The X-Factor

This is for the 'M-Factor' Competition. I had rehearsed and rehearsed over and over again. I think I'm ready, ready for the spotlight. This is going to be my first time singing in front of anyone. I have only sang in front of my stuffed bear, Teddy. I tried out for the X-Factor, thinking I will be horrible and the judges will shoo me, but I'm got a ticket!


3. Chapter 3

I heard their beautiful song echo in the room. I knew they were good, i didn't know they were that good! I heard loud shouts then they all came back. They all looked at me with sorrowful faces. What?! They didn't get in?? If they couldn't get in, I would have no chance in hell get in! "Are you kidding me? Im going to go talk to that Simon dude!" I shouted, They all laughed and were happy. I'm  so confused. "Relax, Kat. We got in!" Drew hugged me, then they all hugged me and I was in the middle. Ugh! I hate hugs!  I closed my eyes and screamed, "OKAYYY GET OFF!" I demanded, apparently I wan't clear enough and they all squeezed me in a little group hug. "GET THE HELL OFF ME!" I shouted once more, hoping the point would get through to them. Soon I felt no more hugs so I opened my eyes. They all had their hands up, defending themselves. "Jeez, I thought you would like a hug!" Keaton made a puppy face. "No way! I hate them!" They all started advancing towards me, no way in hell was I going through that again! I ran away from them, as they followed me and were running to catch up. Good thing I do track! We probably looked like five year olds to the other contestants. I opened a door thinking I would hide in a closet, but there was no wall, only a bright light. "No Kat!" one of the guys warned. As soon as my vision cleared, I saw everything. All of the judges, all the people watching me, all the bright lights pointed at me. Simon looked at me with a disapproving glare. "Erm, hi?" I said. "Hi?" Brittany repeated back. "I like this girl already!" Katy spat out. I felt my cheeks getting hotter and hotter. "Erm, who are you?" Simon asked in his England accent. "I-I'm Kat." I stuttered, "Well, hello Kat, you were next on the list anyways!" Katy bubbly spoke. "I like your name" she added. Probably because it was so similar to hers. "What song are you doing?" he questioned me. "Its an original song I wrote, called Right or Wrong." I announced with confidence. I think Simon shook his head. Why does he hate me already? "Okay then, on with it." he spat. And with that I started singing, better than ever I think. I knew the guys were listening, because you could hear their whispers under my singing.

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