Elyrian Memories

3 years have gone by since our heroine Princess Katherine Renard, her childhood friend Prince Matthew Lowell, along with other nobles, took part of the Revolutionary War.

Now, they have to overcome an issue that will divide them. Matthew, afraid of Sienna being hurt, he sends her to the neighboring kingdom called Elyria. In there she will find a "second chance" and find out more about this legacy that she carries in her veins.


3. ~The Citrine~

Sienna and her companions woke up and parted. Serine saw it really hard to leave this place she called home. This was the place where she felt at home, even though she felt alone at the same time. Serine left the place on behalf of the people she was helping. She offered her help to them. She couldn’t let them down. As they were walking, Sienna noticed that Serine didn’t have a weapon, except the dagger, but Serine won’t depend on that dagger forever. She needs a weapon. Sienna approached Serine and asked; Dastan and Arian listened from afar.

“Serine, I noticed that you only have a dagger as a weapon.” Sienna assumed.
“Oh! Yes, I only own a dagger as protection.” Serine replied.
“If you had the opportunity to learn how to use a weapon, which one would it be?” Sienna asked.
“Hmm…I think I’ll opt for a bow.” Serine replied.
“Good choice.” Sienna said.
“Why? Will You will teach me how to wield a bow?” Serine asked.
“Yes.” Sienna said.
Arian and Dastan look at each other and ask Sienna:
“Wait a minute, you know how to wield a bow too?” Arian asked.
“Not only a bow. I’ve learnt how to use a sword, spears, magic tomes and I was learning how to use an axe.” Sienna explained.
“Anyway, Arian, which is our next objective?” Dastan asked.
“We have to go to a small swamp after a city called Velpar. I don’t think that we have to look for it in a very crowded place. I mean, it would be difficult to find it.” Arian answered.
“Is there something we should buy at the city?” Serine asked.
“Not really. Maybe we can buy some food when we reach there. By the way, we will reach the swamp in the afternoon.” Arian said
“What? You mean we have to walk all day to get there?” Dastan asked.
“Yeah, but I don’t think we will. We will rest if necessary. Arian assured.

Sienna didn’t comment anything about it but she thought: “I think we will have to travel all night to reach the swamp. The problem now is that I can’t walk much longer. I am too tired. I didn’t rest last night as much as I wanted. I have to tell them but I don’t want to be a burden for them.” Sienna thought.

Dastan was calling Sienna but she didn’t answer. She was immersed in her own thoughts. Then when Dastan yelled “Sienna!” she snapped out of her thoughts.

“What?” Sienna asked.
“We are going to arrive to the swamp tomorrow in the afternoon, and stay there for some time while we look for the gems. Are you okay with this?” Dastan asked.
“I suppose.” Sienna answered.
“Sienna, I was expecting you to say otherwise. You look tired, like if you didn’t rest last night.” Arian said.
“Don’t worry about me. I am already used to this.” Sienna said.
“No…don’t push yourself. You need to rest. When you get better we will resume our trip to the swamp.” Dastan said.
“Dastan…No, really I can deal with this.” Sienna said.
“Are you sure? Don’t push yourself, you have to rest.” Serine replied.
“If you can deal with this, tell me how you managed to get that endurance on the last battle.” Arian said.
“You won’t believe me…” Sienna answered.
“Please tell us.” Serine said.
“I was a…mercenary.” Sienna lied. She didn’t want them to know the real reason why she had that kind of endurance.
“WHAT! YOU WERE A MERCENARY!” Arian, Serine and Dastan exclaimed in unison.
“Well, maybe not a mercenary. I was in an army, Katherine’s army, to be exact.” Sienna replied, nervously.
“Why did you say that you were a mercenary?” Dastan asked.
“I said it because that’s how we acted when we weren’t gathering new troops. We had to pretend that we were mercenaries to be able to travel freely. Also, I was obliged to learn all of this because we were short in troops. When King Forde came and helped us, I could focus only on one weapon. I decided to stick with the sword.” Sienna kept on lying.
“You only focused to help Katherine on combat?” Arian asked.
“No, I sometimes helped her on developing strategies, too.” Sienna said.
“Wow. That’s impressive.” Arian and Dastan said.
“Anyway, what are we going to do? Are we going to rest in a forest nearby from the city or travel all night till we reach the swamp? I say that we should rest. I vote for the first option, for the sake of Sienna’s health. It will be very dark and we would lose ourselves on our way.” Serine said.
“I don’t know guys, we should—” Sienna stammered.
“I agree with Serine. You fought really hard to defeat that statue.” Dastan said.
“I think they are right. Fine, when it gets dark, we will rest over night and resume our trip.” Arian said.
“Yes!” Dastan and Serine said in unison.
“Alright…We will stop and rest.” Sienna smiled.

Arian, Dastan, Sienna and Serine kept walking through the forest, passed through rivers, until they reached a safe place to rest. Sienna found a comfy spot and sat down. She pulled out her sword and cleaned it with a piece of cloth. When she finished cleaning her sword, she sat beside Serine. She was staring at a tree that was in front of her. When she saw that Sienna was there, she got slightly startled by her presence. Sienna asked:

“Serine, what’s wrong?” Sienna asked.
“Nothing, it’s just that I am starting to miss my home.” Serine replied dolefully.
“Oh. You lived in the tree house for a long time, right?” Sienna said.
“Yeah, I lived in there by myself ever since my father disappeared and my mom died.” Serine explained.
“Serine…I am sorry about that.” Sienna apologized.
“That’s okay. I decided that I was going to leave that behind and help you on this mission. By the way…were you forced to help Dastan and Arian? Or was it your choice to do so?” Serine asked.
”Well, Matthew asked me if I could do this. I was reluctant in doing so but I wanted to help.” Sienna said.
“What did you thought?” Serine asked.
“Well, I wanted to help because Dastan’s parents requested Katherine that if she could help them to collect these gems and defeat the enemy altogether. Katherine denied their request because Dastan was 15. Katherine said that Dastan should have been, at least, 16 to be able to travel and she couldn’t help them because she was gravely injured. I wanted to help so I could forget about someone at Afaeld, but, apparently those memories from him are haunting me every day. I miss him a lot now. I didn’t want to come in here because that guy’s sister needs my support.” Sienna said.
“Who is that guy?” Serine asked.
“He was my best friend.” Sienna replied.
“What was his name?” Serine asked.

Sienna’s face reddened, she still felt something for Dastan even if he wasn’t with her anymore. Serine noticed that Sienna was shy about this. She giggled.

“His name was…” Sienna blushed.
“His name was?” Serine asked eagerly.
“His name was…Dastan…” Sienna replied.
“WHAT! You mean… the Dastan that we are helping? My God, Sienna, I—-” Serine said.
“Shh!! No! Not this Dastan!” Sienna whispered hastily, hoping that Dastan didn’t hear what Serine said.
“I am talking about my friend that lived in Afaeld.” Sienna yelled.
“You are so easy to tease. What did that ‘Dastan’ did to you?” Serine asked.
“He, died saving me…” Sienna replied, heartbroken.
“Sienna…I am sorry.” Serine apologized.
“That’s okay. I think I am okay with it.” Sienna assured.
“Sienna, how did you befriend Arian and Dastan? I mean, how you met them?” Serine asked.
“I was chosen by a ruler from Arcadia to come and aid you guys in here.” Sienna replied.
“You didn’t know Dastan or Arian? I thought you were long time friends!” Serine replied, quite shocked.
“Oh no, not at all, I just met them.” Sienna smiled.
“By the way, Aid us? Help us in what?” Serine kept inquiring.
“Help you to get rid of Zathe.” Sienna said.
“Oh, that. And recovering the gems will help us defeat him?” Serine asked.
“Yes, actually there is a prophecy that talks about the gathering of these gems. I don’t know anything about this prophecy. I think we should ask Dastan or Arian.” Sienna said.
“We’ll ask them when we get the opportunity.” Serine replied.

Dastan and Serine gathered some meat and berries. Arian had cut some wood to put a bonfire.  Sienna rested while they were gathering the necessary. They obliged her not to do anything. She gathered some pebbles while they were absent and made a bonfire when they came back. Serine tried roasting the meat. They ate it and went to sleep. Next morning they parted to the city. As they were walking Arian suggested them to stay close. They could easily get lost in the crowd. Arian even suggested that he was going to act as their father and they should go as his son and daughters. Serine was dubious with the idea. How can Sienna, Dastan and herself be siblings? Sienna’s hair has a dark shade of gray; Dastan’s color olive, while her hair was a dark shade of green. They could never go as siblings, unless he had three wives. Dastan agreed with the idea. Sienna remained silent. Arian tried to think what they can say to go through the city. Serine said that they could go as merchants. Dastan refuted the idea. They don’t have any goods to offer. Arian said that Serine could be his child and Dastan and Sienna could be a married couple traveling with them.
Dastan yelled, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”

Sienna just widened her eyes. Sienna and Dastan look at each other. Dastan gave Arian a look filled with disgust.

“Alright, forget what I just said.” Arian said.

Sienna and Dastan sighed with relief; Serine giggled. They arrived to Velpar. No one asked for their information. That relieved them. They got past that city and found a path to go to the swamp. When they arrived to the swamp, Dastan noticed that the belt and the Ruby were giving a faint shine. They decided to separate themselves to find the gem quickly. Arian said he was going by himself. Dastan, Sienna and Serine went to the opposite side of the swamp to look for that gem. Arian was looking behind some bushes. Suddenly, he hears some footsteps. He assumes it was Dastan, but when he turned to see who it was, no one was there. Arian thought:

“That’s weird. I thought I heard some footsteps.” Arian thought.

He hears footsteps again and gently unsheathes his sword. When he turned to see again, no one was there. He kept looking for the gem and feels that someone or something hit him in the head. He fell on the ground, unconscious. Serine, Sienna and Dastan tried to look for Arian. It was getting dark. They separated themselves to look for him. When the three got back together, they nodded their heads. Arian was nowhere to be found.

“Where could Arian be?” Dastan said.
“I think he is still searching. Let’s go look for him once more.” Serine said.
”I think something happened to him. He would have yelled to let us know that he was near.” Sienna replied.

The three tried to look for Arian once more but it was in vain. He wasn’t found anywhere. As they were walking, they saw a house. It seemed old and abandoned.

”I think we should head to that house to shield ourselves, rest and tomorrow morning we will look for Arian. Probably he has found somewhere to stay at.” Serine commented
“I don’t know if we should go inside that house. I’m not scared or anything, but this house has something weird.” Sienna said.
“Let’s get inside.” Dastan replied.
As they were cautiously entering that house, they heard some footsteps. When they reached the center of the house, something clicked. The floor wasn’t there anymore and the three fell down through a pit and soon enough they hit the ground. They were moaning with pain and tried to look for an exit.

“Great! Now we are trapped because of you, Serine!” Dastan yelled.
“Oh, My fault? MY FAULT!? Who was the one who agreed to my idea smarty-pants?” Serine yelled.

They kept yelling at each other that made Sienna enraged against the other two.

“GUYS! Stop fighting! We aren’t going to solve anything if you keep yelling. So, shut the hell up.” Sienna yelled.

Both quieted down, so Serine asks:

“So what do you suggest we do?” Serine asked.
“First of all, let’s look for wood or something flammable to get warm. I have some pebbles.” Sienna replied.

Some time later, they built up a bonfire and tried to think how they could find Arian. Serine sat next to Sienna and sighs:
“Sienna, do you think that Arian is looking for us?” Serine asked.
”No. It’s too dark to look. Maybe he has found somewhere to stay at.” Sienna reasoned.

Dastan was cleaning his sword and tried to swing it. When he swung it, he noticed a spark of light reflect on his sword. He stands up. Sienna and Serine notice that he stood up, so Serine asked:
“Dastan, what’s wrong? Did you see something?” Sienna asked.
“Yeah! I saw a spark of light reflect on my sword. I think I found an exit.” Dastan affirmed.

Dastan tried to open an entrance. When he opened it, the three went through the entrance and saw light above the ceiling of what it seemed to be a cave. Dastan tried opening that entrance. When he opens it and tries to get inside, he sees Arian in there! He seemed to be bound from his hands and feet. Suddenly, he hears someone coming. He quickly closed the entrance and told this to the girls.

”Guys, I saw Arian in there” Dastan informed.
”What? Are you sure?” Serine asked.
“Yeah, I saw him with my own eyes.” Dastan confirmed.
“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get up there.” Sienna said.
“We have to wait. There was someone approaching.” Dastan explained.
“We are getting in there right now.” Sienna ordered.

Sienna climbed onto some rocks and opened the entrance, successfully entering inside. Dastan and Serine look at each other; Sienna replies:

“What are you guys waiting for? Come on!” Sienna motions them inside.

Both climb onto the rocks and reached the surface. Arian saw them. The three approached to where Arian was. Dastan told them to stop running. There could be some hidden traps. Serine remembered that she had some pebbles. She threw them and revealed some of the traps. After the traps were revealed, they continued running. They reached where Arian was, so he replied:

“Guys, are you okay?” Arian asked.
“Yes we are, Arian. Let me untie you.” Serine said.
“Arian, have you found the Citrine?” Dastan asked.
“No. I got hit by someone and lost consciousness, how about you?” Arian asked.
“For our part, we stopped looking for the gem because it was nowhere to be found. We tried looking for you but it was starting to get dark. We went inside a mysterious house and…” Sienna explained.
“We went inside the house and fell into a dark pit because of Serine’s fault, knowing that Sienna had a bad feeling about this” Dastan bluntly answered.
“GUYS! Quit it will you? We have to look for the Citrine. Dastan, help Arian to stand up. Serine, do you still have more of those pebbles?” Sienna said.
“I guess so.” Serine replied.
“Throw them randomly on the floor. Maybe it will reveal some traps to get out of here.” Sienna said.
“But what about the Citrine?” Dastan asked.

He looks around to find it and notices a bell at the opposite side of the room. Dastan looks at a bell that was seen from a distance; then he notices the belt; it was shining quite strongly. The bell’s pendulum had a bright object shining.

“I found it! I found the Citrine.” Dastan yelled.
“What? Where is it?” Sienna asked eagerly.
“On that bell’s pendulum.” Dastan answered.

They all ran towards the bell, grabbed the pendulum, retrieved the gem and Dastan gently placed the gem on the belt. Sienna told them to hurry. She saw that 2 strange creatures that resembled chimeras were surrounding them.
“Arian, what do we do now?” Dastan asked
“Leave it to me.” Sienna said, unsheathing her sword, ready to attack
“Sienna…no. we all have to fight them. Dastan will fight with me; you and Serine must rest.” Arian said.
“Arian, you’ve been unconscious for a really long time. You can’t move your arm. Serine can’t fight right now because she hurt her leg as we were falling inside that pit.” Sienna deduced.
“How do you know about our injuries?” Serine asked.
“When I saw you both running, I could tell.” Sienna replied
“Arian, Serine. Leave this to us” Dastan said.

Dastan and Sienna look at each other and give each other a reassuring look and both sped up to the enemies and slashed them. Serine and Arian were watching them fight the threat. Serine could see how Sienna was moving with the sword, just like if she was dancing. Dastan was shielding Sienna whenever he could. He was feeling really protective of Sienna. He wanted her to be safe and wondered where these feelings came from. At first glance he felt threatened, but now he feels he wants to protect her. When he saw that she was going to get hit, he finished the enemy. Sienna looked at him and noticed that he was bleeding. She thought:

“Oh my, He saved me; he got hurt and he’s bleeding…That’s sweet of his part.” Sienna thought, moved by his actions.

When Dastan finished the enemy, he knelt down in tiredness. Sienna came onto him; she got a small bottle out of her bag, a piece of cloth and began pouring the liquid on the cloth.

“Im going to rub the wound with this piece of cloth.” Sienna ordered, as she was preparing the bandage.
“Okay, Ouch…it burns.” Dastan hissed.
“Stay still. It won’t hurt too much if you stay still.” Sienna explained.

Dastan tried to put himself on a comfortable pose but it was futile. The pain was growing. He wanted to punch something to divert himself from the pain but that would only lead on to another wound and it will not be a nice sight after he sees his arm with blood. He sat still while Sienna healed his wound.

“It’ll cool off after a few minutes. Come on, stand up, I’ll help you.” Sienna smiled.

Dastan blushed when Sienna offered herself to help him stand up but then he nodded, smiled at her and tried to walk towards Arian and Serine. She replied:

“We now have the Citrine, right?” Arian asked.
“Yeah, which gem is next to be found?” Serine asked.
“The Topaz, but this is located a bit more far from where we are right now.” Dastan replied.
“It is located inside the mythical forest of Naria.” Arian replied.
“Why mythical?” Sienna asked.
“Naria is where the hero Adrien had lived. He gathered the gems and sealed the source of darkness.” Dastan explained.
”Adrien…” Sienna whispered.
“What? Someone you know is called like that?” Arian asked.
“Yes, Matthew’s best friend, but besides him…that name sounds quite familiar. Anyway, tell me about this legendary hero.” Sienna said.
“I will, but let’s get out of here first.” Arian said.
The four travelers got out of that house and saw that the swamp that once had a dark atmosphere, now it is filled with sunlight. Sienna stared at the sky. It was beautiful but she couldn’t help but think that something was wrong. Something happened. Dastan saw her face; he took her hand told her that they must part. She followed him.

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