my older brother Louis Tomlinson

Emily Tomlinson has to face life without a mother and father. Her older brother Louis is over protective and also judging who she dates because he knows when they are right for her. This story has Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson of course, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. When Louis gets put into a band called " One Direction" will she find love with another band member? And will Louis finally aprove of him?


10. Prank Party!

Emily's POV

WHY THIS MOVIE!. My friend Veronica said it is freacken crazy! I CANT WATCH THIS! I am going to make up a excuse to not watch this.

'' WOW! '' i said a little bit loud

'' Look at the time i am soooooooo tired good night boys!'' i said as i was getting up to give each of them a kiss on the cheek and a hug. As i got to Louis he whispered

'' Sleep with one eye open'' he said that sent chills down my back. Damn looks like i am not getting any sleep tonight. When i got to the top of the stairs i heard nothing. I mean nothing, the boys are pretty loud and i don't think they care that i was going to bed. What are they doing. I snock down the stair and crawled behind the couch.

'' Okay she is in her room probably sleeping by now, she is a deep sleeper and if you wake her up she will be in her anger mode, you don't wont to see that side of her. Trust me i learned the hard way!'' Louis said.

'' WOW, how did you get that!'' Niall screamed! he is probably showing them the scare i gave him the last time he woke me up for some stupid reason, he wanted me to brush his hair! what would you do if your brother woke you up at 2:00 in the morning to brush his hair! I would be pretty mad! I bit him so hard he need two stitches hahahaha i was laughing so hard when mom told me he cried when he thought no one was looking! He is such a diva!

'' I know she is evil right!'' Louis said like a little girl. When he uses that voice i always seem to laugh my ass off its just so funny. I began to snicker when Louis said

'' Do you hear someone laughing!''he said looking around the room.

'' Okay here's the plan, Harry you go down stairs and turn off the power on my call, Liam you get the Halloween masks in the attic, Zayn you get the cold water ready, Naill video camera and i will get the flower. okay ready boys GO GO GO ! He screamed as the boys were all over the house doing what they were told i ran into my closet with my own Halloween mask and red flash light,and shaving cream ready for them to enter my room. The thing is with my room door makes a weird sound when it opens so I know when some one enters my room.

It was finally time for the prank to take place i heard my door open and close and some whispers. I open the door just a crack to see the boys over my bed with flash lights over the '' me'' that i made out of my pillows and stuffed animal. It was my time to jump out of the closet when.......









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