my older brother Louis Tomlinson

Emily Tomlinson has to face life without a mother and father. Her older brother Louis is over protective and also judging who she dates because he knows when they are right for her. This story has Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson of course, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. When Louis gets put into a band called " One Direction" will she find love with another band member? And will Louis finally aprove of him?


12. NOTE!!!!



Hi guys!!! i am sooooooooooo srry i haven't undated in like forever i have been so busy with school its really scary i dont even remember the last time i went on my laptop!! i promise i will update and it will be the best chapter ever!! but i have homework for u guys who do you want Emily to end up with Naill or Harry or one of the others boys give it a little twist but just not Louis because is this story he is her older brother and that will be awkward for me to write :P sooooo please tell me who u think !!!!!





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