My life change


3. Destiny brings people together

Waking up in the morning so tired leaning against wall thinking what life was meant to be.


"Wat, wanna give me a heart attack Saph" Nop but listen we've got pefect news


Guess what your parents have decided to go to Nannas house for the weekend.

"How fun yeh Sarah"."No way I'm goin, I cant't just leave everything here I'll miss everyone in a day".

"Really does everyone refer to Harry Styles". "No way I'[m just talking about you and Lauren

Sarah mumbles under her breath: Was I actually talking about Lauren and Saph was I.

Saph's p.o.v

"Oh my god, Lauren Sarah is so lucky, it's like she's goin on a vacation but she is not even interested".

I just believe she probaly just doesn't want to go because she'll miss everyone like us and friends at school.

"Come on Saph you're so innocent, try to understand thats just not it, Sarah's does have some feeling deep down her heart which she's not telling us".

Sarah's p.o.v

"Gosh dammit, are you serious what a plan, I just don't wanna go their some special feeling is pulling me to stay back, but I can't even say no to mom", I'll guess I'll just have to have a talk with her.

"MOM,MOM,MOM,MOM" What's up Sarah why are you screaming like the worlds about to end.

"Mom I have to say something to you

"Yeh sure dear tell me what's wrong I have this problem regarding the trip to Nannas house.

"Mom I don't wanna go" "What are you sayin Sarah I'm sorry but I can't help you regarding this situation you can't break nannas heart so you'll have to come along".

"I slammed the door hard across pulling all my frustration into the poor door".

But what else could I have done, I don't wanna go, but still mom is give me no choice so I do have to go anyway.

"I started packing some pair of clothes into my small bag and rushed down the stairs, not so excited, but still trying to keep the look".

I rushed into the car hugged both Lauren and Saph and told them to inform all the news to them.

"It takes nearly 4 hours to reach Nannas house how boering, I just took a nap for 4 hours.

Anyway I opened my eyes all blured. "Get up sleepy head as Dad patted on my back".

Now I was far away from my friends and school.

We entered Nannas house no even 2 hours have past I made an excuse telling nanna that I have a stomach ache and I wanna go home,

Nannas attitude towards us is really nice she could never say no to me, as though she told me to go home.

Firecrackers were bursting inside me like no tommorow, "Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

"I was on my way home as the stupid car broke down and obviously wouldn't take me home any further, I started cursing and kicking it".

"From a long distance I could see a black car driving towards me, I started making signals to stop it and it did stop right in front of me.

"Any problem girl as a voice mumbled to me, excuse me who are you.....

"It's "Gotta be you" Harry I mumbled to myself".

"A sweet face opened the door and as expected it was the charming Harry Styles "Um hey Harry

"Sarah what are you doing in the middle of the night standing all alone"

"well you see Harry my car has just broken down and it will not accelerate"

"Well that's all right I'll give you a lift hop in".

Sarah's p.o.v

Cool how amazing I was sitting inside the car with Harry, Harry styles can anyone even believe it

"I started trembling of nervousness"

"As Harry answered are you cold Sarah?

"Cold no way".

"Harry why is your car slowing down, Yeh why is it?

Then suddenly the car did stop at last. Harry got down checking what happend to the car.

Hey Sarah the car has broke down and we will have to spend the night inside the car probaly.

"Are you kidding me"

No I'm really sorry I don't know what has happend to this stupid thing eversince today.

No problem we'll try finding a place close so we can stay in.

Before even taking a step rain started flowing

Me and Harry were drenched

Harry leaned towards me It felt as akward as ever.

"Then not ever expecting this Harry Styles leaned and kissed me, how romantic Harry Styles one of the most popular boys at school had just kissed me that in the rain.

"I moved back even noticing what I was doing we both settled down and walked towards this hut that looked quite empty.

"Harry should we stay here for the night"

"Yeh sure, how akward did it get Harry styles and I were sleeping in the same place.


"Harry and I both waked up in the morning at the same time we ran to the car and quickly hopped in.

"Harry's last try to turn on the car, and it finally did turn on".

"Harry dropped me to my house and I glazed him in the eyes, thinking about the romantic moment we had.

"I hugged Harry tight and said Bye.

"Sarah why on earth are you here weren't you suposed to be at Nanas, long story girls I'll tell you another day.

"By the way I kissed Harry Styles".









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