my older brother Louis Tomlinson

Emily Tomlinson has to face life without a mother and father. Her older brother Louis is over protective and also judging who she dates because he knows when they are right for her. This story has Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson of course, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. When Louis gets put into a band called " One Direction" will she find love with another band member? And will Louis finally aprove of him?


15. The new girl

Tyler's POV

How dare Emily have those men take me outside like this, I'm not a wild animal! Thank god my mother came in time to see how they were treating me. Well actually I don't blame them. I am selfish, horny, little bitch that always gets what he wants, and I am proud of that. I will show Emily that she belongs with me, no matter what i have to do to her. The only thing that i regret is her older brother Louis catching me with Amanda. Emily's the one who lied and said he was at his mates for the night! And if Emily would put out we would of never broke up and ended this way. I am sound like a whiny bitch, but its true. She believes in saving herself till marriage! WE AREN'T IN THE 1990's!!!!. I do love her but its her fault.

As i walked outside the Hospital i saw a group of men surrounded by a bench talking about something really important. One of them looked very angry and was looking my way, i didn't give it a second though, stupid kid giving me that look, who does he think he is? I walked closer to my Corvette and further way from that twot, i got out my keys opened the door and got in. I was about to shut my door when i was thrown out onto the pavement, I looked up too see who it was and was shocked to see....

" LOUIS! LOUIS COME FAST SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH EMILY!" a guy came running at me and Louis. Louis let go of me fast and said

" If i ever see you this close to my sister i will beat the shit out of you! got it?" 

and he ran to his sister inside, I watched as all the other boys around them quickly ran after him but one stopped, turned around and came back to me.

" How dare you hurt someone as sweet, perfect, and as beautiful as Emily! there must be something mental wrong with you!" and he started to walk away

" Well you can have her! She doesn't put out anyway!" i screamed at him. 

As i said that i was thinking to my self what a awesome comeback that was until i felt his fist come in contact with my nose. 

Niall's POV

As i walked into Emily's new hospital room i saw the doctor and louis chatting by her bed. I walked beside Zayn and asked what happened. 

" So whats wrong with Em?" i asked him as i was looking at Emily in a peaceful sleep.

" Apparently the kid that Louis was about to bet the crap out of was Emily's ex Tyler. He came to see her, and i guess he said something that really ticked her off because she got so mad she fainted."

Zayn was interrupted by Emily actually waking up. I ran to her bedside and hugged she chuckled a little and looked up with me with those beautiful dark brown eyes, amazing we are in a bright room and i cant even see her pupil. 

" Aw Niall I'm okay i swear, i guess a little to much excitement for the day." she blushed a little and asked for Louis. 

" Hi Lou where is my phone?" she asked as she was looking around for it

" Is this it?" Liam pulling a phone out from underneath his butt

" ummm Liam can you go wipe my phone i really dont want Liam Ass on it!" she says as she hides underneath her blanket.

" Liams faces truned a bright shade of red and handed her back her iphone.

" Thank you darling!" she said with the sweetest smile i have ever seen.

" Anytime shorstack!" he said chucking and sitting where he was before.

" HI! i can only call her that!"

I truned to the door to see a a girl leaning on the door frame. Whos that?


Hi guys!!!! I know i havent made a chapter in soooooooooooo long but its not my fault! it stupid HIGH SCHOOL! I have been so busy its crazy!!!!!

so my best friend has just joined Wattpad and is now writing! please go check out her book called 

" Youre amazing, just the way you are" Its really good!! her name is ynahteb1998 please follow her she is awesome!!!! 



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