Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


5. Knowing Friends

A month had gone by since Katherine and Ky had left Dales. Since they were fast they reached Ald’lora in 2 weeks but unfortunately, Matthew saw the Valkyrian army. He told Katherine to leave here and look for another destination; they didn’t have a chance against the enemy. They still had to look for young men and women willing to fight for their respective kingdom. After that month, Katherine was getting worried about the supplies so she said to look for the nearest town and camp in there. Cassandra commented that there was a town near called Valence, so she suggested pulling out a camp and sleep. The next morning she woke Adam to buy food, antidotes, magic tomes and healing staves.

“Okay, so, I’ll look for the healing staves and magic tomes; you look for the food and antidotes. Here’s the list Claire made.” Katherine said, pulling out the long list Claire had made.

“Very well then, we meet at this point when we are done with the groceries.” Adam replied.

Katherine and Adam left the camp and divided the errands. Katherine, bought all the heavy, magic tomes that Genevieve and Cassandra needed; the healing staves Claire, Genevieve and Isabella had requested. Adam found himself embellished with all the food he had to get for the long journey and sweet aroma in the air with all the antidotes he bought necessary for any ailment in battle. When they had gathered all the errands they went back to the meeting point.

“So, did you buy all of the stuff we are supposed to get for supplies?” Katherine asked.
“I’m sure we did.” Adam replied.

Suddenly they heard the villagers gossiping. This made the atmosphere awkward. So, they continued discussing what they had bought. An old man near in the vicinity had said:

“Youngsters these age, they are very strong and skilled with swords.” The old man said.

Katherine and Adam sighed at what the old man had said. Then a woman said.

“Kids don’t get near him!” a weary mother told their children.
“Yes, mommy.” The small children chimed.

A crowd of people were already forming around them, which were a little troublesome; they were looking at them like if they were some sort of freaks. Adam was beginning to lose his temper and Katherine was getting a little nervous. So, Adam snatched her hand and tried to get her out of the circle. As they were getting out, they overheard the last two comments

“Look he’s kind of handsome…” a girl said while blushing.
“Oh, don’t get high hopes. Look at that one girl over there; she seems to be his girlfriend.” The other girl said.
“Let’s get out!” Adam said while trying to keep his volatile temper at bay and snatching Katherine’s hand.
“Okay, whoa, watch it, my hand.” Katherine said while struggling with Adam’s hold, the magic tomes and healing staves she had bought in the market. The villagers saw them take off and went back minding their own business. The last two comments startled them a lot and left the town hurriedly; when they reached the forest Katherine said:

“Thank you, Adam.” Katherine replied.
“No problem.” Adam said, letting off of Katherine’s silky hand.
“Adam, have you seen a strange behavior in Matthew and Claire?” Katherine asked.
“No, I haven’t noticed.” Adam replied.
“I’m really worried about them.” Katherine admitted.
“Why?” Adam asked.
“2 years ago I was living in Arcadia with them and when Arcadia fell, Matthew was filled with anger and despair and he was going to fight against my parent’s murderer, but I used my magic to shield the attacks and flee. I am afraid that if he loses his consciousness and tries to kill anyone inside the army.” Katherine expressed.
“Stop worrying, you and I know Matthew. I don’t think Matthew will lose his consciousness. That’s not likely to happen.” Adam assured Katherine.
“Thanks, Adam.” Katherine replied.
So they continue on their way back to the camp and arrive. Adam tells her to tell Matthew that they came already and they brought the supplies. Katherine had obeyed and went to his tent; she reports what happens and leaves. Suddenly Isabella grabs her hand and leads her to her tent and asks:

“Katherine, how did Adam treat you?” Isabella asked
“Why do you want to know?” Katherine asked.
“Aww, come on…” Isabella pleaded.
“He treated me like…a person?” Katherine managed to say that.
“Kathy!” Isabella pleaded even more.
“Ok, ok I’ll tell you…when we gathered all the supplies we were on our way to the exit, then we hear some villagers getting scared of Adam’s look and then we hear the villagers say to see his sword, warning their children to get away from him one girl says that he is handsome the girl beside her tell her to forget about it because she said that I was his girlfriend…the only thing we could do was to leave the town. We went through the forest and I talked to him.” Katherine explained.
“About what?” Isabella asked.
“My worry about Prince Matthew.” Katherine replied.
“What!” Isabella yelled.
“What?! A Date?! Isabella! What are you talking about?” Katherine replied exasperated.
“You don’t have to talk about another person. You have to talk about your own matters or his matters. If you talk about yourself, he’ll get more interested about you. Kathy!” Isabella explained.
“What?” Katherine asked
“Don’t tell me that you like Matthew and not Adam” Isabella asked.
“No, no I don’t like Matthew…or Adam…what makes you say that?” Katherine said, blushing a shade of pink
“If you talked about Matthew then you must be worried about him a lot and that may be a sign that you fell in love of him and not of Adam” Isabella childishly reasoned.
“I don’t like Matthew. The thing is that, I had lived with him since I was a child…his behavior is different ever since we left Arcadia. He saw his father die and I tried to form a shield and escape that place and get to the castle safely. His elder sister, who was protecting the castle, she made us leave the castle immediately. She had promised that she was coming with us but she never came. Matthew made me the commander because we both want the same thing: find our loved ones and finish this war and of course, I had thought of making an army and he encouraged me with the idea.” Katherine explained.
“You are so fun to tease! Okay now you have convinced me. See you tomorrow” Isabella said as she was taking off.
“Ok see you tomorrow.” Katherine replied.

Katherine went to sleep at her tent. Next morning Prince Hadrian was looking for his sister, Genevieve because he had to tell her something that was bothering him long time ago. He finally found her; she was sitting on a chair. He saw him and called for him

“Hadrian! What brings you here?” Genevieve replied as she was closing her magic tome
“Ah! Genevieve, I was looking for you. I want to apologize for what happened when we were 15; we are close to that anniversary.” Hadrian said.
“Hadrian…” Genevieve whispered.
“I know that it wasn’t my fault but I still feel so guilty for what happened.” Hadrian admitted.
“Hadrian, it wasn’t your fault that our father died that day. I understand that I almost died that day because you were naïve enough to flee to Valkyria and charge in there. Still is not your fault because, Katherine has something to do with these attacks and skirmishes.” Genevieve explained.
“What do you mean?” Hadrian asked.
“God had selected 4 people to free the entire continent: Elizabeth, Sylsere, Azariel and Medea. He chose the right leader to do this job…Elizabeth. Katherine descends from the heroine Elizabeth. Elizabeth defeated the Dark Dragon of the Thousand Year Door with the help of Henry, Matthew’s Ancestor, our ancestors had aided them to free the entire continent and live an Age of Prosperity which almost lasted 1000 years, but…have you heard about Iselia’s Massacre?” Genevieve explained.
“Yes…” Hadrian sadly replied.
"That was about the time when peace and prosperity was gone and the Dark Dragon of the Thousand Year Door broke the seal and slaughtered every living thing just looking for Elizabeth as if he wanted revenge. First he tried to turn Iselia’s Allies against it. He perverted and used fear to make some kingdoms become evil. When he reached Iselia’s Capital, he looked for 5 year old children so he could kill them and to destroy the prophecy that was going to take place. He knew already that the real Elizabeth was dead but he felt her essence. Elizabeth had left a necklace to her successors so they could keep it, protect it and use it in case the seal shattered. He did find Katherine but he didn’t successfully killed Katherine he just ordered a soldier to hit her in the head, rather brusquely, but to our good luck she’s alive.” Genevieve explained.
“What does that necklace contain?” Hadrian asked.
“I don’t know neither the past rulers knew nor I don’t know where it is…that information doesn’t appear on the books that I’ve bought.” Genevieve answered.
“But do you know what shape did it have?” Hadrian kept asking.
“That info is not on the books…it only says it’s a necklace.” Genevieve answered.
“Anyway, I have to go with her to buy Genevieve said as he was heading out of the tent to look for Katherine. Genevieve only went back on opening her magic tome and studied it a little bit more.

Hadrian left to look for Katherine and he looked for her in everywhere and tried to look for her in a kitchen and there she was, but he sees some soldiers spying her because of her good-looking figure. He only face palmed, entered the kitchen and called her:

“Katherine, I was looking for you. Remember that you and I are going to the town to buy food and buy some armory for the troops.” Hadrian replied, shooting a creepy look at the soldiers like telling them to go and mind their own business elsewhere.

“Yes, I was just checking what was missing to buy” Katherine replied.
“I will wait outside” Hadrian replied.

Both went outside and entered the town and bought all the necessary. When they were getting out of the market Katherine had seen Anna. She was one of the newly-recruited healers. She noticed her coming from the bushes then she went back inside.

“Hadrian, I think I forgot to buy some things, wait for me in here or go buy some things…here’s the list.” Katherine said, as she was getting away.
“Ok, let’s meet here…wait, where are you going? Katherine!” Hadrian yelled.

Katherine had gone after Anna to find out what she was onto. She found her and saw a guy with her then he unsheathes his sword and Katherine does the same but Anna shouted:

“No! Don’t do it I know her! Sheathe your sword.” Anna pleaded.
“Anna, you know him?” Katherine asked.
“Yes, I know him. He’s my brother” Anna answered.
“Is this the girl you were talking about, Anna?” The mysterious guy asked.
“Yes.” Anna replied.
“Anna, is he from the Aurunan Army?” Katherine asked.
“Yes, but he’s just an infiltrated paladin. He only wants to know what the enemy is up to.” Anna explained.
“I’m sorry…I have not properly introduced myself. The name’s Jared.” He greeted.
“Don’t worry, but tell me what are you going to find out? Katherine asked.
“I’ll just want to know what they are planning.” Jared answered.
“I’ll tell you what…you are going to join us but you are going to stay with the enemy side and you’ll inform us through letters, address them to your sister and she’ll send it to me” Katherine explained.
“Ok,fine.” Jared agreed.
“When the time comes you’ll have to disappear from the army to incorporate in ours.” Katherine directed.
“I’ll try to do it” Jared replied.
“By the way, I’ll bring someone to accept my decision.” Katherine replied.

Anna and Katherine left and found Hadrian waiting and the three went to the camp.

Next morning Matthew woke up, he moved slowly as if there weren’t anything to worry about. When he came into his senses, he remembered, the same feeling he felt when he saw his father die, he suddenly felt comfort because Katherine was there to stop him from before something worse would happen and support him, he felt gentle hands around him as if an angel was hugging him. Then an image of his mother went through his mind as if she was present. He tried to hide those feelings because he was afraid to be called weak, for he didn’t want Katherine to worry too much about him, she had too much worries on her mind right now and didn’t want to be a burden for her. He went outside his tent and entered in hers to wake her and Anna. He wanted to gain info so they could plan their next objective. The three of them went to look for info; unfortunately the villagers weren’t aware about the war so Matthew decided to leave the town. Then Anna reminds Katherine that Jared and she should meet at the same spot. Anna and Katherine told Matthew to follow them because Katherine wanted to introduce Jared to him. Matthew acted immediately seeing that Jared had Auruna’s armor but Anna stopped them.

“Lord Matthew, this is my brother, Jared, and he’s an infiltrated paladin in Auruna’s army.” Anna explained.
“I hope that you don’t mind but I had hired him to work for us. He’ll be infiltrated and will send us the info through letters addressed to Anna. She will give it to both of us and when the time comes he’ll have to try to disappear from the army so they can’t know how he got the info for us.” Katherine informed.
“Ok…I agree with your idea, Jared, since I am also the leader of the Rebel Army, you´re hired.” Matthew said, as he stretched his hand with Jared.

Matthew, Katherine and Anna left to camp. Anna goes to Katherine’s tent, she sees that she is inside writing on a small notebook. She calls for her and apologizes for what happened back there, Katherine forgives her for it wasn’t her fault.

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