Elyrian Memories

3 years have gone by since our heroine Princess Katherine Renard, her childhood friend Prince Matthew Lowell, along with other nobles, took part of the Revolutionary War.

Now, they have to overcome an issue that will divide them. Matthew, afraid of Sienna being hurt, he sends her to the neighboring kingdom called Elyria. In there she will find a "second chance" and find out more about this legacy that she carries in her veins.


4. ~Issue's with Afaeld~

                                                                  Meanwhile at Afaeld…

Katherine and few nobles were discussing their situation, they were heading toward the hidden chambers inside the Iselian castle. They were hiding because they had received terrible news. Siegfried and Serene began to ignite the candles in the room and began their meeting.

“I can’t believe that Gabriel actually betrayed us! At least Cassiel kept herself true.” Katherine exclaimed with anger.
“I can’t believe he was power-hungry.” Alex replied, somewhat disappointed.
“What about the contract that we made with him?” Grey asked.
“Grey, it is now clear that he never wanted to agree to it. We have to get…” Matthew said.
“Sienna? Matthew, remember that you were the one who sent her to Elyria to help Dastan.” Evangeline replied.
“I know. I think it was a mistake to send her to Elyria. I wish she could be here right now.” Matthew said.
“Don’t you even dare to tell her that we are going to a war against Gabriel! She’ll get worried about us, more so about Leon, Leonardo and Bastian.” Serene scolded.
“But we have to; she has the right to know what’s our current situation, and I promised I would brief her about it.” Katherine admitted.
“We can’t, Katherine. If we want her to focus on freeing Elyria we shouldn’t mention the fact that we are about to go on a war.” Kate replied.
“And what do you think we should tell her when she finds the Afaeld war torn? She’ll obviously notice the difference.” Minerva protested.
“So we have to lie to her and keep this hidden? I don’t think she’ll accept that. She’ll hate us if we do that.” Weiss said.
“But this is the only way to keep her focused on freeing Elyria.” Ky explained.
“Fine, but I won’t lie to her. Someone must write the letter for her.” Katherine said.
“…I’ll do it. I’ll send the letter tomorrow morning.” Weiss said.
“Good. Ok, let’s get some sleep and hope for the best” Katherine said.

As they all dismissed the place and went to their respective rooms, Katherine thought:

“Oh, Sienna, I hope that you are alright and help Elyria. I trust in your instincts. I know that you’ll excel on this. I’ll just pray to God that you’ll come back safely, Please Dastan, wherever you are, protect Sienna, she needs you the most right now.” Katherine thought.

So Katherine dismissed the place and turned off the last candle.

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