My life change


5. I got a feeling

I took a deep breath and walked away moments past bye and I decided to walk to Harry's house, I had a really different feeling inside me I didn't know what it was but it was killing me like no tommorow.


Sarah's p.o.v

"Hey Harry"

Hey sarah comin what timin Niall just came to pay a visit

"Well, Um no you carry on," Get in girl.

I started bitting my lip I don't know why I stared at Niall that was standing right in front of me, Harry was hugging me but for the first time I didn't feel comfortable.

"Harry let go", "Hey Niall how r u.

"Good sarah u, yeah I'm fine.

I'll be back guys as harry shouted through the window.

Niall's p.o.v

Hey sarah I just wanted to say something to ya, well can I call ya Sariaal.

"Sariall cute name but any reasons behind it"

"Well Um not really but it suits you really well"

"So girlfriend as harry poped his head in, what were you guys talking about, well nothin much just that Niall wants to call me Sariall.

"Oh thats a really cute name isn't it NiALL

As Niall just shookhis head.

"Well Harry it's getting late so I better get goin"

"Ok Sarah , bye.

Sarah's p.o.v

I got out the house and ran back towards lauren and saph, Um girls I wanna ask and tell you guys somethin

"Yeh Sarah tell us"

Well I'v got this akward feeling whenever I meet Niall, right know when i was at harry's house he asked me if he could call me sariall and I said it was fine.

"What, What

"You let him, Sarah do you even know what that means


"Sariall stands for sarah and Niall

"Girls I got a feeling"

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