Both of us

Lucy has always been Best friends with Harry. After the boys come back from their tour, they both feel different. But someone else loves someone too.


7. "She's the only one I've ever loved.."

Lucy's POV: I can't believe this,I thought. "Niall, I'm so sorry I found Somone that makes me happy and that doesn't mean you wouldn't but I with someone and I'm sorry"
Nialls POV: when those words came out my heart dropped. I couldn't believe it. She is the only one I ever wanted since the Xfactor. Now when I build up the courage to tell her she's with someone and says no. "Okay, well thanks for the gift I'll see you later" I said and speedily went to my car. I'm so angry and sad. My heart raced faster and faster thinking of her words. My foot stepped on the pedal and I went faster as the tears came down my face " who's the guy!? IM THE ONE THAT LOVES YOU" I thought. Next thing I saw was a light and honking.
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