Both of us

Lucy has always been Best friends with Harry. After the boys come back from their tour, they both feel different. But someone else loves someone too.


11. "It's my fault"...

Lucy's POV: "I know how he got hurt and it's my fault..." I told him. "babe I told you it's not your fault-" "it is! Yesterday he texted me to see if he could thank me for his gift and talk. He told me he liked me for a while and wanted to be with me but I told him I was with someone else. He stormed out and I guess he drove to fast or something?" "it's not your fault though love he just was upset" We sat in silence the whole car ride to Starbucks. Harry's POV: I can't believe she thinks it's her fault she's so beautiful. I can't believe Niall asked her out. I feel bad I hope he gets better. "Babe?" Lucy said. "yes,love?" I responded. "I'm sorry you're right, I love you." I love you too babe" I leaned in and kissed her.
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