The X-Factor

This is for the 'M-Factor' Competition. I had rehearsed and rehearsed over and over again. I think I'm ready, ready for the spotlight. This is going to be my first time singing in front of anyone. I have only sang in front of my stuffed bear, Teddy. I tried out for the X-Factor, thinking I will be horrible and the judges will shoo me, but I'm got a ticket!


1. Chapter 1

"You, You can't tell me if I'm right or wrong. I'm not lying. I don't care. I'm on my own. It's my turrn. Please don't, Please don't do this anymore. Please don't do thiss!"The song turned into a whisper. I practiced my song, over and over. I wrote and edited it over the summer, everyone keeps telling me its the best I have ever written. I heard rapid knocking on my white wooden door. "Yes?" I asked a bit annoyed. "My 10 year old sister whipped the door open as I could feel the wind brushing against my warm skin. "Todays the day!" She gleamed. By 'Todays the day' she meant today I am going to tryout for the X-Factor with my new, rehearsed song. I picked up my song book and ran downstairs. I go to the kitchen to see breakfast already made with stacks of pancakes and a side of bacon. I quickly inhaled it and got in my silver SUV. I eagerly turned on the car and drove away form my little grey house. I was so full of excitement! As I pulled up in the driveway of the auditorium building, it was packed with people. Then it hit me, what if I dont pass? I slowly parked and sat in my car full of curiousness, wondering if I should even try out. Everybody is probably better than me. 'Well, the only thing worse than losing, is not even trying' I encouraged myself.

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