My life change


1. Why would I ever love

First day of school

Sarah's p.o.v

Oh come on Sarah we're getting late for school as I could here Lauren and Saph shout into my ear

"What is your problem girls"

Our problem is you, come on Sarah get up we're already getting late

Fine fine I'm coming

"My life is already drained as it is what more is there in this freshly new term", as i mumbled under my breath.

I ran down into the car thinking what my day will be like after school.

As usuall Lauren and Saph's daily argument started again, but I didn't want to waste any time so I just rushed through the door into the car.

"Oh by the way apparently there's going to be 2 new guys in our class, I wondered if they were good looking unlike all the others.

Even though all the guys in the class adore me

I don't really care because I don't

So as I got down from the car I couls see thousands pairs of eyes staring at me I rushed into the class holding Saph and Lauren's hands.

"So Sarah I wonder who is going to be the lucky guys sitting next to you this year

"Don't really care and don't really know".

The class bell rang as Ms. Williams told everyone that the 2 empty seats next to me should remain empty as everyone walked to their indivicual seats.

"Now I had a clue that those 2 spots were saved for those guys.

"So class today I want to introduce you to our 2 new class members Zayn and Harry

"Geez those names sounded hot"

My eyes glared at them when they both entered the classroom door

my heart just fell for Harry's eyes and that curly hair was something that a girl would straight away fall on.

As they walked towards me heading in the direction of the 2 empty seats next to me>

"I wish" theyn talk to me.

Harry's p.o.v

"Hey I'm Harry" and you are as a hand shook towards me. I was dumbstruck.

"Hey I'm I'm" I didn't know what to say than finally I opened my mouth

"Hey I'm Sarah" nice name.

I did have fun that day and I did enjoy myself, but something else felt different thatb day I had no idea what it was but it was a nice feeling talking to Sarah.

Sarah's p.o.v

Wait Wait

I'm really sorry I forgot to introduce myself to you, as the guy in the head phones didn't even bother to listen to me.

"Hello""O I'm sorry what were you saying"

What were you saying Im Sarah nice to meet you and I'm Zayn .

The conversation with Zayn went on for an hour and a half.

I ran back home noticing that Lauren and saph standing in the door way looking like a lion ready to attack.

"Um girls I'm really sorry but you know I was just talking to Zayn and I ran a bit late".

"Are you sure that was just a talk or something else"Lauren answered.

"What do you mean something else".

Sarah we know that the word "LOVE" doesn't exist for you but take a deep breath before taking every step.

We're just thinking for your own good.

As we all entered the house the bell rang and I rushed through the door to see who was there.

"Then for a second my eyes widened

"Zayn you"

"Vas happenin"

The only question that struck my mind at that time was that how did Zayn get here

"Was he following me or something

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