Young mockingjay

This is what would happen if in Mockingjay if they decided that they were going to host a Hunger Games in the Capitols favor (tributes from the Capitol) to get revenge.


1. May the Odds be Never In Your Favor,Capitol

"As I said before the quarter quell, if we burn, you burn with us." Katniss Everdeen's voice boomed through the oversized speakers in the Capitol square. Mayhem struck. In havoc, screeches came from the citizens of our large district. Ever since the 74th Hunger Game when Katniss almost ate the nightlock berries, all of the Capitol have been on edge, knowing that a revolution was developing. But since she ended the 3rd Quarter Quell by shooting an arrow into the force field, the destruction started to seep through the country of Panem. The force field couldn't activate as normal; it is no longer electrified, thus no longer a force field.

As the big screen switches off, abashed citizens dash through the town, unsure of what to do other than receive the terror stricken karma of which the districts are giving to them. "Quiet!" President Snows' voice booms through the microphone system. "Quiet everyone. QUIET!" He continued. "I see now that I have your attention. So, as we just heard, Katniss Everdeen has some plans of her own. Well, those aren't going to be used any time soon, for we are going to stand up. We are the supply of food, electricity and money. They have no power over us!" As he continued rambling on, everyone was still shifting with fear, unsure of what the future held for them.
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