Both of us

Lucy has always been Best friends with Harry. After the boys come back from their tour, they both feel different. But someone else loves someone too.


9. The next morning

Niall's POV: I woke up in pain. I look around I see Liam jump up and he says "guys he's up". I see Harry and Lucy laying together. I still love her. Harry has an amazing best friend. He's so lucky. Zayn was laying in a chair texting. They all jumped up and asked how I was feeling it made my head hurt a little bit. "in pain" I struggled to say. "Nurse he's up and says he's in pai,n" Liam shouted out the room. That's my Liam always looking out for us. He's so generous I love the lad! Lucy's POV: Liam woke me up my face hurt because I've been crying. I haven't even told Niall about me and Harry. I can't he's in too much right now. But at least Louis and now Liam and Zayn know. They were all happy for us. One thing left to do tell Harry what happened...
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