Save You Tonight

Elizabeth used to be a normal girl, until her parents died in a car accident. She became more silent, and pushed anyone that tried to help her away. A friend of the family was the only one capable of helping her. She started living with her grandmother, and she seemed to be recovering, but her grandmother caught a disease and passed away. She moved alone, left Zayn and became a totally different person. She thought everything was over for her, that her life wouldn't make sense anymore, until one day, she meets a guy, that changes her life forever.


2. Dude What The Fuck

It was another sunny day, the birds were fucking singing and it was full of stupid butterflies. I was skateboarding when I got a text from Frank. “Hey hottie. Whats upp? Wanna hang out tonight?” it read. “Only in your dreams perv” I replied.

 Apparently, a girl skating is invisible to some people because I bumped into someone and fell to the ground. “Dude what the fuck!” I said angrily. “I’m really, really sorry. Are you ok?” the guy said “here, let me help you out” he reached out his hand to help me. I just ignored him and got up alone, grabbed my skateboard and started riding again. The guy looked very familiar to me. I think I have seen him before, maybe on TV? “Hey wait!” I heard someone shout at me. I turned around and it was that guy. Ugh what did he want? The road went uphill, so I had to get down of the skateboard. “Please wait!” the guy shouted again. I turned around once more and he was closer this time. He was running towards me. This guy was so weird. I mean you just fucking tripped me over, now leave me alone. I just ignored him and kept walking, hoping that he would change his mind and turn around. Obviously, he didn’t, because in a few seconds, he was walking beside me. “Can I ask you for your name?” he said trying to catch his breath. “You just did” I replied without looking at him. “So, you’re not gonna tell me? Mine is Liam.” He said and I could notice he was smiling by the way he said it. “What the heck do you want?” I said aggressively, this time, I did look at him. He had a little bit of sweat on his face, because he was running a few minutes before. He had short brown hair and he was tall. He was kinda hot actually, but you could see he was a “good boy”. Not the kind of people I usually hang out with. “I want to know your name, and you phone number If you don’t mind” he said in a deep sweet voice. “Fuck off” I said hoping on my skateboard, as the road was becoming flat again. 


Liam’s P.O.V   “Liam, Liam!” Zayn said shaking me. “Hey man are you ok? You seem a little bit lost” “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just…thinking” I sighed. “Thinking ‘bout what?” said Harry with a mischievous tone in his voice “Come on, you can tell us” “It’s just that, I met this girl today…well, I didn’t exactly meet her, I crushed against her and she fell, and I tried to help but she just ignored me and left” I replied staring at my feet. “Didn’t you chase her? The Liam I know would’ve chased her” Zayn said giving me a wink. “Of course I chased her, but she wouldn’t tell me her name” I said, kind of disappointed. “And how was she?” Louis asked curious. “Well, she had dark brown long straight hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes that were pointy at the end. I think she was half Asian or something. She was wearing all black clothes and she didn’t seem like a really nice girl, I mean, she cursed a lot. But I can’t judge her as I don’t know her. And her lips, there was something special about them. They were so perfect. Not too big or too small. Not too thick or too thin. Slightly pink.” I stopped, as I realized I was smiling as I thought about this girl. “He’s blushing!!!” Harry screamed and they all laughed. But truth is I was. “Grab your coat” said Zayn standing up “I know where girls like these hang out, and we’re going to find her.” Oh God, please tell me he didn’t just say that.  
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