Save You Tonight

Elizabeth used to be a normal girl, until her parents died in a car accident. She became more silent, and pushed anyone that tried to help her away. A friend of the family was the only one capable of helping her. She started living with her grandmother, and she seemed to be recovering, but her grandmother caught a disease and passed away. She moved alone, left Zayn and became a totally different person. She thought everything was over for her, that her life wouldn't make sense anymore, until one day, she meets a guy, that changes her life forever.


1. Prologue


Elizabeth’s P.O.V   Well, here I am again. 4 O’clock in the morning. Drunk. In a motel. With a guy I don’t even know. I think his name was Travis, but I can’t remember. Whatever, he’s hot. It’s not like I’m ever going to see him again anyway.   
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