my older brother Louis Tomlinson

Emily Tomlinson has to face life without a mother and father. Her older brother Louis is over protective and also judging who she dates because he knows when they are right for her. This story has Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson of course, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. When Louis gets put into a band called " One Direction" will she find love with another band member? And will Louis finally aprove of him?


8. Emmy-Bear

Louis's POV at the restaurant

When Emily and Niall went to the restroom it was just me,Liam, Zayn, and Harry. We had a plan to scare Emily tonight because we were going to watch a scary movie at my place. I usually do this kind of thing to Emily but like simple pranks like hiding her phone or hide all her makeup which i really think she does not need, she is a Tomlinson we have damn sexy in are blood. Since Niall wasn't here we should tell him about the plan when he gets out of the bathroom which is taking him a long time, same with Emily. What are they doing?

" Louis are you okay?" Harry asked looking concerned.

" Ya i am fine just wondering what is taking Emily and Niall so long its been 10 minutes they have been in there, i should go check on Nial."

As i was getting up the boys followed me. We made are way to the men's bathroom together. When we went inside the bathroom there was no one there. We looked in the stalls not one person was in the men's bathroom, so what about the woman's?

We decided to get a look who is in the woman's bathroom. Me telling everyone to shut up so know one will notice us looking in the bathroom. It will be kinda weird if a lady comes out of the bathroom and sees four boys outside the door looking inside.

When i opened the door it was a complete surprise what i saw. Niall was all over my sister and Emily let him! I am so mad at Emily i cant believe she would just let him kiss her like that, they just met like two hours ago and now they are all over each other! What the flack!  ( see what i did there?)  I am going to have a talk about this with Emily when we get home.

Harry's POV

I cant believe Niall! He knew i liked her, why would he do this to me. Well it looks like i have to show Emily who is the real man here. All i have to do is win her heart.

Louis's POV

When i saw Emily push Niall away from her i was happy she did , but the only reason she did was because she was looking for something or someone. Me and the boys got out of there as fast as we could. We got back to the table and pretend to finish are meals which were now cold . When Emily finally came out of the bathroom she was walking towards us when she tripped over a waiter and fell to the ground with the food with her. Niall came out after that and ran to help her. I was laughing my ass off ,she is such a dork! After we got her cleaned up Emily was just very quiet , When Emily is hurt she doesn't cry she just becomes very quiet and keeps to her self.

When me and Emily were little i was six and she was four Emily fell off our old swing in the backyard and landed on ankle i knew right away she was hurt but she just got up and walked away. A few days later i noticed that her ankle was black and blue it was gross, the bone was sticking out and stuff. That day i told her if she ever hurts her self come to me. She never does now, i think the reason why she doesn't tell no one she is hurt is because she doesn't like hospitals,i told you she is weird.

Now that we payed for our food and the other peoples food that was all over Emily, we left to my house. We got in my big Range Rover and drove home. I just got this car because my old car was to badly damaged from the accident i was in five weeks ago.

When we got home everyone got out and headed to the front door i opened it and let everyone in. as Emily was about to step in i grabbed her arm and pulled her out so could talk to her.

" Can i talk to you?" I asked

" Sure!" she said a little confused

" Um i don't know how to tell you this so i will just come out and say it... um i saw you and Niall making out in the woman's bathroom!" I said a little scared she was going to hurt me, she has a great punch for a little person.


"Well first off all i was just worried because you guys were talking so long in the bathroom, so i first went to the men's bathroom and Niall wasn't there, so i though about they girls bathroom i would give it a look and when i opened the door i saw... you know you and Niall." i said  knowing she was beyond mad at me.

" Well whatever Louis you never trust me i kinda like Niall and i think he likes me back so can you please stay out of this one!" she asked me. I know Niall so far as a good person so i think i will see what happens.

" Fine but let me take you to the hospital tomorrow to see if you really hurt your wrist." i said she look shocked i noticed that she was hurting so i toke her inside and put ice on it.

"Thanks Louis." she said

" Anytime Emmy-bear" i said giving her a kiss on  the temple.



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