much pain and trauma and they had to ensure she wouldn’t try to kill herself again.

Mrs. Cameron and Shelly visited her daily until she was discharged a few months later.  She went back home with Mrs. Cameron and Shelley and was surprised that they had moved to a new house.  Since Shelly turned eighteen and got her inheritance, she decided to stay in Birmingham in the house she inherited from her parents.  Shelly promised that she would take care of Karina.

Ben and Mr. Cameron would be spending a long time in prison.

Karina surprisingly recovered from her trauma quicker than thought.  She was a tough girl.  The Hunters and Mrs. King had visited her a few more times.

Mrs. Cameron continued to take care of Karina because she was still underage and they all stayed in Shelley’s house until Karina turned eighteen at which time, Mrs. Cameron moved to Spain to start afresh.  She bought a bed and breakfast there and invited both Karina and Shelly to visit whenever they could.

Karina graduated secondary school with flying colours despite the trauma she suffered.  She received admission to the University of Birmingham where Shelly was attending and the girls were closer than ever.  Shelly was very kind to her and paid for everything.  It was hard for Karina to date and she turned down everyone that asked her out.  She didn’t trust men at all.

Karina had graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and because Shelly was still studying at the School of Medicine and Karina wanted to be close to her adopted sister, she stayed at the University to complete her Master’s degree. Both girls figured they would graduate in the same year.  Upon graduation, Shelly decided she would move to London to practice and gain experience because ultimately, her goal was to work with children in a developing country, Karina also moved to London with her.  She would keep the house in Birmingham for vacations.

Shelly went to practice at King’s college hospital in London and Karina got a job as a Press Officer at a large international bank in the City of London.  She and Shelley moved in together into a beautiful flat overlooking the river in Embankment, London.  They wanted to be close to transportation and all the happenings in London.  Shelly was kept busy at the hospital and Karina kept herself busy at her job which now required her to travel to other parts of Europe.

One evening after work, Karina was coming out of the office building after another working late one evening when her eyes caught a man staring at her.  She looked towards the man and didn’t smile but walked away as fast she could.  He was very handsome but not her type.  Karina didn’t have a type.  She had never dated anyone.  She couldn’t recall ever seeing him before.  Maybe he was a pervert.

A few weeks later, she was shocked to see the man she had seen earlier in the lobby of the office building knocked on her office door.

Karina looked up and asked “can I help you?”

Yes, the man said!  “I’m looking for Karina Snider, I’m Stefan Bieler”.  Karina stood up and shook his hands. I’m Karina Snider.  “Stefan Bieler?” What could the CEO of the bank possibly want with her? She had never seen or met the CEO before.

Stefan said he wanted to discuss some important company social events that the company was involved in with her.  They had their shareholder’s meeting in a few days.  Karina invited him to sit down as she put together the information he required.  “Mr. Bieler, I can have this put together in a report format and I’ll call your Assistant to pick it up when I’ve completed the report”, Karina said!

“Why don’t you call me and I’ll come and get it myself”.

Karina nodded in agreement.  She worked on the report all afternoon into the evening and finally completed it late when almost everyone in the company had left.  It was now 8pm. Karina placed the report in an envelope and made her way to the 13th floor to personally deliver the report hoping to just place it on the Assistant’s desk and leave.  She walked briskly and confidently.  Feeling good that she had been personally approached by the CEO to compile this report and she felt good that she had done a good job.  She walked to the lobby of the office and was about to place the envelope on the front desk when she heard Stefan Bieler called her name.

“You were supposed to call me to pick up the report”. Stefan Bieler teased her!  Karina said she thought everyone would have gone home.  She handed the envelope to Stefan who thanked her.

“Have you had dinner yet Karina”?

“Not yet. I’ll eat when I get home, Karina replied”.

“Why don’t you join me for dinner across the street?”

Oh no, Karina replied. I have to get home. My sister is expecting me but thank you Mr. Bieler!

“Okay, goodnight Karina said Stefan!”

“Goodnight”, Karina responded and walked away.  She could swear he was probably laughing at her awkwardness.   Karina kept herself away from men and that’s how she intended for things to stay. She didn’t want anything to do with men except to work with them.  She was not planning to get married or have children.  Her intentions were to work hard, be successful in her career and maybe travel around the world and in particular to Africa.  This was always her dream. She had always wanted to see the world.

Karina saw Stefan Bieler many times after that evening. He always seemed to show up at exactly the times she comes into the office building in the morning and whenever she was leaving in the evening.  Karina wondered if this were coincidences or planned.  She didn’t want to flatter herself. Maybe they were just coincidences.

The Press Department of the bank where Karina now heads was responsible for planning all company events.  The company’s Christmas party was approaching. The Christmas party was always a huge event where awards were given to the best employees and Board of Directors attended.  Karina’s would have to make sure that this party goes down without a hitch and surpasses past ones.  She didn’t like going to parties much. In fact, had she not been involved in overseeing this event, Karina would not have attended.

Staff could invite two people.  Karina only had Shelly so she invited Shelly to the party.

On the day of the Christmas party, Karina went to the salon for hair and make-up.  Her dress was a long red dress and she teamed it up with the diamond necklace that Shelly had bought her on her birthday.  Karina Snyder was a beautiful woman who was always unaware of how beautiful she was.  Shelly was late getting back to the flat but she was already dressed from work and looked stunning.  They were not too far from the West End where the event was taking place in a five star hotel.  Karina drove her white Mercedes Benz.  She would introduce Shelly to everyone as her sister.  She’s sure she would confuse them.  Shelly was a White woman with gorgeous red hair and Karina was a Black woman with beautiful golden skin, big brown eyes and high cheek bones. She looked like a model.

Both women walked graciously through the hotel.

Karina was pleased that all catering, décor and everything she asked her staff to do was smooth.  She walked around with Shelly and introduced her to her colleagues as her sister.

The event room was absolutely gorgeous.  Karina had personally chosen all the flowers and the décor.  She was proud of her work and everybody commented on how beautifully decorated the room was.

As she walked hand in hand with Shelly, Stefan Bieler tapped her on the shoulder.  Karina looked round to see who taped her and it was Stefan Bieler!

“Wow, Karina, you look breathtaking exclaimed Stefan as he stared into her eyes”.

“Thank you Mr. Bieler, Karina responded!”

“Why don’t you call me Stefan, I promise I won’t bite!”  “You did a fantastic job with this event tonight”.

Karina smiled coyly as Shelly was watching both of them.

Shelly nudged Karina before Karina introduced her as Dr. Shelly Sneider, my sister.

Shelly and Stefan shook hands and Stefan asked “you’re a Doctor”? Shelly nodded!  Excuse me please ladies, I will be right back.

Karina watched Stefan Bieler as he walked away.  As Stefan walked away, Shelly said to Karina, “soooo, who is he? He’s very handsome!  No wonder you’re looking extra sexy tonight Karina and I think he likes you”.  “Don’t be silly,” she said to Shelly.  Karina was embarrassed because clearly, Shelly was teasing her! “Karina and Stefan on the treetop, k-i-s-s-i-n-g,” Shelly teased her again!

“Stop it,” Karina cried!

“Oh just admit that you fancy him Karina. Come on”.  Shelly cleared her throat and teased Karina – “I think you fancy that man like crazy Karina”.

Of course not! You do realize he’s the CEO of the bank, Karina said!  As the girls were joking around and laughing, Stefan Bieler came back and beside him was a man and Stefan said, “Ladies, I would like to introduce you to one of my good friends and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Sims.  He’s a plastic surgeon on Harley Street”.

Shelly smiled back widely and shook hands with Dr. Sims.  Shelly thought Dr. Sims was a fine looking man.  He had a nice smile.

Stefan insisted that Hanny and Shelly join him at his table.  The girls agreed. When it came time to announce the employee who had won best employee of the year, Stefan Bieler got up to introduce himself, his eyes went to Karina and she looked away.   She could see Shelly and Dan Sims whispering in each other’s ears.  She wondered what they were whispering about.  Karina was too busy looking over at Shelly that she didn’t hear her name being called until Shelly nudged her.  Karina was the winner of the award! What? Was she dreaming? She was the employee of the year?  She walked up and accepted her award from Stefan Bieler and a check for Fifty Thousand pounds.  What a great night this was.  She walked back to her table but Shelly and Dan were no longer there. Where was Shelly?  She looked around, walked over to the veranda and saw them kissing outside.

That was quick, Karina thought to herself as she made her way back to the table where Stefan Bieler had already sat.

“I was looking for you, Stefan said”.  Where’s your Sister and where is Dan? Karina pointed outside and Stefan realized that his friend had made his move on Shelly and he laughed.

The live band was fantastic.  They played every genre of music.  It was a great Christmas party.  Everyone seemed to have had so much fun.

When the music slowed, Stefan moved closer to Karina and asked “Will you do me the honor of having this dance with me please”?

“I don’t know how to dance,” said Karina.  Stefan took her hand and pulled her up to the dance floor and held her closely.  As they moved together on the dance floor, Stefan whispered in Karina’s ears “I want you Karina”.  Karina froze!  She didn’t know how to take this!

Stefan went on “I want to be with you; I want to hold you like this again”.

Chapter 2 to be continued! Intrigued for more? Read Chapter 2 on



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