my older brother Louis Tomlinson

Emily Tomlinson has to face life without a mother and father. Her older brother Louis is over protective and also judging who she dates because he knows when they are right for her. This story has Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson of course, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. When Louis gets put into a band called " One Direction" will she find love with another band member? And will Louis finally aprove of him?


13. Somewhere between

Emilys POV

I was alone in the hospital room. The boys left somewhere probably making people around them annoyed like always. The last time i was at this hospital was when Dad died, i even remember the room number he passed away in, wait what room number am i in?

'reading the number on the door'



A nurse walked in trying to calm me down but it was not working. All i could think about was i was lying in the same bed as my fathers helpless body was. I keep on screaming Louis' name but he never came.

I heard his name being call on the announcer thingy saying that there was a emergence in my room and they needed him here. What the odds of me getting my mothers old room like really life is not on my side at this hour. It toke five nurses to get me down, as Louis walked in with the boys he ran right to me and was holding me. At this point i was downing in my own tears.

" Louis the bed....( sobs ) the bed..." i said threw my tears.

" What does she mean?" Louis asked

" Well before you came she was talking about she cant be in the same bed as him. Do you have any idea what she is talking about?" one of the nurses asked.

" What room number is she in now?" Louis asked

" 214 sir, why may i ask?" the same nurse said.

Harry's POV

 Louis never answered. What was so special about the room number? At this point Louis had teary eyes. There was something Louis was not telling us. 

" Well can we please have miss Emily moved to a different room obviously she does not want to be here" one of the nurse said. As i was about to walk out someone called my name.


I turned around to be faced with Louis.

" Can you stay with Emily for now i need to talk to the boys. I will tell you everything later but i think Emily needs someone to be with you."

I nodded in agreement and he left with the boys somewhere to talk to them privately. As i followed the nurse to where Emily's new room, i got a text from my girlfriend Ashley. I was meaning to brake up with her , when i found my feelings for Emily but i never got the guts to. Shes fit and all but all she cares about is her make up and stupid things, she only calls or texts me when she wants something.


heeeeyyy baby ;) I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH !when r u comin home? I have a Christmas list for you!!!

And there it was she wants something. Okay now i have to brake it off with her. OK Harry you can do this grow some balls! I went to Emily first to tell her i had to make a quick call, all she did was nod and i left. I didnt want to be mean about so i gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and headed for the door. As i was about to leave Emily said something.

" Thank you for not asking, I will tell you when the time comes." she said that smile. I has this feeling inside of me that made me what to kiss her. I walked to her bed and kissed her right on the lips. I know this will sound cheesy but i felt fireworks. She was shocked at first and didn't respond to the kiss but after a second we were having a full out make-out session. I pulled apart and said...


Wait i didn't say that!




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