Both of us

Lucy has always been Best friends with Harry. After the boys come back from their tour, they both feel different. But someone else loves someone too.


13. I need to vent to him...

Lucy's POV: "love?" Harry asked me. "Yeah babe?" I sniffled. "What wrong, is it Niall?"he said. "It's just no matter what you guys say its still my fault and I feel even guiltier because he doesn't know that it's you" I vented. "Talk to him if he's up,clear things up I can't stand to see you like this" Harry told me. "Okay babe. Love you" I answered him. We arrived to the hospital and got out of the car. "Let me help you" I said as I saw Harry struggle. Harry's POV: Lucy is so generous that's another thing I love about her. A we got in the elevator I kissed her nose. "Knock knock" I tapped the door. As we entered we saw Bobby, Greg, Maura, Liam and Zayn.
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