Save You Tonight

Elizabeth used to be a normal girl, until her parents died in a car accident. She became more silent, and pushed anyone that tried to help her away. A friend of the family was the only one capable of helping her. She started living with her grandmother, and she seemed to be recovering, but her grandmother caught a disease and passed away. She moved alone, left Zayn and became a totally different person. She thought everything was over for her, that her life wouldn't make sense anymore, until one day, she meets a guy, that changes her life forever.


4. Start Over

Liam’s P.O.V

I have no idea of what Zayn said to this girl, all I know is that when they stopped talking, she turned around and started walking towards me. “Hey, um, I’m really sorry for treating you the way I did before.  Do you think we could start over?” she said, looking into my eyes. “Sure” I said. Her eyes were so beautiful. I hadn’t really paid enough attention at her features, and actually she was more beautiful than I thought. “Cool. My name is Elizabeth” she said taking out her hand. “Nice to meet you Elizabeth. I am Liam. Is it ok if I call you Liz?” I said shaking her hand. At her touch, I felt something running through my body, it was a warm feeling, not like something I had ever felt before. Despite all the bad things she’s done in the past and will do in the future, I knew that this was the girl. And there would be no other girl that would make me feel the way I do when I’m around her, even though I barely know her. That night we just danced a bit and talked. She then gave me her phone number and I gave her mine, and promised I would call her later. I didn’t want to say goodbye to her, I wanted to be with her as much time as possible, but I didn’t want to push things too fast. I didn’t want her to think that this was a one night stand, or that I was a player. I wanted her to know that she could trust me, not like most of the guys she told me she’s been with.

Elizabeth’s P.O.V

Liam turned out to be a really nice guy, maybe way too good for me. But that was what I needed. A part of me felt wrong for using him, when I knew he was serious, but this was for my best, and for Zayn’s best, and probably for the best of every single person I knew. I could be normal again; I just need to control myself from developing any feelings towards Liam. I couldn’t afford being attached to someone again, so that they would disappoint me later. After being what I’ve been through, you learn not to trust in anyone but yourself, because truth is, you are alone in this world. As time passes, things change, and people too. So I decided I would stick around to Liam to get better and recover, and then, I would move on with my life. 


Next day, Liam gave me a call and asked me out. He said he would pick me up at 11:30 and take me to lunch. It was 9 O’clock, so I had plenty of time to get ready. I took a shower, to clear my head before anything. “I can’t make too much contact. No hugging, no cuddling, no kissing. Not getting attached. Not falling in love” I said to myself and got surprised about the last thing I said. Not falling in love. Of course I wasn’t going to fall in love. That’s not me, I don’t fall in love. Not with Liam, not with anyone. Not now, not ever. I don’t think love exists. Love sucks. Love lies and cheats, and screws things up, but I certainly wasn’t going to let love ruin my plans. I got out of the shower and walked to my closet. What was I going to wear? I decided on some skinny jeans that had lots of holes in them, and a black tank top. A pair of black converse and I was done with my outfit. I went to the bathroom and dried my hair, this way it looked straighter. I applied some black eyeliner and mascara. It was 10:30 so I still had an hour until Liam arrived. I decided to call Zayn.

“Hey Lizzie! What’s up?” he said with his cheerily voice. “Um not much” I replied “I’m going out with Liam today and I would like to know if maybe you could give me any advice” “Ha ha oh my God, that’s great. Looks like things are going really good between you too” he said and I got a little upset at this comment because I didn’t really want anything to happen between us “Listen, Liam is the nice guy, and he is very sensible” he added. Great, he was the complete opposite of what I was “I know what you’re thinking right now Lizzie, but don’t worry, opposites attract” he said and giggled. I found myself smiling at this thought, but I didn’t want to smile. I didn’t want this to make me happy. I didn’t want to have any kind of feeling towards Liam. “Ok Zayn, whatever. I have to go now. Thanks, I guess. Um, bye” “Bye. Give me a call and tell me what happened later ok?” he said as I hung up.  

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