Because The Only Time You See Me Is When I'm Blinded By Your Light

One-shot Larry Stylinson. Harry cuts because the man he loves can never love him back. Louis dates Eleanor because he knows that Harry could never feel the same way.


3. The Aftershock







Liam came with back-up.  Zayn, Niall, Paul, and paramedics were with him as he bolted straight through the suite and into the bathroom.  Liam could tell right away that they were too late, and his thoughts were only confirmed by the sad look in the paramedic’s eyes as he clapped Liam on the shoulder in consolation before leaving.  Once the door had closed, Liam lost it.  Screaming and shouting at Harry’s dead body as Louis lay inside the ceramic tub, whispering soothing words into Harry’s ear.  Zayn broke the mirror, sending it into a thousand tiny pieces before he crumpled to the floor, his tears dripping onto the floor like rainwater.


Niall had simply sat down on the floor and burst into tears.  Rocking himself back and forth on the tile floor, whispering to himself to just wake up only sent Liam into an even deeper rage.  Rage at himself for not seeing the signs, rage at Harry for being so fucking stupid and selfish, and rage at the God he wished he believed in for taking away such a hopelessly beautiful person.  


Paul had simply walked out of the room and into his own, calling management and the police to report a suicide.  After he closed his phone though, he cradled his head into his hands and let himself cry.  Tears silently trekking their way down his rough face for the cheeky boy that could always make him smile with his crazy antics.








The boys cried together the rest of the night, mourning the selfish death of their brother before picking up their letters and reading them silently to themselves, huddled in a circle on Harry and Louis’ floor, holding onto each other like that’s all they had tethering them back to the ground. 


Niall was the first one to share his letter aloud.





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