The X-Factor

This is for the 'M-Factor' Competition. I had rehearsed and rehearsed over and over again. I think I'm ready, ready for the spotlight. This is going to be my first time singing in front of anyone. I have only sang in front of my stuffed bear, Teddy. I tried out for the X-Factor, thinking I will be horrible and the judges will shoo me, but I'm got a ticket!


2. Chapter 2

Oh well, what can I lose that I don't already have? I opened the car door and got out, hearing everybody practice their songs. Three attractive looking males approached me. "Hi, I'm Drew, and this is Wesley and his younger brother, Keaton" Drew said being very bubbly. As the two other guys waved at me "We are called Emblem 3" Wesley interrupted "Hi, im Kat." I told them. "Nervous?" Keaton asked. I nodded slowly, "We are too, just so scary!" he announced "Well thanks, that sure helped me." I teased. "Sorry" he apologized. I walked into the building with them, I got to know them a bit more, they were very cocky but they were nice. They lived in California their whole life and were going to perform an original song just like me it was called 'Sunset Boulevard'. When we got there we all got our audition numbers. We were one of the first people there so we would go first. My stomach churned in fear. I waited with the boys in the lounge. "Emblem 3?" You could hear Simon's accent echo in the room. "Good luck!" I encouraged them. "Thanks" Drew responded. They all gave me a thumbs up. I was left in the lounge to sulk over my fears.

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