My life change


4. Harry's best friends

Sarah's p.o.v

"Sarah, Sarah stop making up stories,

this is just hillarious. "Girls believe me.

Flashback when Sarah and Harry where left without a car

Harry are we even going to survive in this cold, "Dont worry Sarah when Harry's here no need to fear".

Sarah you can trust me, lets find somewhere to stay atleast for the night.

"Ok". Rain started pouring heavily as me and Harry started to get drernched, Harry walked closer to me as if he knew me for a long time, I could scent his breath that smelt like perfect mint, his nose touched mine I felt nothing was around me the only thing I saw was Harry standing in front of me and then he did kiss me I felt like I was in heaven.........

Out of flashback

"Wow Sarah"Saph and lauren commented

So amazing.

Leaving all this apart Harry is going to be at school today and I don't know how he'll react when he see's me,

"Come on Sarah" as Lauren shouted we need to get to school.

"The whole time we were walking to school Lauren and Saph were staring at me as I had commited a murder".

"Hello Girls"

"Hello Ms.Williams, I just wanted to say that Sarah in your geography and art classes you are going to have 4 people added for extra help.

Ok Ms. Williams can you please tell me their names. Sure

"well Um one is Zayn, the others are new students: Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

Ok Ms. Williams thanks.

Good on ya Sarah have fun with the new guys.

Bye, Bye.

Now it was time for art class and I would have to assist the new guys.

As Ms. Williams walked into the class 3 guys walked after her from behind I guessed they were Niall, Liam and Louis and obviously Zayn.

"Hey Zayn" "Hey Sarah"

Can you please introdouce me to the guys, yeah sure so this is Liam he just recently shaved his hair, this is louis (he always wears stripey clothes) and this is Niall the Browny Blondey haired guy.

Sarah thinks- Niall looks preety cute.

The whole art lesson I talked to the guys especially Niall.

And then the bell went, the time I was awaiting the most to meet Harry.

I saw harry walking towards me I had butterflies in my Stomach.

"Hey Sarah darling"

"Hey Harry"

So did you meet my best friends Louis, Liam and Niall and of course zayn.

Yeah I did.

"So how are you guys, long time I haven't seen ya guys".

Harry I think I'll leave, no stay Sarah ,you talk to you're friends

"Ok Bye"

"Hey Lauren and Saph finally I met ya guys I wanted to tell you guys something".

"Yeh what"

"yuno that new guy Harry's friend Niall he makes me feel akward the whole art class he was staring at me like no tommorow, I wonder what he is thinking".

"Bye the way I'm gona tell you something that might make you's laugh".

"What do you wanna tell us".


Does he even know

"Not really, but I'm gonna tell him now".

"No you're not" "Yes I am"




Well Harry Ye Sarah I wanted to tell you something as all the other guys were standing around

"Yeah tell me Sarah ..... Harry I Love you

You what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I could see from the corner of my eyes was that Niall's expression changed it looked like he was about to burst, no wonder why???????????????????????????





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