Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


7. Their First Battle

Two months had gone by after that skirmish and new members had entered in the army people like: Seth, Dante, Leon, Evangeline and Dastan. Adam decided to be in charge because Katherine and Matthew’s responsibilities were increasing each day as commanders and Adam tried to help them with the job. He was preparing some groups to spy. He grouped his sister with Hadrian, Genevieve with him, Ky with Claire, Minerva with Dante, and Matthew with Katherine and he gave a sound signal each so the other teams could go to the signal point, no one complained about the idea and followed his orders. Matthew knew what was going on, he realized that Adam wanted each other be more ‘close’ and have a better relationship with the other but he could not complain with him because if he tries to tell him to change partner, Adam will think that Matthew likes someone else and will tease him in front of everyone and will make Katherine think that he is mad at her or something, so he didn’t protest or made evident his disgust about the pairings.

“Ok now you know what to do, each are going to go on a different route use the sound signal if you see an enemy or a creature, everyone will go to the signal point, if there’s no enemy, lets meet here, got it?” Adam explained.
“Yes!” Everyone shouted.
“So let’s move out!” Adam said.

Matthew and Katherine were in their way to see if there were enemies. Suddenly they started talking about the funny times they had living in the castle. Then Katherine asks Matthew

“Matthew, I know this will make you sad but tell me, how was your mom?” Katherine asked.
“I don’t really remember her; it’s like a vague memory. According to my sister, Gabrielle, she was kindhearted, proud and considerate. Do you remember your mother?” Matthew replied
“I don’t remember her, either. I used to spend more time with my dad than with my mom, even so, the only memory that I have from my mother is that she was playing and singing a lullaby for us to get asleep and she was looking at us…smiling.” Katherine smiled.
“At least tell me about your father.” Matthew requested.
“Well I used to spend time with him, he taught me many things, I used to see him practicing with his sword with my mom as a sparring partner.”

Then both get startled because they hear a noise but they see that it were only a small group of squirrels running here and there. They breathe a sigh of relief and continue their talk

“So you learned how to use a sword because of him?” Matthew asked.
“Well, I wouldn’t use a sword at 5 but I just watched his movements.” Katherine replied.

Then they hear a loud noise and see their enemy. Matthew used the sound signal and everyone heard it. Everyone went after Katherine and Matthew. Matthew sees the enemy he tries to dodge his attack but he ends up being hit by him. Katherine tried to attack him but she couldn’t find his weak point. The enemy seemed to be tired and his armor was starting to loosen but that didn’t help, they were fighting for a few minutes and they were tired already. He unleashed his most powerful attack on Matthew instead of Katherine and he had thrown him in the bushes. Katherine went after Matthew to nurse him.

“Oh, God, Matthew are you alright?” Katherine frantically asked.
“Kathy, aim for his back…I’m fine don’t worry, I’ll distract him.” Matthew said.
“Are you sure?” Katherine asked again.
“Yes, I’m fine, go!” Matthew replied.

Katherine pulled him out of the bushes and did what Matthew said. She tried to focus on the enemy. Matthew tried to distract him but he was wondering where the rest were, he used the sound signal but no one had come to this spot and he tried to use it once again. Katherine tried to see the right moment to cut through but she couldn’t, the enemy was clever and predicted every movement she made. Matthew incorporated in the battle and both defeated the enemy. Everyone arrived and saw them resting and Katherine fainted in everyone’s surprise. They found minor injuries on Matthew but they saw some blood running from Katherine’s left arm…not as much as other times that sometimes made her stay in bed for days. Everyone went back to the camp. Sometime later, Matthew sees if Katherine is okay. He only saw her lying on the bed, sleeping. He leaves and enters his tent. He throws himself to his bed and starts to think about what his father said when he was about to enter the room, days before Arcadia fell:

“I don’t know if my son will be the right ruler for Arcadia, he doesn’t even know how to lead an army.” Carlyle’s voice resonated in Matthew’s head.

He thought about that for a long time but then he tried to forget those cruel words and had some sleep.

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