Both of us

Lucy has always been Best friends with Harry. After the boys come back from their tour, they both feel different. But someone else loves someone too.


1. The Homecoming

Lucy's POV : Finally, I thought , the boys finished their tour and we were going to meet up. I met Harry in grade school and been best friends ever since. Once he started touring we didn't get to see eachother much. I was bringing gifts Yorkshire tea for Lou, Zayn a brand new pair of Nike trainers , niall a gift card to nandos, Liam a frame with a collage of him and Danielle (they are so cute!) and for Harry a watch. I missed them so much! I couldn't wait. I hopped into my car and drove to Louis and Harry's flat. When I got there I didn't see anyone I came in and Boom! "SURPRISE!" the boys yelled! I was so happy tears were streaming down my face. I loved seeing them but when Harry gave me a hug some thing was weird. It was closer and tighter, I felt a strange feeling inside me? Oh well! I gave them their gifts! Harry's POV: today was the day. The day we see Lucy again. I haven't seen her in months. She has been my best friend since grade school. Lately she's all I think about. Today we were gonna trick her. When she got here we hid and then yelled "SURPRISE!" . We all took turns to hug her I was last, but when I hugged her my strange feeling came back. She is so beautiful I thought. Should I tell her?
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