Save You Tonight

Elizabeth used to be a normal girl, until her parents died in a car accident. She became more silent, and pushed anyone that tried to help her away. A friend of the family was the only one capable of helping her. She started living with her grandmother, and she seemed to be recovering, but her grandmother caught a disease and passed away. She moved alone, left Zayn and became a totally different person. She thought everything was over for her, that her life wouldn't make sense anymore, until one day, she meets a guy, that changes her life forever.


11. You shouldn’t have asked


Elizabeth’s P.O.V

We kept talking and didn’t realize it was getting late. I was talking to Zayn. Liam was talking to Harry, who by the way had already put his clothes back on, and Niall was begging for Louis to let him go to the bathroom but Louis kept laughing and didn’t let him go. We decided that we were going to stay at Zayn’s place for the night and as we were pretty much bored we put on a movie and Louis allowed Niall to go to the toilet before it started. I was sitting in between Liam and Harry, who had put his arm around me. When Liam realized this he pushed Harry’s arm away and replaced it with his own arm. I just giggled a little. The movie had finished and we were all a little bit tired. We were about to fall asleep when Liam’s phone went off. He looked at the screen and didn’t answer.

“Who was that?” Louis asked.

“Just Danielle” Liam sighted.

“Who’s Danielle?” I asked getting a little bit jealous.

“My ex. Why are you jealous?” Liam said grinning.

I was about to say something but was interrupted by Harry. “Why would she be, she’s got me” I just laughed at his comment and Liam decided to ignore it.

“What about your ex boyfriend?” Louis asked me.

The image of Travis went immediately to my mind and I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes. Before I got to the point where my voice would crack I got up. “Excuse me” I said and left to the backyard as a tear rolled down my cheek.


Zayn’s P.O.V

“What about your ex boyfriend?” Louis asked her.

“Oh no” I thought to myself. I could see Lizzie starting to tear up but she left the room before she started to cry. Liam was thinking the same as I was because he looked at me really concerned.

“Did I say something wrong?” Louis asked not knowing what was going on.

“You shouldn’t have asked that” I just said kinda upset. “Liam I think you should go get her” I said to him. He nodded before getting up and going after her.

“I don’t understand” Niall said and they all had a confused look on their face. I decided to tell them about Travis and everything that he’s done to Liz, and as I told them I started crying too because I still couldn’t believe that someone had hurt her this much. Only a few tears escaped my eyes though, and after I finished telling them they all apologized.

“I’m really sorry Zayn, I had no idea” Louis said looking sad.

“It’s ok, just apologize to her later ok?” I told him and he nodded in agreement.


Liam’s P.O.V

I couldn’t believe Louis asked her about her ex boyfriend. Of course he didn’t know about Travis so I shouldn’t put all the blame on him.

I found Liz sitting in the middle of the backyard and I could hear her sobbing quietly. I went and sat down next to her. She looked at me, her eyes red and her lips puffy from the crying. I just hugged her and pulled her close as she cried into my shirt, just as she did that day in the elevator. I gently rubbed her back with one hand and caressed her hair with the other. I kept whispering that Louis didn’t mean to make her feel bad and that Zayn was talking to the boys.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until Zayn came out with something in his hand, but it was dark so I couldn’t make out what it was. When he was closer he handed it to Liz and I could now see that it was an ipod. “Listen to this” Zayn whispered to her before walking back inside.

She put the headphones on. And started listening to whatever song was on. She immediately stopped crying and smiled a little. “He remembered” she whispered.

I looked at her confused but I didn’t want to interrupt her because she looked so happy. Still she realized that I was still there and saw the expression on my face. She handed me a headphone to listen to whatever she was listening. I didn’t know the song but after I took a look at the ipod I saw the song was called “Us against the World” by Westlife. It was a beautiful song. When the song ended I asked what she meant when she said he remembered.

“A couple of years ago, when my parents passed and my grandmother passed and I was having all these problems I heard this song and just fell in love with it. I would listen to it with Zayn when I was feeling down and it was literally the only song I would listen to.” She explained.

We lay on the grass, her head on my chest. Harry came out and brought us a blanket because it was getting cold and we just cuddled under the stars. We both fell asleep at some point. When I woke up it was still dark. I checked my watch and it was 3:30 in the morning. It was colder by now and I could feel Liz shaking a little bit. I picked her up bridal style and took her inside. I put her in what would’ve been my bed and tucked her in. She looked so peaceful when she slept. I left and went to sleep on the couch, but I couldn’t really sleep. I just kept thinking about Liz and the tough life she’s had, and how I could make it better for her, because she deserved better.

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