Young mockingjay

This is what would happen if in Mockingjay if they decided that they were going to host a Hunger Games in the Capitols favor (tributes from the Capitol) to get revenge.


3. This is it

As I slowly dress myself into my reaping clothes, I try to remember all of the skills of hunting that I know. I look at myself in the mirror. I'm clothed in a short pink skirt with a large black waist-belt and a short purple bodice over a pink shirt. I have incorporated a thin black headband with a large fake pink rose attatched to it.

This is how we use colour in the Capitol. We spoil it all.

I dab on the last touches of purple lipstick to my dry chapped lips and give one last flick to my hair, causing it to bounce. I could be chosen. I could be the new Katniss Everdeen. I could become the face of the Capitol. If I'm chosen, but hopefully, the odds will be ever in my favour.

As I line up to get signed in, I notice the line is getting shorter. Not many people are still free from the districts anymore. As an electric shock runs through my hand, I notice my finger bleeding. I lick away the rust coloured substance, feeling cleaner almost automatically. I slowly traipse along to my age group, feeling tense, and eventually stopping. I smooth out my skirt and fix my headband, turning the rose to the side. Effie Trinkets' voice squeaks through the speakers. "Ah, hello fellow Capitol citizens! I'm here to announce the 24 Capitol tributes! As always, ladies first!" She beams, walking over to the girls jar. Picking up a piece of paper, she reads out the name "Kasius Horter" she reads out the name of my best friend. Devastated, tears well up in my eyes and stream down my face. "Kasius" I whisper to her by my side. She quickly hugs me and trails up to the stage. As Effie reads out the next 10 names, there is one name left to be called. So far, I have lost my 16 year old sister, Stillow, my childhood best friend, Faull, and my life-long neighbour Cenia. There is but one more name to be called, and by this point, I am shaking. "Jardine Ivory" is the last name called. I hunch my head over and wait for a path to be cleared in front of me. I walk up to the stage. For it is me; I am the 12th tribute.

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