My life change


6. You're asking me on a date

Sarah's p.o.v

I walked into the school yard thinking what todays goin to be like the only picture I had in my mind was Harry.

As I walked towards the classroom I ran upto Lauren and Saph

"Hey girls I need to tell ya somethin"

Calm down Sarah so what.

Last night as I was about to sleep Harry called me and he asked me on a date our first date but my heart isn't accepting this all I know is that I love Harry Harry Styles then what is wrecking all this.

"Oh Sarah take a deep breath stop thinking about anything but this very first special date so have fun".

Ok girls I'll head to my science class and obviously Harry's not gonna be their but see ya later.

As I walked in the classroom the only free spot was between Zayn and Niall so I just sat down quietly

"Well hey Sarah as Niall whispered into my ear

Hey Niall

I know this is akward Sarah but I need to tell you something I wanted to tell you this since ever but it never worked out so, well Im gonna get straight ot the point Will you go on a date with me

What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're asking me on a date

What do you think your doin Mr. Horan you know that i only love Harry and Im goin on a date with him so hy are you tryin to break our well made relationship.

"Relationship" Ok fine I'm gonna ask you a question and tell me the truth Is your heart accepting that you love Harry.

As soon as I heard that question I boosted out the classroom not even looking at anyone

all I know is that I cannot accept in fron of Niall that I love Harry because I cant .

Saph and Lauren came up to me "we heard what happen Sarah tell us the truth did you like it when Niall asked you on a date and swear on him you will tell the truth".

Fine I did their was something in Nialls eyes that is catching me eversince I had met him and I cannot avoid that

Im goin up to Niall know as Sarah shouted

"To do what Sarah"

To tell him what I fell and what  I want........... :-)



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