Elyrian Memories

3 years have gone by since our heroine Princess Katherine Renard, her childhood friend Prince Matthew Lowell, along with other nobles, took part of the Revolutionary War.

Now, they have to overcome an issue that will divide them. Matthew, afraid of Sienna being hurt, he sends her to the neighboring kingdom called Elyria. In there she will find a "second chance" and find out more about this legacy that she carries in her veins.


2. ~The Ruby~

As Sienna was traveling through this portal she thought about the first time she entered inside a portal. That made her freak out. She thought that now, once again, a new adventure was going to start. She was going to discover a new world on her own. When the portal finally met the final destination, she got off it and the portal closed itself. She landed safely on a vast forest. Unfortunately, it was starting to get dark and she needed to look for a shelter. She found a nearby spot to rest a little. Suddenly she hears footsteps coming to her direction; she unsheathed her sword and waited. Two individuals appeared before her. One of them was tall and strong man with a beard. The other one was a young man. When Sienna noticed the young man, she saw that the description that Matthew gave her about “Dastan” then, she thought:

“Wow. Matthew was very exact with the description he gave and it was little literal. He is identical in any way compared to Dastan; olive-haired and grey-eyed. Well, excepting the fact that his hair is a little bushy.”  

She sheathed her sword, she approached to both men to talk with them. So they replied:
“What is a young woman doing here in these woods?” asked the strong man.
“I am looking for a young man called Dastan. I think that your companion that is beside you fits the description I was ordered to look for him.” Sienna noted.
“What?” Dastan unsheathed his sword.
“Easy, I didn’t…” Sienna was cut off.
“Whoever you are, I won’t trust you.” Dastan replied.
“Dastan, hold it—-” the strong man was cut off.
“Wait!” Sienna pleaded.

Dastan was attacking her and she unsheathed her sword and dodged and clashed swords with him, without missing a beat. Sienna was beginning to get annoyed with the persistence of this guy; she landed a blow on him injuring his arm, not too gravely but enough to disable him a little. Dastan ended up exhausted while Sienna didn’t even break a sweat. The strong man was astonished as how this young woman who appeared to be inoffensive was in fact very strong.

“You are really strong.” Dastan panted.
“Here, I’ll bandage your arm. I am sorry I made that wound.” Sienna apologized.
“I—Don’t. It hurts.” Dastan retorted.
“Say, young lady, who you happen to be here?” The strong man asked.
“Well…if your companion didn’t attacked me first, I would have explained. I was told to come here and aid you in battle and strategies. Here’s the letter as proof.” Sienna replied.

Sienna handed the letter to the strong man and as the strong man was reading the letter he looked at her several times not believing what it said. The strong man apologizes. The young man does so, too. So Sienna said:

“It’s okay. No need to apologize. I would have done the same.” Sienna apologized.
“To know ourselves better, my name is Arian. The young man is Dastan.” The strong man replied.
“Arian, Dastan, my name is Sienna.” Sienna greeted with a smile.
“What? We thought that a girl called Katherine was going to come.” Arian said.
“I will explain that later, we need to look for a shelter. I injured you and its getting dark.” Sienna replied.

Sienna joined the men and continued walking. They had to look for a shelter to rest. When they found a place to rest, they built a bonfire; Arian and Dastan talked to her, as she was bandaging Dastan’s arm.

“So, Sienna, tell us about you. Why were you sent instead of Katherine?” Arian said.
“Well, you see, there is a conflict between three races: Humans, Usulians and Sirenians. Not a month ago, around King Forde’s area, there were complaints from villagers. Some skirmishes were affecting their crops and their security. We all think those Usulians were rogues, but villagers assume that the Sirenians are behind this too. King Gabriel and Queen Cassiel are peaceful rulers. The other kingdoms except them were called for a meeting and debate that issue. We all agreed that we were going to try them for 30 days. If during that period of time something major happens, we take action and talk to Gabriel and Cassiel. Katherine will talk to them with other influential nobles. Katherine’s childhood friend and King of Arcadia, Matthew asked me if I could take care of this. I knew that you guys have sent a letter detailing your problem 3 years ago. During that time, Katherine was being nursed back to health for she was badly hurt by a general. I was in charge of leading the army with the help of other people. Anyway, Katherine can’t leave because she has to determine whether Gabriel or Cassiel is doing the right thing or they are the ones behind all of this.” Sienna explained.
“You attended to this meeting?” Arian said.
“Yes I did. I am Queen Evangeline’s Counselor.” Sienna answered.
“You, a counselor at Afaeld? Aren’t you a bit young for that?” Dastan said.
“Hahaha, yeah, People have told me that really often.” Sienna said.

Then Sienna quieted down. She remembered Dastan. She remembered that day. The day that Neivesley was going to fall, she lost him. She lost the person that cared for her deeply, the person that she loved. Dastan and Arian saw that Sienna dropped a teardrop on her hand. She noticed that they were watching her cry. She quickly wiped her tears. She noticed that Dastan was staring at her, so she asked:
“What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?” Sienna said.
“You are crying. Why are you crying?” Dastan asked.
“I remembered the time when my best friend told me that I was too young for being a strategist. I helped Katherine win the war with my strategies. My best friend died protecting me from an enemy that was going to impale his sword on my chest. He pushed me away from the enemy; Leon, my brother, caught me as I was falling to the ground. I saw how the enemy stabbed that sword on my best friend. I was filled with rage and killed that enemy as I was desperately trying to bring my friend back to life but I couldn’t. The damage was already done. He eventually died. I promised him something that we both had agreed to: To live happy ever after when the war ends. That was our pledge. His dream was to restore Jerendarien. I installed myself to Jerendarien to become a counselor in there.” Sienna said.
“Sienna, I am sorry about that.” Dastan said.
“That’s ok. You didn’t know.” Sienna said.
“What was his name?” Arian asked.
“Believe it or not, his name was Dastan, too.” Sienna blushed.
“What? He shared my name?!” Dastan asked in astonishment.
“Don’t worry. I was as surprised as you are right now when I asked your name.” Sienna said.
“Okay, we have to sleep to keep going tomorrow morning.” Arian said.
Arian and Dastan saw that Sienna had some stuff packed and pulled out a blanket. She sat on a comfy spot and slept for a while. Sienna offered that she would see if an enemy would attack them. Dastan was staring at her. Arian sees that Dastan was staring at her, he moves his gaze and goes to sleep. Arian just nods and goes to sleep. Sienna thinks out loud and Dastan listens:

“I wonder how Lady Katherine is doing, and why Matthew, out of all people, he chose me as her representative. Maybe he doesn’t want to see me hurt. I think that I was getting a little nostalgic about Dastan’s death. Ok, I’ve got to stop thinking about it. I’d better stay awake for Dastan and Arian; they need my help.” Sienna thought out loud.

Sienna was awake all night. When it was starting to dawn, she woke them up and continued with their journey. As they were walking, they were getting hungry. Sienna saw some berries growing on a bush. Arian and Dastan took a handful without checking what they were.

“Hey, these berries taste good!” Dastan exclaimed.
“You are right! Sienna, why don’t you eat some of these berries?” Arian asked.
“I don’t feel like it. I am not hungry.” Sienna answered.
Suddenly, Arian feels dizzy and so does Dastan. Sienna gets scared and sees them fall on the ground out cold. She yells their names but it was useless. They weren’t responding to her cries. She tried everything possible to make them wake up. Then, she hears someone coming by. It turns out it was a girl who was passing by. That girl ignores Sienna and continues walking. But Sienna stops her and asks:

“Please help me!” Sienna yelled.
“Hey! What’s your problem, huh?” The female traveler asked.
“Come, follow me.” Sienna said.
Sienna took that girl with her and showed her that Dastan and Arian had eaten some berries.
“Don’t tell me they ate the red berries!” The female traveler asked.
“What?! They did! What’s wrong with those?” Sienna panicked.
“They paralyze their body.” The female traveler replied.
“What!!” Sienna screamed.
“Come, let’s pick them up and make an antidote. Do you have some herbs?” The female traveler asked.
“Yeah, I have some herbs.” Sienna affirmed.
“Good. Come with me” The female traveler motioned her.
The female traveler and Sienna picked them up and placed them in somewhere else that was safe for them and made an antidote. The female traveler explained Sienna that there was a beast that passed through that place every day to eat its prey. Many travelers have mistaken these berries with cherries and raspberries. When the girls were done with the antidote, one of the boys started to move. That person was Dastan.

“Sienna! Are you alright?” Dastan asked.
“Yes, I am. I should be the one to be worried about you.” Sienna replied.
“What had just happened? Why can’t I move?” Dastan asked.
“You ate a berry that paralyzes your body.” The female traveler said.
“Where’s Arian?” Dastan asked.
“He’s over there.” Sienna replied.
“Oh…” Dastan mouthed.
“Hey, um, what’s your name, fellow traveler?” the female traveler asked.
“My name is Sienna, yours?” Sienna answered.
“Mine’s Serine. Now help me out in here. Give him this antidote to him while I help the other one and make sure they don’t spit it.” Serine said.
(Turns to Dastan) “Okay, I am warning you, this will taste disgusting, so don’t spit it.” Sienna forewarned.
She lifted Dastan’s head a little and poured the liquid down through his throat. Serine does the same with Arian. Both men try to stand up. They regained their senses.

“Serine, I am grateful about what you did. I am sorry that I forced you to help me.” Sienna apologized.
“That’s okay. It was a pleasure for me to help you.” Serine said, kindly.
Serine was picking up her stuff and was ready to part. Sienna told Serine to wait and tried to make her join their cause.

“Why do you want me to join?” Serine asked.
“You helped me with something I should have known how to treat. I feel like you could help us.” Sienna replied.
“Wait, we shouldn’t let more people know about our mission.” Dastan replied.
“Why not? They could help us because I don’t think anyone would want to be immersed into this darkness.” Sienna remarked.
“But don’t you think that the less people get involved we avoid more casualties?” Dastan argued.
“Sienna is right. We need support, Dastan.” Arian said.
“Okay, then.” Dastan obeyed.
“So its decided. Come with us.” Sienna replied.
“Come to my tree house. I need to restock my supplies.” Serine replied.

Serine finally agreed to join them and led them through the forest, finally reaching her tree house. They rested a while and left that place to continue with their journey. As they advanced through the forest, Sienna thought:

I wonder how we are going to get the first gem. I think that Dastan knows how to get there, doesn’t he? I’ll ask him.” Sienna thought.

“Dastan, how are we going to get that gem? I suppose that you know how to get there, right?” Sienna said.
“I have a belt that will react with the gem. When we get near the gem, the belt will shine.” Dastan said.
“I see…” Sienna replied.
“It is a very special belt.” Arian said.
“And what does it exactly do?” Serine asked.
The four of them stared at the belt. Suddenly the belt shone. Serine, Dastan and Sienna were amazed at how the belt was shining. Arian remained silent. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake and an entrance appears before them. The entrance seemed to lead them inside a chamber. All of them unsheathed their weapons, as they entered the strange chamber. Serine was getting uneasy with this so she replied:

“Guys, I’ll stay here. I can’t fight in this atmosphere. I feel uneasiness.”
“Are you scared of the dark?” Dastan asked.
“Dastan!” Arian said.
“Don’t worry Serine. You aren’t obliged to enter in there and fight. You’re right. I feel this uneasiness, too. Stay in here. If we take too long, you’ll have to come inside to help us.” Sienna said.
“I will. (Turns to Dastan and replies sarcastically) No, I am not afraid of the dark. Thank you for your concern.” Serine replied.
Sienna left, and both men followed her. They were walking through this long alley and reached the end of it. The room was really bright and saw the Ruby on a sword’s handle. Sienna glared at the belt and saw it shine, Dastan did the same. When the 3 stepped inside the chamber, something moved. They stayed put. Sienna sheathed her sword and continued walking; suddenly a statue moved and aimed its attack to Sienna. Arian and Dastan ran to towards her and yelled:

“Sienna! Watch out!” Dastan yelled.
Sienna turned around and pulled out Matthew’s dagger. She shielded herself for a moment until she lost the tension between the collisions of the weapons. She backed and fell down ready to receive the blow from that animated statue. Arian came into her defense and fought the enemy. Dastan helped her stand up; both unsheathed their swords and rushed into fight. Sienna tried to do some damage, while Arian tried to retrieve the gem from the statue. Dastan tried backing up Sienna, but it was useless they weren’t doing any damage to it. Dastan threw some rocks at the statue; the statue turned and with one blow, tossed Dastan against the wall.

Serine was starting to get worried about them so she decided to go help them. She still had that dagger that her father gave her before he died within the house that was burning in ashes. She held it firmly and walked inside that long alley. When she arrived, she could see that Arian was thrown on the floor; Dastan was trying to stand up and help Sienna, but the pain wouldn’t let him stand up; Sienna was still fighting against the animated statue, but she was drained. She was using her last bits of energy to defeat the threat. She threw herself on the floor, tricks the enemy and used the sword to finish it; Dastan ran despite the pain, jumped and pierced his sword right through the statue’s chest. Serine saw that they were safe. She ran towards them to help them. She suddenly faints in front of them.

“Sienna!” Serine yelled.

Dastan saw her falling on the ground and managed to catch her in time.

“Serine, I’ll help Sienna. Try healing Arian. He did most of the job.” Dastan assured Serine.

Serine ran towards Arian and helped him heal his wounds.

“Arian, you are badly hurt. Let me help you.” Serine said.
“Serine, don’t worry. I am okay. Just help me heal my wounds. I can manage to stand up.” Arian replied.
“Are you sure? Your arm looks like its aching.” Serine replied.
“Don’t worry, Serine. Go help Sienna. I bet she feels drained by this fight.” Arian said.
“Dastan is helping Sienna. He told me he was going to take care of her. What’s wrong with that?” Serine asked.
“It’s nothing.” Arian explained.

Dastan was carrying Sienna with his arms and was carrying the Ruby on his right hand. Arian was staring at him and gave a nodding look;
Dastan didn’t say anything. Serine led them back to the tree house and rested for a while. Dastan carefully placed her on the ground. He retrieved her blanket from her packed stuff, unfolded it nicely and placed it on her to let her rest. He took the red gem and placed it on one of the divisions that the belt had, he left her aside and went to sit around a bonfire Serine had made. He sat down to rest his arms.

“Dastan, Are you okay?” Serine asked.
“Yeah, don’t worry about me.” Dastan assured.
“I don’t know if you guys have noticed something on Sienna.” Arian said,
“What is it, Arian?” Dastan asked.
“I wonder from where she got that endurance. She said that she was the strategist. She never said that she had fighting skills.” Arian replied.
“You are right. I have never seen someone of her caliber fight like that.” Serine said.
“I guess that naturally she had to learn how to use a weapon for self defense. Anyway, let’s go to sleep. We need to rest to get the next gem.” Dastan replied.

Arian and Serine obeyed Dastan and went to sleep. Dastan didn’t sleep. He wanted to stay awake for Sienna. He noticed her sleep.

Why did I feel threatened by her, when in fact she is a very peaceful person to be with and she’s helping with our cause?” Dastan thought.

Many thoughts were running in his mind when he noticed that she was beginning to recover her senses. She saw that she was at the tree house. Arian, Serine were there. But where’s Dastan? She saw Dastan right next to her. He was staring at the sky. It got dark and some stars were shining right below them. She looked at him; Dastan moved his gaze and looked at her.
“Sienna? Ah, you woke up.”        Dastan greeted.
“My head hurts. What happened?” Sienna asked.
“Right after we defeated that statue, you fainted. I carried you all way from there to here.” Dastan explained.
“Oh, I am sorry. I guess I was some burden for you.” Sienna blushed.
“It’s alright.” Dastan replied.
“The gem. What happened to the gem?” Sienna asked frantically.
“Don’t worry, it’s on my belt. See?” Dastan replied, as he was showing his belt to Sienna and pointed the red orb.
“I see. (Gasps) Are you hurt? Let me see your wounds.” Sienna said.
“Sienna, that’s okay. Don’t worry about—-“Dastan was cut off.
Sienna had her bag near her and pulled out some medicine she had. She checked Dastan’s arm and began pouring a liquid on his arm.

“You didn’t have to do it.” Dastan apologized.
“Please, let me do it. You helped me get to Serine’s tent. I should at least repay you with something.” Sienna replied.
“And hey…uh…I apologize.” Dastan said, ashamed.
“For what? You didn’t harm me.” Sienna reasoned.
“No, I mean, when we first met a few days ago.” Dastan said, humiliated.
“Dastan…” Sienna whispered.
“That wasn’t the right way to greet you.” Dastan said.
“It’s okay. As I said, back then, I would have done the same.” Sienna supported.
“But yet…I apologize. You were an ally and I saw you like an enemy.” Dastan insisted.
“It doesn’t matter, Dastan. It is in the past. You can’t do nothing about it but, you can learn from it.” Sienna said.
“Thank you for understanding, but let’s start things again.” Dastan smiled.
“What do you mean? Greet each other again?” Sienna asked.
“Yes. Uh…Hi. My name’s Dastan.” Dastan replied, somewhat embarrassed.
“Hahaha. Hi, my name’s Sienna.” Sienna giggled.
“Now, we are okay?” Dastan asked.
“Hahaha, yes, we are. Now, let me bandage your arm.” Sienna requested.

Dastan felt tingles when Sienna was holding his arm to heal a wound he got defending her. He felt a little embarrassed. Sienna looked at him and smiled. She finished cleaning the wound.

“Okay I finished cleaning the wound and bandaging your arm. You can go to sleep now.” Sienna said.
“Thank you, Sienna. Yeah, let’s go to sleep. Please sleep well. You look tired.” Dastan said.
“Okay.” Siennasaid.

Sienna went back to sleep. Dastan watched her sleep. She looked peaceful sleeping safe soundly. He felt  his heart thump. He blushed. He felt a little nervous seeing her that way. He felt he wanted to hug her, protect her. He yawned and went to sleep too…but he whispered:

                                 “What a strange girl…Who are you, Sienna?”

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