England Love

Juliette is send to London, England to visit her sick grandmother. While on the trip she is certain to never leave her side but soon finds her self in love with a local boy but not just any boy Zayn Malik but wait that's not it she also finds her self falling for his friend and band mate Niall Horan. Will she end up tearing apart a friendship? In the end only one can win her heart. Who will Juliette pick?


1. The Meeting



Juliette took a deep breath as she walked through the busy streets of London.

You see Juliette was send to England for the summer to see her grandparents and she couldn’t believe it either.

 She had always had a sense of longing for London. The essence of London screamed romance from the twinkling lights to the beautiful people.

Juliette sensed something amazing was going too happened to her as if the city spoke to her.

Juliette had just turned eighteen and her parents had bought her the plane ticket as a birthday present.

She looked up at the sky, closing her eyes and breathing in the city taking a moment to take in everything every little detail.

“If it's this beautiful in the dark, imagine how amazing it'll look when the sun comes up, shining light on everything to reveal the beautiful details.”

She thought.

Juliette had only two things on her mind.

1. She wanted to make memories.


2. She wanted her life to begin.

Although Juliette was in the most beautiful city she wouldn’t have much time see. She had to spend every minute with her grandma. As you can tell Juliette is very responsible and very sensitive.

She knew that at any minute her grandma could leave her and her grandpa. She wasn’t going to take that risk.

Juliette got up and immediately started to cook breakfast but not just for her for her grandparents too. She had made pancakes with eggs and bacon. She had also chopped some of the fruit from her grandma’s garden. She smiled of the thought of being in London while she started setting the table for three.

Not too long she heard footsteps and a cane walking into the kitchen. She turned around and smiled hugely watching as her grandma was careful about sitting down. Juliette went over and helped her by pulling out her chair and setting her food in front of her.

"Good Morning Grandma"

Juliette's grandma smiled up at her and thought about how lucky she is to have such a sweet and caring grand daughter. Now a days you see the children ignoring and disrespecting the elderly but not Juliette no she wasn't that type of person.

"How did you sleep dear?" 

"It was fine grandma, thank you" She answered as she heard yet more foot steps.

She smiled as she began to think about her grandpa and how distinctively his footsteps were from others.She giggled as her grandpa walked towards her with open arms. Juliette got up and ran to his open arms now wrapped securely around her.

"How's my only grand daughter?" He asked while pulling the chair out for him to sit.

"I've been good just looking through some colleges i might want to apply to" 

"You should apply over here. The school are great and you can visit us whenever you want"

He tried his hardest to convince his grand daughter. He loved her too much to let her go again and he knew he wasn't the only one.

"I'll think about it but you know my mom. She wants me to go over there." She said while quickly rolling her eyes.

Juliette never really had the best relationship with her mom. They would try their hardest to bond but never could they were too different.At the end of the day she knew her mom still loved her after all it was her idea to send Juliette to London.

"Yeah, but at the end of the day it's your life not hers" He said before he began to eat the food that Juliette had made.

"Oh Juliette, would you mind going to the market were all out of milk and eggs" Her grandmother asked already knowing she would said yes. That was just the kind of person she was. 

" Sure i need to get somethings too, so i might as well"

She walked up to her room and got her bag as quickly as she could while trying to get to the market before it got crowded but failed as she saw a small crowd forming outside the market.

"Great" She whispered under her breath.

She walked up and tried squeezing in through occasionally having to say excuse me.

Finally after being able to walk more she was in. Juliette walked through the many aisle trying to find the eggs and milk when suddenly she felt a large sting on her right shoulder.

She looked around and saw she was on the floor she had just bumped into somebody. Juliette got her bag and looked up only to met by a hand she grabbed it and quickly got up.

Never in a million years would she think she would bump into someone Juliette was a very focused person. 

Juliette felt embarrassed but looked at who she bumped into anyway. He had slick black hair that shined under the market lights.

His eyes were chocolate brown that can hypnotize any person who stared into them and Juliette was no exception.

His skin was tan and he was tall.

For once on her life Juliette's emotion were mixed they were filled with love, lust and embarrassment. He on the other hand felt love nothing but love at first sight. He looked at her and instantly knew he had to get to know her.

"Thank you" Juliette said.

"No problem it was my fault anyway i wasn't looking at where i was going" He smiled up at her and she felt butterflies start to swarm around her stomach.

"No, it was my fault i wasn't paying attention and thank you for helping me up"

"Like i said no problem. Glad i could help as someone as beautiful as you"

Juliette looked up surprise never had a boy called her beautiful before certainly no one as handsome and sweet as him.

"I'm Juliette. Juliette Monroe." She told him while holding her hand up for him to shake. He gladly took it and shook it gently never breaking eye contact.

"I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik."



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