Young mockingjay

This is what would happen if in Mockingjay if they decided that they were going to host a Hunger Games in the Capitols favor (tributes from the Capitol) to get revenge.


2. The news

As everyone scurries around like fish in a small pond, the bright screen flashes on. "Hello everyone" Katniss Everdeen's voice over came on, with a background of her shooting with a bow and arrow. "I am here to deliver news that will undeniably shock you all. As you know, 5 tributes and myself escaped from the quarter quell. Of course, all going through two games, we have decided as a group that it's time that the Capitol got a taste of its own medicine. Being leaders of District 13, along with the other perished districts, we have decided to host a Hunger Games of our own. Only this time, we are against the Capitol. It is them who will be supplying the tributes."

A roar of murmurs broke out through the crowd. 'How can they do that?'I wonder in terror. Between all the confusing images of everything bad that was happening, came the image of President Snow being held hostage. 'That's how' I realized. Then it hit me. Despite the enormously large population of the Capitol, there were only 20 girls aged between the ages of 12 and 16. That means I have a three out of five chance of being chosen for the 76th annual Hunger Games- in favor of the districts. Now I know how terrifying it was for the people of the districts.
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