England Love

Juliette is send to London, England to visit her sick grandmother. While on the trip she is certain to never leave her side but soon finds her self in love with a local boy but not just any boy Zayn Malik but wait that's not it she also finds her self falling for his friend and band mate Niall Horan. Will she end up tearing apart a friendship? In the end only one can win her heart. Who will Juliette pick?


2. What's with London?

As Juliette walked home she couldn't help it think about that boy. Zayn Malik.She wanted to get to know him better but decided not to for she is here for her grandmother she can't be involved with a boy, at least not right now.

Juliette had dreamed about having a family right after college. She needed to focus first on her studies and a boy wouldn't fit the quota. To have a small family was one of Juliette's goals next to finding her love of her life. A soul mate she could live for till then end of time.

That's when Zayn Malik popped in to her head she had pictured about raising a family with him. He had seemed to fit her standards and to meet the standards of Juliette you had to be the perfect guy.


She snapped back into reality and looked around seeing she was already in her grandmothers house. Juliette had thought about that Zayn boy too much she hadn't notice she had made it to her house.

"Juliette are you ok?" Her grandmother asked. In years she had never seen Juliette so out of it which worried her more. 

"Yeah i'm fine i just need some air" Juliette told her.

"I'll go with you i need to go to the park to meet Emily anyway" \

Emily was Juliette's grandma's best friend since Middle school they had both promise to never be torn apart and they never had.

Juliette wishes to have a friendship like that one day someone she can lean on whenever and someone who is their for her to listen to her problems without judging.

"Ok- Sure" and just like that she kissed her Grandpa goodbye and left. Juliette walked slow not only because she wanted to be careful about her grandma but because she couldn't stop day dreaming about Zayn.

"Let's sit here dear" Her grandma told her as she held Juliette's hand and being careful about sitting down. Juliette just nodded not saying a single word.

"You know this is actually where i met your grandpa." 


"Yeah, it was the best day of my life. Oh and let me tell you how charming he was..."

Juliette just nodded and tried so hard to focused on the story which confused her she had never ignore her grandma before.

"Grandma do you mind if i go for a small walk around the park?"

"Sure go right ahead"

And just like that Juliette was off walking around as she past all the beautiful flowers and trees rustling under the wind she couldn't help but smile at herself.

The wind began to get stronger making her hair flow behind her shoulders she spread her arms and began to twirl around as her pink pastel dress flowed with the wind.

She could feel the hot sun beating down on her skin giving her a tingly feeling.

Juliette smiled once more before colliding with something warm and soft making her lose balance and slip.

 She tightly shut her eyes getting ready for impact but never felt it.

Juliette began to open her eyes and saw arms wrapped around her waist holding her up just enough from keeping her from colliding with the floor.

She looked up and saw the most beautiful blue eyes. He smiled and helped her up while gently letting her go.

"I'm Sorry. I didn't see you"  Juliette apologized looking up at the boys face.

He had blonde shaggy hair and the most beautiful blue eyes that you could stare in. His lips were soft with a hint of pink in them and he had a cute button nose.

"It's alright but don't let me stop you. You seemed to be having fun" He smiled at her. She smiled back and had just noticed he was wearing braces.

"I'm Juliette" She told him while extending her hand out for him to shake. He chuckled but gladly took it kissing it towards the end like a gentlemen.

"I'm Niall. Niall Horan."

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