My life change


7. We're just friends

My heart pumping as fast as i stood in front of the door I didn't have the guts to knock on the door but anway, I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Niall, Niall are you there"

I ran upstairs finding Niall eating as always.

"Hey Sarah how are you?

Im fine I just wanted to tell u something Niall

"Mee to I need to tell you something aswell Sarah"

I exactly knew wat Niall was about to tell me that he loved me too.

"ok you first Niall"

"Ok Sarah I just wanted to say in these few couple ofn days I hope you havent misundertood me or something but the truth is your just a really nice girl and a nice friend dont think I love you or something"

Wat do you mean Niall I know you love me then why are you denying then wat was Sariall meant to be wat happend to all the care and trust I had in you.

"Thats the truth Sarah and now you can leave"

Tears started to run down my face as I ran down the stairs.

Niall p.o.v

well maybe that was all a lie but I cant break Harry's heart


"Listen Niall I dont want to be rude but listen stay away from Sarah shes the only thing Iv got and always want, Iv seen lately youve been too close with her if you dont back off Ill take sarah away from here all of yous".


Well maybe that was it well maybe thats the whole reason I had to lie to my first love.

Sarah's p.o.v

I shut my rooms door and rushed into my bed "How could Niall do that to me Hes the only Iv realised I love why is he doing this to me?

I never knew Ill getb ditched by him.



"Hey Harry"

"Hey Babe how s your day been so far"

Yeah its been good I just wanna say that Ill not be comin school tmr

"Wats wrong Sarah r u feeling well"

I disconnected the phone and held the paper up high thinking once again if all this was the right thing to do...........


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