Elyrian Memories

3 years have gone by since our heroine Princess Katherine Renard, her childhood friend Prince Matthew Lowell, along with other nobles, took part of the Revolutionary War.

Now, they have to overcome an issue that will divide them. Matthew, afraid of Sienna being hurt, he sends her to the neighboring kingdom called Elyria. In there she will find a "second chance" and find out more about this legacy that she carries in her veins.


6. ~The Topaz~

Arian was walking immersed in his own thoughts, he thought about something that reminded him of his past. He remembered that day very well. It was the day when he met Dastan’s parents. He only has a vague memory about it for he was injured, furthermore, he was dying. He tried to forget what happened on that dreadful day. When Arian snapped back into reality, noticed that Serine was arguing with Dastan, again; Sienna was just feeling awkward at that scene. Dastan was just ignoring Serine’s nags. Arian just sighed and said:

“When are you going to stop fighting, eh?” Arian asked.
“Well, you have to ask Dastan when he is going to stop mocking me about my bad precision with my bow.” Serine sulked.
“Don’t look at me; I am not the one who was shooting Sienna with my arrows. You have to improve.” Dastan defended himself.
“Guys, stop fighting. We can solve this quarrel with—” Sienna was cut off.
“Why are you so protective of her?” Serine asked, filled with contempt.
“Protective of Sienna?” Dastan asked.
“You already know of whom I’m talking about. Yes! I am talking about Sienna!” Serine yelled.
“What are you talking about? I am just stating a fact.” Dastan argued.
“Do you like Sienna?” Serine asked.
“What? Serine…I can’t believe that you used Sienna as an example of why I am acting like this.” Dastan said.
“Well, is it true?” Serine asked.
“NO! I just met her.” Dastan exclaimed.
“Yeah, yeah! That excuse of “I just met her” is 4 months old.” Serine sulked.
Sienna was just looking at her sides. She didn’t like this feeling; she felt like the damsel in distress but worse. Arian just nodded. He then said:
“So that means that since both of you are fighting this way, would that mean that Serine and Dastan would be together sooner or later? That’s interesting.” Arian said.
“Arian!” Dastan and Serine yelled.

Sienna left Arian, Serine and Dastan, ignoring Dastan and Serine’s never ending fight, love-quarrel, or however you want to name it; while Arian was trying to solve their disgust. Suddenly, she saw two guys lying on the ground, unconscious. Arian, Serine and Dastan noticed that Sienna was running towards them. They followed her and saw two young men lying on the floor, severely injured. Sienna quickly recognized him. It was Leon and Weiss! She took them with the help of Arian and Dastan to a safe place and tried to heal him with some medicinal herbs that were growing around the area; Serine tried helping by healing minor injuries. Sienna was sitting on the ground waiting for the rest to come back, for they left her to look for food, water and wood to camp. When they came back, Weiss started to move. Sienna got up and sat at his side and replied:
“Weiss! Are you alright?” Sienna asked.
“Sienna! I knew I’d find you—-Ouch, it hurts.” Weiss murmured.
“Weiss, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Matthew, Katherine or Minerva?” Sienna asked.
“I offered myself to come in here and help you on this quest. Many people were worried about you. Katherine is worried about you, Matthew misses you greatly, and incredibly, Alex is worried about you. What did you do to him to make him worried?” Weiss asked, teasingly.
“I didn’t do anything. Maybe he just misses the fact that we don’t argue about the strategies anymore.” Sienna answered coolly.
“Also, Forde, Leonardo, Katherine and Evangeline told me to give you these three letters to you.” Weiss informed.
“I see.” Sienna replied.

Weiss saw that Sienna had that face. Yes, that same face when he talked to her after she saved him from the claws of that beast; she seemed sad for some reason. And now, he knew why she is sad now; She is sad by the absence of her closest acquaintances, Leonardo and Bastian. He quickly hugged her in everyone’s astonishment. Sienna blushed a lot. Serine was shocked and Arian couldn’t believe his eyes. Dastan felt somewhat jealous. He didn’t know where these feelings came from. He tried to hide his face to hide his evident disgust. Sienna saw Dastan stare at her; she got away from Weiss’s hold.

“Weiss, what are you doing?” Sienna asked, blushing.
“Comforting you because I can’t stand seeing you with that face, Sienna.” Weiss explained.
“It’s nothing, Weiss; it’s just that I miss my family. I didn’t know of Leon’s existence when I arrived at Afaeld. Leon, Leonardo and Bastian are all the family I have left. I just want to know that they are safe. I can’t leave here because I promised that I am going to help Dastan and Arian with this quest.” Sienna explained.
“Anyway, Weiss, are you aware of the situation we are going through?” Arian asked.
“Yes, I was briefed by Empress Minerva and asked King Matthew to let me come for I need to repay a debt to Sienna.” Weiss informed.
“A debt? What kind of debt?” Arian said.
“A debt? Weiss, you might not be saying that—-” Sienna stammered
“Yes, Sienna. I mean that.” Weiss said.
“You mean what? What is it that you have to pay her?” Serine asked.
“When we both met, Queen Katherine grouped me with her for she chose us to do a scouting mission. I left the group behind because I was looking for food. But I was attacked by a mysterious monster and I thought that I was going to die, until Sienna appeared. Even though she couldn’t use any kind of weapon, she tried to save me from that fatidic day. She killed the enemy. I was surprised but, suddenly I fainted. She took me back to our hideout and tried to heal me. I want to pay my debt.” Weiss said.
“Weiss, you don’t have to. Besides, we were in a team.” Siennasaid.
“Fine, but I’ll help you on this. Leon said that he will beat me up if anything happens to you.” Weiss said.
“Okay, rest. Tomorrow morning we will take a path to reach the mythical forest of Naria.” Arian said.
“And when we get there can you tell us about the legendary hero Adrien?” Serine asked.
“I will.” Arian said.

They all rested and parted to the forest’s location next morning. Leon finally woke up. Sienna was turned, getting ready to continue her journey. He hugged her from behind. Leon and Sienna had an emotional encounter. Sienna made sure he could walk and defend himself. Serine tried to see which way they could go. Serine knows the paths of all the forest’s that exist in Elyria like the back of her hand. When they reached the entrance of the forest, Arian said that they should rest. Dastan, Serine agreed with Arian. Sienna just sighed. She wanted to enter the forest and rest in there. Weiss noticed that Sienna wanted to enter the forest and end this once and for all, but it couldn’t be done this way. She had to wait till next morning to be able to look for the gem thoroughly. Everyone woke up really early to look for the gem. As they got inside the forest, everyone was awed by its beauty. The trees made the atmosphere look so majestic and calm. But they couldn’t be calm at that moment. They knew already that the enemy might know of their existence. Possibly the enemy might be waiting for them up ahead and pull up a fight. Serine felt like home. She actually wanted to stay in forest forever and never leave. But she knew she couldn’t. Maybe she just felt like she didn’t belong. She tried reading the bark of the trees for signs.

“There’s something wrong in this place.” Serine thought.

She saw that the forest seemed too empty, like if something happened to it before they ever came here. She wanted to say something about it but she knew that Dastan would say the usual: “Don’t worry; it must be your imagination” or…Hell, Dastan would never say that to her. He would say that to Sienna and possibly develop a lovey-dovey scene. At least that’s how she perceives it. Maybe Dastan has started to like her.

“Hey! What the…since when I began to worry about my feelings for Dastan? Maybe I developed feelings for him? No, that can’t be! He is mean whenever he sees I do something wrong. Like the time when I unintentionally wanted to shot an arrow to an apple. Sienna was there. He defended her.” Serine thought, very confused.
Sienna noticed that Serine was feeling a bit insecure in this atmosphere. The day ended and they haven’t found any hints of where could the Topaz could be. As Weiss started to do a bonfire, Serine came closer and sighed.

“Serine, what’s wrong?” Weiss asked.
“I am feeling a bit sad.” Serine answered.
“Why?” Weiss asked.
“I don’t know. I feel sad about the usual fights that Dastan and I have every day. Serine replied.
“How does it makes you feel?” Weiss asked.
“I feel angry at Dastan. He makes fun at what I do. He sees my defects to keep reminding me how mediocre I am. I can’t bear this anymore. I hate him for that.” Serine said.
“I’ll try talking—” Weiss was cut off.
“Don’t even try. He won’t listen to you.” Serine remarked.
“Serine…” Weiss whispered.
“I just felt like to say it to you because of all people I know that you will understand me even though we have just met.” Serine said.
“Have you talked this with Sienna?” Weiss asked.
“I haven’t done that but she won’t understand. I don’t want her to know that I’m jealous of the attention she gets from Dastan. And I feel rather confused, I don’t like Dastan but I worry about what he thinks of me. I don’t have feelings for him either.” Serine replied.
“I think you should talk to Dastan about how you feel. Weiss adviced.
”What if he mocks me?” Serine asked worriedly.
“I have heard his nature is just like Queen Katherine. Both are calm and understanding. Trust me.” Weiss assured her.
“Okay.” Serine agreed.

Weiss and Serine incorporated the group to eat together. Dastan noticed that Serine was quiet. He looked at her and continued eating. Arian sensing awkwardness, he began a topic.

“So, Weiss, tell us about you.” Arian replied
“Haven’t Sienna said something about me?” Weiss asked
“I didn’t expect you coming here, unconscious.” Sienna said
“Well, I’m part of the 4 royal knights in Raleigh” Weiss answered.
“Have you served under Queen Katherine?” Dastan asked.
“I have served her in the Revolutionary War that took place at Afaeld” Weiss answered.
“How about you, Leon?” Arian asked.
“I am a general commanding the 4 royal knights in Raleigh.” Leon answered.
“I bet that Sienna was there too.” Dastan said.
“No, she wasn’t, but she was the key to win the war.” Weiss said, proudly.
“Weiss, don’t’ start…” Sienna said embarrassed.
”I think she didn’t tell you that she was the strategist.” Leon said.
“Strategist? Impressive!” Arian said.
“Oh please, Weiss. Don’t start…” Sienna pleaded.
“Yes, yes. Sienna was the key to win the war.” Weiss teased.
“I see. That’s marvelous!” Dastan said.
“Please don’t start, besides that is what I wanted to do after Katherine has already done so much for me. I had to repay that debt, and I still have to. Anyway, let’s go to sleep. Weiss, you better rest.” Sienna said.
“Okay.” Everyone agreed.

Everyone obeyed Sienna and went to sleep. Next morning, all woke up and parted ways in groups of 2. They searched restlessly for the Topaz but nothing was found among the tree branches, the ground and some rocks. When they met each other, they noticed a strange opening on a rock. Serine saw there was a gap, in where it seemed a small stone fitted there. She looked for it on the ground and found it. She took it and saw that it fitted perfectly in that opening. When the small stone was placed in there, the ground began to shake. An entrance began forming on the ground.

“What had just happened!!” Serine asked
“An entrance just got formed on the ground.” Leon said
“Let’s get inside.” Dastan said.
“What! Don’t you think we should think this thoroughly?” Serine exclaimed.
“There’s nothing to think about! An entrance just formed! There’s nothing to analyze!” Dastan said.
“Come on, love-birds, get moving.” Weiss said

Sienna, Leon and Arian snickered at what Weiss said. They began exploring the place thoroughly, trying to avoid any kind of traps, secret passages and patterns in the small passage. Arian noticed something on the walls. He lit up a torch and tried reading the words written on the walls. After an hour of trying to figure it out, he couldn’t decipher what the phrase actually said. Sienna tried helping and saw that she understood what it said.
“So, what does it say?” Arian asked.
“Ifyouevergetlostandyouhavethesacredbelt,lookforguidancetooneofthegems.Theymayhavetheanswerforwhatyouarelookingfor” which translated means, “If you ever get lost and you have the sacred belt, look for guidance to one of the gems. They may have the answer for what you are looking for.” Sienna explained.
“How did you know what it said there?” Serine asked.      
“Somehow, I just know this language but I almost never use it.” Sienna explained.
“Okay, what are we waiting for? Let’s keep searching!” Dastan said, energetically.

Everyone followed Dastan and entered a huge chamber that contained a huge statue. Weiss tried inspecting it but as he was touching the statue,something clicked. The ground began to shake and everyone who was behind him fell inside a pit. Everyone began moaning about the pain they felt. Now, Serine asked:

“Now what?” Serine asked.
“Let’s look for a torch and find a way to get out of here. We need to get to the surface.” Arian pointed out.

Sienna tried to get up but she was badly hurt and couldn’t walk. Dastan tried to help her.

“Thanks Dastan, I can walk on my own.” Sienna said.

Arian saw that there was a passage that led to somewhere else. They found some cages filled with people agonizing. They kept walking. Suddenly they heard some bangs and saw that the place was crumbling down. Dastan yelled:

”Sienna!” Dastan yelled.

She turned to see but suddenly someone snatched her. She was about to scream but she looked at him and held tight, she felt secure. She tried to get off his hold when they touched the ground and Leon came into Sienna’s defense; he was about to punch this guy but the stranger stopped him by holding his fist; he let it go and then the stranger yelled:

“Hey! What was that for!” The stranger yelled.
“What do you mean! You snatched her!” Leon yelled.
“I was actually saving her life!” She was about to be buried in the rubble.” He explained.
“At least yell watch out!” Leon shouted.

Then the mysterious man showed himself and apologized.

“I am sorry. You are right. I apologize. My name’s Damon.” he replied.
“That’s okay…thank you for saving me” Sienna thanked.
“Anyway, why are you doing in here and how did you open this entrance? Only people connected to this forest and adepts of element wind can open it.” Damon replied.
“Actually, Serine opened this entrance with a small pebble that was thrown on the ground and we are looking for something precious that is hidden in here and by judging your looks, you know what I am talking about.” Dastan replied.
“The Citrine, you say?” Damon wondered.          

He was a little intrigued by them. How did they know about that national treasure? Who are these people?
“I am looking for it too. I am looking for those gems. Anyway, who are you guys? Why are you looking for these gems?” Damon admitted.
Dastan was about to say something but Arian cut him off.
“Damon, tell us why you are looking for it. We are looking for it because we are trying to overthrow Zathe.” Arian said.
“I am looking for it for the same reason, except that I don’t have the belt to store the gems.” Damon explained.

Sienna looks at Arian. This person knows about the gems. He can help them with the quest and if this stranger knows about the gems, maybe it isn’t a secret anymore. Probably the enemy knows about their activities.
“Okay, Damon, you can help us finding the gems. Have you seen hints of finding the Citrine?” Sienna asked.
“No, unfortunately, I am running away from some gnomes around.” Damon said.
“WHAT!!! Why didn’t you tell us before!?” Weiss cried.

Everyone began running and hid behind some large rocks. As the gnomes were looking, they began looking for their trails. They left off to somewhere else. Dastan got out of the hideout and told everyone it was safe. They all got out and continued to look for the Topaz, cautiously. As they were walking throughout a narrow passageway, Dastan noticed something from afar. There was a light reflecting a small hole in the passageway. Dastan nudged Arian to see. Arian told everyone else to stop walking. They called Damon to help them. He said.

“Damon, help me with this. I’ll try to scratch that hole with Leon while you lit the torch for me to see. Dastan and Serine will protect the sides and Sienna and Weiss will advance to see if there’s anything that may help us.” Arian ordered.

Everyone followed Arian’s orders. Weiss and Sienna went to investigate. This was awkward. She was left alone with Weiss and the only time she was in this same situation with Weiss was when he was injured and rarely talk about it because Sienna remembers that embarrassment. Weiss noticed the tension and tried to make a conversation with her.

“So, Sienna, how are you holding up?” Weiss asked nervously.
“I guess I am okay; I haven’t gotten any serious injuries from last battle, so it’s okay. Thanks for caring.” Sienna blushed.
“Anyway…How are you feeling right now?” Weiss asked.
“Honestly? I feel a little pressured to find the next gem and get this over with. I am worried about the others at Afaeld, more so about Evangeline.” Sienna expressed with worry.
“Evangeline? Why? She was always indifferent with you when…” Weiss deduced.
“Yes, when he was alive, but the moment he died, she showed her vulnerability. So, in that instant, I knew that I should support her, and eventually she would do the same with me.” Sienna explained.
“I see. I can tell how she began accepting his death and accepting you in her life.” Weiss said.
“Yes, and besides, we both try to rule Jerendarien with prosperity but given the situation, she has to fight in there by herself.” Sienna said.
“She’s not alone, Sienna.” Weiss said.
“…” Sienna was speechless.
“There’s Matthew, Gabrielle, Forde, Bastian and Leonardo.” Weiss reasoned.
“I know, but…” Sienna said, uneasy.
“She will be fine. Even though we aren’t there for her, others will be there taking our place. She knows you are worried and she is worried about you, but that doesn’t mean she will stop fighting because you aren’t there.” Weiss comforted her.
“I just wish I could be there.” Sienna admitted.
“You can’t right now. You are here, helping these people who are immersed into the darkness that we once lived in 3 years ago. We have to help them to reach the light and solace from this situation.” Weiss said.
“I guess it can’t be helped; we have to help them seek for that light, huh?” Sienna smiled.
“Yes. Let’s do this for them.” Weiss smiled.

Sienna and Weiss continued walking and looking for hints and then, suddenly this woman appears in front of them and sneaks behind to hit Sienna, leaving her unconscious.

“Sienna!!” Weiss yelled.

But this woman hits Weiss, leaving him unconscious. Dastan, Arian, Leon, Damon and Serine hear Weiss’s scream and rush as fast as they can to aid him and Sienna. As they reach this large chamber, they see Sienna and Weiss on the ground, unconscious.
“Sienna! Weiss!” Leon yells.

Everyone runs after them and Serine tries to get out all of her herbs and potions to heal them. Leon and Damon try to help Serine and Arian and Dastan try looking for signs of danger.

“Dastan, be careful, keep yourself alert.” Arian said.
“Same goes to you too, Arian, don’t let your guard low.” Dastan replied.

Dastan thought:
“Damn. Someone is here, knows about the gem and knows of our existence.” Dastan thought.

As Dastan walks, he steps on something fragile and a gas begins to spray in the large chamber. Everyone start to cough, gasping for air, and finally faint on the ground.

Dastan wakes up and coughs. Serine and the rest begin to wake up and see this woman holding Sienna as a hostage, unconscious. Arian, Dastan, Weiss, Serine and Leon saw Sienna’s body lying on the floor. Leon was enraged against that strange woman. She seemed to be a dark witch, therefore, an enemy. Arian tried to stop Leon from doing anything stupid, endangering Sienna’s safety. Dastan felt the need to do something about it but he wouldn’t endanger Sienna. Weiss and Serine were just watching, desperately thinking how to help Sienna; Damon was just staring at the woman, so Suktar replied:

“I can see that this person is really important for you.” Suktar replied, mockingly.
“Who are you! What are you going to do to her?” Dastan yelled.

The enemy approached to Sienna’s body, got out a dagger and menaced them.
“Slit her throat if you don’t cooperate.” Suktar replied evilly.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” Leon yelled with contempt.
“You know what I want. Give me the gems, NOW! Or you’ll never see her again.” Suktar replied.

Sienna was starting to wake up and see that Suktar was holding her and was menacing her with a dagger to slit her throat. Dastan and Serine noticed that Sienna’s woke up. They noticed that Sienna was different by the way her eyes were looking. Sienna kicked the witch to the opposite wall of the room and started talking in a strange dialect. Apparently she understood what she was saying.

“Don’t even try to touch me…” Sienna said in an eerie voice, just like if it wasn’t her who was talking.
“Who are you? What did you do to that girl’s nature?” Suktar asked.
“That’s none of your business.” she snapped.
None of my business? Who are you to tell me what to do and whatnot?” Suktar yelled harshly.
“She’s my vessel. There. Happy now?” Sienna replied.

Sienna’s body was being controlled by Sylsere. Dastan, Arian, Damon and Serine were stupefied. Sienna never showed this kind of behavior. Weiss and Leon remained silent. They noticed their reaction to Sienna’s change of nature. They don’t know about Sienna’s secret. Sienna began a fight with the witch. Dastan became uneasy and told Leon that they must do something about it. Leon stopped him.

“Leon? What are you doing? We have to help Sienna!” Dastan said, uneasy.
“Don’t worry. My sister knows what she’s doing.” Leon assured.
“She is battling against a sorceress with a sword. You know she isn’t fast enough to dodge her magical attacks; she’s disadvantaged in this battle.” Dastan argued.
“Dastan, she might seem a bit careless, but she is an excellent sword master. She has the title of ‘Brightest Dancing Blade’, don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” Leon replied.

Sienna tried to avoid every hit that the enemy was delivering to her, skillfully. The witch thought that Sienna was a very clumsy girl, but actually she was fooled by her appearance.

“You are a skillful person.” Suktar said.
“Years of practice, Suktar” Sienna replied
“How did you…” Suktar asked, stupefied.
“It’s a secret.” Sienna said.
“This kid…DIE!!!” Suktar yelled, enraged.
Dastan got into the fight and yelled:

“Sienna!” Dastan yelled.

When Sienna tried to land a blow on Suktar while, Suktar was doing the same, Dastan pushed Sienna aside and blocked the blow with his sword. Sienna snapped out of Sylsere’s possession and yelled:

“Dastan…NO!” Sienna yelled.

Suktar attacked and threw him onto the floor. She laughed wickedly. Then Dastan, slowly, tried get up and landed a blow on her while she was off guard. She was thrown on one of the columns that were in that room. Dastan fell on the floor in pain. Then, suddenly, the ground began to shake. The structure was starting to crumble. Suktar was trapped on one of the rocks that were falling from the ceiling, and then she was out of sight.

Serine, Arian, Leon, Weiss, Damon and Sienna were running for their lives as the large, underground structure was starting to crumble. Dastan was badly hurt so, Arian carried him all the way to the exit. They barely made it alive. When they reached a safe place to stay, they looked back to where the cave was. Now, all of it was reduced into crumbles. Dastan was breathing heavily and Serine didn’t have any medicine to heal the large wound Dastan received. Sienna was staring at this bleak scene. This reminded her of Dastan at Afaeld. She couldn’t do anything to prevent his death. She thought about the elixir Katherine gave her and remembered Katherine’s words:

“This elixir is a very special potion. It can heal the most dangerous wound. Use it well.”

Sienna saw that this was the key event to use it. She moved Serine aside and saw Dastan, lying on the ground. She took the elixir and poured it down through his throat. Arian, Serine, Weiss, Damon and Leon were seeing that Dastan wasn’t responding. Sienna cried silently, but bitterly. Some of her tears fell on his face. That made him wake up. Leon Arian, Weiss, Serine and Damon saw him and sighed with relief. Sienna didn’t realize he was awake. Leon made Sienna look up and saw Dastan. Dastan thought:

“Hmm…What happened? I have a strange taste in my mouth. Could it be that Serine used one of her medicines?”

“Weiss? Did Serine use some of her herbal medicines?” Dastan asked.
“No, Sienna used one of her potions to heal you.” Weiss replied.

He turned his gaze to Sienna. He noticed that she was blushing and her face was puffy. Was she possibly crying?

Sienna cried. She felt that she was going to lose him and just as she feared: She has feelings for Dastan. She knew this feeling very well. She has felt it before; she doesn’t want to feel it anymore. Just the thought that she might get heartbroken at the end was a bit shocking and the thought of loving someone is a bit overwhelming for her. Leon saw her and knew how his sister felt. Even before he ever knew that she was his long-lost sister, he knew that she loved Dastan dearly, until death separated them forever. This event reminded her of that gray day. When Sienna stopped crying and she finally calmed down. Dastan couldn’t understand why she was crying. When he faced her, he flashed a smile and hugged her.

“Dastan! Wha-what are you doing?” Sienna stammered.

He was sitting on the ground and hugged her tight with only one arm. He was scared for something worse could have happened to her, he was glad he took that blow. He released her from his hold and so he said:

“Giving my thanks to you. I know that elixir was meant for you and you used it on me. I am very happy. Thank you.” Dastan smiled.
“Anyway, Dastan, are you okay?” Sienna said, shyly.
“Yeah, I am fine. I was worried about you and now that I know that you are okay, it eases my soul.” Dastan said with serenity.

This made Sienna blush a lot! Arian, Leon and Weiss only smiled; Serine just giggled. Arian tried to help Dastan stand up. Serine asked:

“We didn’t find the Topaz in there, right?” Serine asked.
“You’re wrong. I have it.” Damon said showing the bright yellow gem on the palm of his hand.
“What!!!” Dastan and Arian yelled.
“While you guys were worried about Sienna’s battle against that woman, I was busy trying to retrieve the gem from her belt, which that was thrown along the floor. I got her belt right here.” Damon said, triumphantly.
“Good job, Damon!” Serine said.
“(Embarrassed) uh yeah…” Damon grinned.
“So, Arian, where should we go next?” Weiss asked.
“Hmmm… Do you have the map, Dastan” Arian asked.
“Oh, here.” Dastan replied.
“The next place we have to go to is Lake of wishes.” Arian replied.
“What? Is it really called like that?” Weiss asked.
“Well…actually travelers call it that way, no one knows its name.” Dastan said.
“Okay, let’s get going!” Sienna said.

Sienna and the rest began walking to somewhere safe to rest from the previous near-death experience. They rested in the forest that night and had a good time together. Serine and Sienna remembered that they were going to ask Arian or Dastan about the legend of the gems.

“Arian, can you tell us about the Legend of the Gems?” Sienna asked.
“What exactly do you want to know?” Arian asked.
“Everything.” Serine replied.
“Dastan, knows this tale better than I do; let him tell you.” Arian said.
“What, me?” Dastan asked.
“Just do it.” Arian ordered.
“Alright…” Dastan said.

Weiss and the rest stopped doing what they we doing and gathered around the bonfire, to listen Dastan’s tale.

“Okay, the origins of this story start in this same forest. There was a peasant who lived in this forest. His name was Adrien. He was a local blacksmith who made many kinds of different weapons, shields, and many other things, for the castle of the Count in the once known region of Asthenia. He was always offered to live in the castle and be a permanent blacksmith. Besides being a blacksmith, he helped people who were stranded in the way to get to the Lake of Wishes, people who fainted from the strong rays of the sun.

“Lake of Wishes?” Serine asked.
“No one knows the name of the lake.” Dastan answered.

There was one time that he was on the way to deliver the merchandise by himself to the Count. As he was slowly walking he noticed that an old woman fainted on the road. He threw his merchandise aside and tried helping that woman. She was dehydrated and gave her some water. When she lifted her gaze, she smiled at him and said:

“Thank you, young man.”

This woman began to emit a white light and a splendid goddess appeared before him claiming to come here to give him a mission. The mission was about making a belt of pure silver with 8 slots to put in them 8 gems to be able to overcome a threat that comes to terrorize.

“How should I make this belt? The only kinds of metals I have are iron and copper.” Adrien asked.
“Don’t worry, I’ll provide the materials to you.” The goddess explained.

Adrien was obedient to her orders and made the belt. When he showed that goddess the belt he made, she also told him to gather the gems. At first he was reluctant about doing so, but then he thought about fate of the people in this continent. He obeyed and began his search. He met and made alliance with many tribes and to make this story a little romantic, he met his true love.
“Aww!” Sienna and Serine sighed.

Anyway, resuming to the story, he fought many monsters, solved issues on his way to get the gems. He got seven gems: Ruby, Citrine, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. But there was missing a gem, the Diamond. He didn’t get it, so he went to search thoroughly all the places he went before to get the other gems. The goddess told him to go and face Zathe without the Diamond. Remember when I said that Adrien met his true love? She joined him into the battlefield and somehow, when both united and revealed their feelings toward each other, the Diamond appeared before them cut in half from their heart. The Diamond took its real shape; Adrien took that Diamond and placed it on his belt. The belt materialized a powerful sword and fought against Zathe, defeating him. He became the first King of Elyria after that, and married the girl that made him go head over heels named Medea.

“Medea!?” Sienna asked, shocked.
“What is it, Sienna?” Arian asked.
“Oh, nothing. Don’t mind me.” Sienna stammered

Leon and Weiss look at Sienna, seriously. The three began reasoning the fact why Matthew had sent them without remorse. She looks back at them but she doesn’t say anything about it. These people mustn’t know about the ‘Four Light Maidens’.

Next morning they parted to the lake. Now is when the real adventure begins. Who knows what might happen to this journey. Sienna only prays everything will go alright. Now, turns her thoughts on everyone who is at Afaeld.

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