Elyrian Memories

3 years have gone by since our heroine Princess Katherine Renard, her childhood friend Prince Matthew Lowell, along with other nobles, took part of the Revolutionary War.

Now, they have to overcome an issue that will divide them. Matthew, afraid of Sienna being hurt, he sends her to the neighboring kingdom called Elyria. In there she will find a "second chance" and find out more about this legacy that she carries in her veins.


5. ~Zathe, the dark sorcerer~

(In the background there is a huge room with a dark aura and someone inside chanting a strange but dark folklore to release a dark spirit.) When that person finished chanting, a dark being appeared before him and replied:

“What do you want, Uther? Do you want to tell me something? Do it quick! I don’t have that much patience.” The dark being replied.
“Yes, Lord Zathe. I have to tell you something, your darkness. There is a small group of rebels who are collecting some kind of gems.” Uther informed.
“(Intrigued)You mean the gems that I scattered away?” Zathe replied.
“Yes, they only have the Ruby and the Citrine. They are after the Topaz, which is located in the forest of Naria. What do you suggest me to do?” Uther asked.
“You will do nothing, Uther. I am going to send a little someone to do the job.” Zathe replied.

In their surprise, a mysterious woman appears before them. She walked around Uther and said:
“Aw…don’t worry. I’ll let you participate on this, Uther.” The mysterious woman replied.
“What makes you think that, Suktar?” Uther asked.
”Don’t try acting tough, Uther.” Suktar said, coldly.
“What are you talking about?” Uther asked, rather annoyed.
“I can see in your eyes the need to tell Zathe-sama that you are better than I. But let’s face it. You aren’t better than I.” Suktar brusquely answered.
“Okay, both of you! Quit it! Don’t try my patience!” Zathe replied, angrily.

Uther left the room with an air of disgust. Zathe talked to Suktar about her objective.

“I see…You want me to exterminate them.” Suktar inferred.
“I am glad that you understood that message. Uther said that they are approaching to Naria to look for the Topaz. I hope you do your best.”
“I won’t let you down Zathe-sama.” Suktar replied.

Suktar left and appeared on the last place they were, Velpar. She felt like home walking in a swampy region. As she walked, she noticed something strange; the sunlight penetrating through the swamp.
“Something is fishy around here.” Suktar whispered.                     

                                                             Meanwhile at Afaeld…

Katherine was at Matthew’s castle making arrangements for the war that going to take place. She exited the room, tired, doing strategies. She noticed the door that led to the throne room was open. As she walked in there, she saw Matthew in there, sitting on the floor, discouraged. Katherine felt a bit sad about him so she sat on the floor beside him. She asked:

“Matthew, what’s wrong?” Katherine asked.
“Gabriel did turn on us, isn’t it?” Matthew said, gloomy.
“I afraid you are right.” Katherine replied.
“Wow, I’m still shocked about it. What did we do wrong for this to happen?” Matthew wondered.
“I don’t know.” Katherine answered.
“Well…we are going to a war again, aren’t we? *sighs* I hope Sienna is okay at Elyria. I somehow have the feeling that I shouldn’t have let her go over there.” Matthew said, with regret.
“Matthew, don’t worry. She will be fine. We will just have to pray for our safety and Sienna’s safety, as well.” Katherine comforted Matthew.

Katherine and Matthew hugged each other. They were familiar with the situation, this brought the bad memories that they desperately wanted to forget. Katherine was comforted with Matthew’s arms and the feeling was mutual. Katherine just raised her gaze and kissed him. Matthew hugged her while kissing. When they heard the door of the throne room being knocked, both sat up, held hands, walked outside the castle, and found soldiers, cavaliers, snipers, and Pegasus knights waiting outside, ready to receive orders.

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